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October 02, 2010


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Linda P

Wow!! Thanks for passing the incredible ideas in the photos - I love the hose wreaths!!! Did you ask how the tar paper was hanging? Did they just write with chalk - sure looks cute. Which book or pattern is the braided table runner - it does look great with Fiesta ware!


Thank you for the follow up on the cooking questions. Didn't know they had a 16-bean mix. :) Really like your french braid runner. Thanks for sharing beautiful photos!


I love the pumpkins and candle holders. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing such creative fall decorating ideas.

Cindy Carlson

The "holders' of the white small pumpkins had me immediately thinking of dishes that hold Sundaes....yum..

Guess you know where my mind is at...LOL

Happy Fall.


Love the idea of small pumpkins on glass candle holders! I have quite a collection. I'll be adding that to my fall decorating. Thanks!


oh, I'd so love to visit that house. How inspiring! I can imagine living there.


They just used tacks/small nails to attach the tar paper and just used chalk to write. The table runner is from our book Let's Do Lunch.

Sew Create It - Jane

What cute little pumpkins you have...they are perfect for decorating with

Wendy N.

Thanks for sharing those great decorations. I really like the hose wreaths, too.

Sandra Cudd

Garden hose that is very interesting & unique. All the fall decorations that have been posted on the different blogs have given me so many fun ideas. Thanks to all.


I Love the tar paper idea. And the candle stick holders with pumpkin is too cute. I havn't gotten any decorating done yet. I know, shame on me. And Fall is my favorite time of year.


Pumpkins do make quick and easy decorations!

Bonnie Nyquist

What beautiful photos!! Those hose wreaths!! It is way beyond what I do. So lovely.

Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline at aol dot com


Such great ideas and I loved the Braided table runner.


Hose creative. Love the braided table love those colors......I'll have to check my library and see if I have "Let's Do Lunch" ......and the tar paper.....fabulous ideas. Pictures are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.


Great ideas and pictures. And the hose wreath--don't throw anyhting away!! Thanks for sharing. I want to look at your patterns more. I liked the braided wreath.


Hose wreaths!!! wow wonder who thought that one up??? Love the tar paper idea, may have to try that one on my mantle, it is sure in need of fall sprucing up!!! thanks for the great ideas.

Deb Worthman

Love the colors of the table runner. Thanks.


The white pumpkins on the crystal candle holders is charming! I don't have a candle holder collection. I may have to start one ASAP!

Lydia L.

I smiled when I saw the garden hose outdoor decorations. And the tar paper chalk board over the fireplace was fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

carol c

it just blows me away how much you all decorate your plaes up for the seasons. Me mine never changes from day to day, no tree, no punkins, no nothing. I never had the desire to decorate. too much work to take it down too. LOL


What a wonderful idea with the hoses!


Love the little white pumpkins on the glass candle holders!


I have gotten lots of great decorating tips from you. Thanks.

Martha C.

Will someone please remind me on whose blog I saw the recipe for Wild Rice Chicken soup?

Jenny Matlock

I got some incredible decorating ideas from this post. Thank you.


great quilts pictures. I would love to curl up under any of those quilts on a fall night.

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