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October 01, 2010


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Now that is cute. I can see several in my future. Thanks


Looks like I am posting real early, but it is 8:12 in my world ;~}

Sue P.

Do you even know how fabulous you are? :-) I have loved making all of your zippered patterns and can't wait to make this one, too. Maybe by my next retreat I will have enough made for all of my quilting buddies. But first I think I'll make them as teacher gifts as a wonderfully practical gift card holder. You're the BEST!!

Rosanne Derrett

It's 12.15 here in the UK but I have to say I absolutely love this project.

I've been hunting for ages for a small bag to keep my medicine in that live in my handbag. Now, thanks to you, I have that bag in my preferred colours and with a zip that won't break. I can't thank you enough.

Erin Earl

Cute! Cute! Cute! You never let us down Terry!! Thank you!


What a great project! Thank you! And nice to meet you too. :D

Juel Bagaason

very cute. Thank you for the cute pattern!

Kitty Letsch

I'd like to make the bags to send to each of my 3 daughters. I'm going to fill them with candy corn. But I'm wondering why it calls for a 14" zipper. Could I use a 10" zipper, for example.
Thanks for a fall quickie!


Sweet little zippered keep all. The bags will make nice "happies" to have on hand for someone special. Thanks for sharing. Happy blog hopping.

Marya L

I love this! I have no zipper fear at all and I can't wait to get started!! Thanks so much. These will definitely be great for Christmas gifts! Perfect!

Kat Scribner

A charming little bag and a tutorial for using my zipper roll. Thanks, Terri.

Kim G

I love these little zippered pouches, so cute!!
I already have a few of your patterns, just need to actually make them!!


I love it! Those little Zippie bags are just adorable! Instead of tissues I'm thinking I can put a few hexies in there to tote around. Thanks!!


Handy little bag. Thanks for the pattern.

Lynn Osborne

What cute little zipper bags! Thanks for the pattern.


The zip bags are adorable! Perfect and very functional, which I just love. Thanks for a great pattern. I have enjoyed the "hop" and all the new sites including yours.

Crystal Knight

Love this project. I think I can make it. Thanks you so much for sharing.

Jeanne H

Wow, another zipper project to whip up. Thanks for the pattern.

Swansetta Rumbolt

OH MY GOSH!!! Anyone who knows me calls me the Bag Lady. I love to make little bags like this one and also handbags. I just recently got married and made all my bridesgirls overnight bags and all the groomsmen shaving bags. I just wanted to make it a little more personal. Even the priest wants one now!! Thanks for the beautiful pattern and can't wait to get sewing. Happy sewing everyone!!


Adorable! I have to say though, I prefer chocolate over candy corn... LOL


Those little bags are adorable! I'll fill mine with my favorite fall mix of candy corn and peanuts! Thank you for sharing. :)


What a cute zipper bag. I can see it in all the holiday materials for great little gifts! Thanks. These fall blogs are so much fun!


So adorable! thank you for such a wonderful pattern and inspsiration. I'll be making these for an upcoming retreat. I needed an idea for a little somethin-somethin to give my quilting buddies there and this is just perfect!!

Sue Bennett

That is so cute. Yes I know your yellow brick road very well. I make it for baby shower gifts. Love all your patterns. Enjoying the blog hop. Thanks for the cutie.


Very cute pattern, these look like fun to make in all sorts of fabrics. Thanks for the great pattern!


Adorable pictures. I've never tried a zipper. This will be a first for me. :)


Thank you for such a cute litte bag! It looks like a fun project to make. Thanks for doing the blog hop for us too!!

Debbie Goad

Thanks for a cute bag pattern. Great gift idea for the holidays coming up.

Cheryl Miller

Cute zippered bag. Thank you for the pattern.


Just the pattern I've been looking for.

Sandy E

The zippers are a big hit with me along with your patterns. Thanks for the pattern today -TGIF- sewing will have to wait till after work. We all have enough scraps to make a zillion.

Paula W.

Thanks so much for the Sweet Zip bag pattern. It is just adorable. I use many of your patterns (I can't count how many times I have made Yellow Brick Road!) and I am enjoying some of your new bag patterns too. I'm really enjoying the blog hop too.


