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October 03, 2010


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I want to be a Spice girl too! Thanks for sharing your pix with us. Loved them! Vacuum with a shoe??? HUGS... and stitches


What a wonderful show and tell. I never seem to accomplish to much at my retreats. The Spice Girls must have a better work ethic than moi!

Linda Lum DeBono

Looks like the Spice Girls have lots of fun!


I just love retreats. I can't wait for my next one! And the show and tell is definitely one on the highlights!

Darlene B

Quilt retreats are the best!! I love having time to really accomplish something in addition to spending time with friends, laughing, re-charges my batteries for sure!

Cindy Carlson

Got to love the Spice Girls' glasses. Real "lookers". LOl

Happy Fall, Terry.


I love the glasses! Show and tell was awesome.

Lee Ann L.

Looks like you all had a blast. Wonderful quilts!


I love quilt retreats! You can get things done, have fun, and gather so much inspiration!
Thanks for sharing!

Bonnie Nyquist

Spice Girls,wow!!! You are haviong too much fun!! Great pictures! Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline at aol dot com

Sharon Vrooman

Thank you for sharing your "gathering" and lovely quilt show.

Wendy N.

Nice quilts!


Beautiful pics. I have never been to a quilt retreat, would love to someday, they look and sound like so much fun.

Kristi Van Os

Great quilts pics - I really liked the airplanes -


Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie  St.Germain

Beautiful quilts and quilting.


Sandra Cudd

Wonderful 'gathering' of friends & quilts. Thanks for sharing.


Those quilts are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I wish I could have been there.


Thanks for sharing those wonderful quilts!

Sew Create It - Jane

What a great gadget for the iron cord...simple yet really useful!

Jolyn Olson

thanks for the great pattern. I have a basket full of wool pincushions - this on will join them!!


I can see using the cord holder -- very practical & safety-minded -- but the bottle tutu is really cute!

katie paxton

WOW what a quilt show.

Louise K.

Beautiful quilts, and it looks like you all have so much fun at retreat!


So fun to see all the quilts, but the picture with the big glasses is a hoot! And I'm curious too - vacuuam with a shoe?

Leslie Schmidt

Love the glasses! Looks like you all have a really great time together. I use one of those iron cord minders clamped onto my ironing board. Otherwise, I would be constantly ironing my cord!


I love your patterns! Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful quilts and you look like you girls are having so much fun! Thanks for sharing!


I think it's used for cooking sap from maple trees. But, then again the sap doesn't run in the summer or fall here. And, I don't think it runs in MN at that time, either. Hmmm. Friendship soup?

Evelyn Hagans

Please let me know where I can get one of the iron cord holders that Nancy has pictured. I have been searching for one for many years

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