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September 30, 2010


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Linda P

Those fabrics look yummy!!

Sue Bennett

Loving the textures.


Love the color palate you chose here.

Cindy Carlson

Textures, not something I know much about but am learning from this Blog Hop.

Happy Fall.


what wonderful fall colors & texture on the Batik fabrics.


It's been so fun to visit each blog and read about the theme of the day!

Angie Wood

Having fun and learning a lot! Be back tomorrow!

Lee Ann L.

I am loving the fabrics you have pictured.

Laura Hayward

Beautiful fabrics


I learned to quilt with teachers reinforcing the texture in your fabrics. I would look at my quilts and they needed to have texture - some depth to them. I taught my daughter the same thing. Then all of a sudden Modern quilting emerged and it threw me completely off! LOL!
The first quilt I made with a solid had me fretting until I finished quilting it and threw it in the wash. I still love my textured prints (You can barely find a solid in my stash!) but I learned that I can achieve texture with the quilting process too, something I had never really thought of.


I love the visual textures this time of year-how a leaf curls just before it falls softly to the ground, the ridges in a pumpkin. I also love the tactile texture of the air-you can feel it changing every day, getting colder and crisper and readying itself for winter.


Love the fabrics! Tonga batiks? My favs, Timeless Treasures!

Sew Create It - Jane

I couldn't agree more..texture can really make a fabric sing in a quilt.


Yummy batiks!! Polly


What wonderful fabrics. Thanks for sharing. :)

Debbie  St.Germain

Beautiful fabrics. I have been watching for fat quarters like that when I go shopping. I want to make more art pieces, so starting a stash of batiks.



Hmmm...never thought of batiks of adding texture. I guess they do, visually. Thanks!

Sandra Cudd

Great texture pics & beautiful fabrics. Thanks for all the ideas out there.

Robin Crittenden

pretty colors

Krist Van Os

The batiks are very nice - love the texture!


I love the batiks. The colors are so pretty together.


Nice batiks! Love how they create texture!


Beautiful batiks! I love the colors and you're right, there is lots of texture there.

Bonnie Nyquist

You have seuch a talent of putting batiks together!! I feel lost looking at them,but your words helped me! Anxious to see your project tomorrow,loving the Blog Hop!! Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline at aol dot com


I've always been hesitant using fabrics with texture/patterns but after joining the hop I'm going to give it a try.

Lois Rogness

Commented from another email, don't see it on these comments


Love your batiks ... never really thought of the prints as textures before. I'll have to look at them in a whole new light now :) Thanks!

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