This is wonderful. I too love to make bags and know plenty of people who would love to get this as a gift. This is the first time I've done a blog hop and I'm having a blast. Thanks for the pattern.

Amy V

Thanks for the fun pattern. I love Lets Do Lunch.

Brenda Pigott

Those are cute little bags, but I see uses beyond candy. Thanks for posting. Have a great day.


love the zipper bag thank you for the pattern and doing the blog hop its sooo fun


I have your Yellow Brick Road pattern, and I love how simple it is to do. Thank you for the free Sweet Zip pattern.

Rose Hunter

I have you to thank for all of the beautiful colored zippers in my lqs? I didn't know that and thank you very much.
I also love candy corn, but I put peanuts in with mine.


I just made a few tissue holders for friends ('tis the season). But I like your version better. I like how yours is a litle puffier so it holds more (2 tissue packs). How cute! Thank you!

Sarah Vee

Love the little zips. And the cuties in the fall clothes. Perfect little bags for inside a figure skating bag, too. Thanks for sharing!


So cute. I love little zipper bags.

Barbara Boe

Love the little zip bag. I need to make about a dozen for Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for the pattern. I love your site and your patterns.


What a great little goodie bag I am thinking about gift cards for Christmas - perfect for stocking stuffers.
thanks sew much
Dorothy F in IL


I've always loved your patterns! Thanks for the cute little zip bag!

Debbie Gallett

Adorable little zip bag. I'll be making some of those. Thanks


What a cute idea for a treat bag! Thanks for sharing such a fun pattern.


I love candy corn as well! And now I can hide my addiction in a cute little bag.

Pat D

Terry, I love this cute little bag. Last Christmas I made cosmetic bags for all the girls in my family and your zippers are so easy to put in. Kudos to you!


Just love these little jewels of a project. I'll be making these for sure. Thanks for the pattern.

Amanda P

Thanks for another great project!!! Blogging is fun!! :-)

Linda K

I've seen the zippers at Sweet Home Quilt Co and now I have a project and an excuse to drive to Conyers. Thanks for the sweet pattern!


What a great little bag! Thanks for the pattern, I love making bags.

Darlene B

Thanks for this great free pattern. I can't wait to try it. I recently saw a display of your zippers at a quilt shop in Illinois. The colors looked great! Thanks for doing this blog hop - it's a lot of fun!

Jackie E

This is great and so cute. I love the little, quick projects. Your patterns are the best because the directions are the best!!! Thank you for the pattern and for participating in the Hop. What a group of designers you all are!!

Mary Meats

Totally love these bags and I have bought one of your little bag patterns because it is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

What cute little bags - and I have just the right fabric for them! Thanks Terri!

Bonnie Nyquist

As usual,that is just darling! I will make many I know!! You have the cutest ideas!! Thank you for this wonderful Blog Hop! Bonnie Nyquist boniesline at aol dot com

cyndi hoeller

those sre the cutest little bags, I can't wait to make one, need to hop over and check out all your colors of zips!!

Laura Greig

What a great project! It's one that even I may have time to make. Thanks!


Thank you Terry for another great pattern! I had just made one of your Cash and Carry bags and love it. They're great for taking to the farmer's market when you don't want to lug around a big purse. Thanks.

Elaine Morgan

Thanks for the pattern! My favorite pattern is your "Tag-a-long" purse! I can't make enough of them!! Now to go pick out some fabric for the little zipper bags!


Okay, I'm gonna do it. I've never sewn a zipper in all my days. I'm zipper phobic. Todays the day I'll conquer my fears! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy your patterns.

Patty Hall

oh my thanks for the cute little bag I will look to see what colr of zippers I have then make a couple. I want to take a couple to the retreat I am going to in about a week in Ripley W>VA> I am ready mentally now!!
Patty Hall

Kathy R

Cute! I love all sorts of bags, pouches and totes, and you never disappoint. I'll have to make a few of these this weekend.


I loved your post and I just downloaded the file. Can't wait to try making these cute little zip pouches today! Thank you for sharing. This hop is sooooo much fun!!!!


Your sweet zip pattern is a great idea! I'm going to download it now.

Olivia Martinez

Great idea thanks for the pattern


Thank you so much for taking time out from your no doubt busy days to contribute to this shop hop. I have many of your patterns and books and think you are my "soul mate" when it comes to colors and design.

