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February 12, 2014


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Thank you for posting this!!!! :) I love mine! ;)

Linda Cartwright

You posted some pieces get interfacing and some get heat n bond. Are the half inch pieces after they are folded? Which piece gets the interfacing, and which ones get the heat n bond?
20 strips 2-1/2" x 21" (I used precut batik strips) Note: One Bali Pop makes four baskets.

40 strips 1/2" x 20" (1/3 yd.) Decor bond fusible interfacing

20 strips 1/2" x 20" (5/8 yd.) Heat and Bond Lite fusible web

Terry Atkinson

Linda, 1/2" x 20" is how big you cut the strips from the interfacing and the Heat 'n Bond Lite.

Teralyn Byrd

Linda. Each strip gets both.
In the picture the different colors are the steps each strip goes through.

So you put it on each edge. (Why there are 40) and fold to the middle. Then only on one edge (why there are only 20) and fold to the middle again
Each strip is basically folded in half longways twice.

Teralyn Byrd

What is the approximate size of the finished basket

Trish Schuetz

This tut is VERY well done and I have some rather hideous fabric that I wouldn't mind using up this way--it'll probably not be hideous anymore once it's mixed with all the others. It'll probably turn out to be very pretty. These would make great gifts for Boss's Day (Oct 16). I've been wondering what I was going to come up with this year. I'll have to give this a try.


Love it! As Teralyn Byrd asked, what are the approximate dimensions of the finished basket? Thanks.

Linda La Bella Paré

look at the hand on the basket to judge the size. Looks like candy dish size.

Brittany Lorraine Graetz

Here is another page that explains the weaving with pictures from some other angles that helped me when I got stuck.

My basket measured about 5 inches on each side and about 4 inches tall.

Linda La Bella Paré

will it work with 20" strips? I have pretty kitchen towels I would like to use that are 20" long.

Terry Atkinson

The basket measures about 5" x 5" on the bottom and 4" tall. The top of the basket relaxes to about 5-1/2" x 5-1/2".

Linda, 20" strips will work - if you don't have enough to tuck in you can make it a tad shorter.

OK...I now have the basket idea for the flowers I want to make for a Meet-N-Greet Baby shower this summer :) Isn't Pinterest and Atkinson Designs wonderful!!! YES & Thank you!

Linda La Bella Paré

The fabric strips are 1" longer than the interface strips. Where do you start the interfacing? Within one 1/2" on both ends or leave 1" on one end without interfacing?

Terry Atkinson

Linda, I centered my interfacing!

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