This little bag looks pretty roomy so I believe I will get lots of use out of it. Your choice of fabrics is right on.

Susan Muller

I love your pouch......I will for sure make this!!!! Thanks


I've loved your patterns since I began quilting 12 years ago. Yellow Brick Road is my all time favorite! I can't tell you how many I've made!! Thank you for sharing your designs with us all!

Faye Kuhlmann

Thanks Terry for anoth great working with your patterns...


Making these little pouches should be a blast. Thanks for sharing the pattern. I've enjoyed the blog hop!!

Chrys S

I love this little pouch! Downloading the pattern right after this post.

LeAnne Olson

OMgosh....Polar Fleece...I still have a jacket my mother-in-law made for me and take it camping to stay warm...And I look like a polar (Big ole Bear) adds a lil more bulk than I need..ha..ha But cuddly/warm.Luv the lil bag and it would be a great idea for our small Girlscout troup to make. I and the girls would love it. Thank U

Cindy Carlson

"Delicious" Little Bag.......and I'm admitting what I'll put inside mine. LOL

But I imagine the grandkids will find out as soon as they see it's in my handbag!!!

Happy Fall.


Zipper bags are so useful and quick to make. thanks

Gaye in GA

I can see these little pouches in everyone's Christmas stocking this year. Thanks for the pattern. I'm loving this blog hop.


What a sweet bag!! I love candy corn too!! Thanks for the pattern.

Lavender Dreams

Your yellow brick road quilt is gorgeous! And thanks for the fun pattern! Love all of the wonderful posts this week! ♥

candy from detour!

"Candy Corn" you say??? At this time of the year that is my given name (ever since elementary school) I didn't like that name much then but LOVE it now! Thanks Terry for a cute little project that I can share! candy*


I think I'll become a "bag lady" this weekend and make some of these!!!


The zipper bags look sew simple to make and useful too! Thanks for sharing.

katie paxton

Very clever. Lipstick, tissues, mints,gum, all those things that are loose in the bottom of my purse. I'll need three to get organized.

thank you for the pattern


Thank you for the darling little Zip Bag pattern!!


Terry, thank you for the pattern. I have made 3 of your Yellow Brick Road quilts. I love that pattern. It works up quickly, yet looks so neat. Three of my 5 grandkids now have a YBR quilt. (grin) Winona

Jenny Goldstein

What a great little pattern! I might have to whip up a few of these while I'm waiting out the last couple of days before my due date for my first baby.

Sandy Hansen

I so love the shortcuts you put in your patterns, thank you. This is a really cute little bag and should be fun to do with your zippers.

Linda Clark

Thanks Terry! They are so cute...My grnadkids will love these...Linda

Chris G

Thank you so much for the darling bag pattern. I love making your bag patterns...and Zippers really are "No Big Deal".


Such a versital pattern! Thanks so very much! Great gift!


I own quite a number of your books and patterns and have actually made them. ;)
Thank you so much for the little zipper bag pattern. That is adorable and I'm going to put it to good use as well.


Too cute!!! Now off to clean off my sewing table to create a couple of these. Thanks for sharing your talent.


what an adorable way to practice my zippers!

Kathy J

Thanks for a great project with so many possibilities!

Stephanie B

I had never quite been able to see myself doing one of those little bags; they looked like too much work. Your instructions are so easy to understand and it looks simpler than I thought. These will definitely have to go on my To Do list. Thanks for your inspiration!

Kathleen B

Hi Terry, what a great little bag pattern. I bet it wouldn't be that hard to "size up" and make a matching set of three. I agree with you on candy corn--it is yummy. Thank you for this fantastic blog hop! Thankful~Threads ~Kathleen

Joan B

What a cute bag!! I can think of lots of uses for this adorable little bag. Thank you for sharing your project.


Thank you for the cute little zipper bag. I will use kitten material for my grand daughter.


What a great little bag.....I love it...will make a few of them this weekend...will make cute little Holloween treat bags....thanks for a great pattern!

Amy in Eau Claire

No suprise, the first quilt I ever made was your Yellow Brick Road pattern. I've been hooked ever since! Thanks for the great pattern!

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