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September 27, 2010


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madame samm

Congrats to the winner...lucky zip it lol...I know silly...back to you..ORANGE, it has become one of my most fav, and in fact just yesterday I roasted some pie pumpkins and made a custard...mmmmm can you smell it still?
blessings madame samm

Beth Bush

I love it when I see orange cause I know that fall is on it's way!!!
Congrats to the zipper winner...


I love the warmth of orange as you do. And, of all the seasons I think fall is my favorite. Maybe because that's where we are right now.


Can barely wait to see which of the pretty oranges make the cut! Happy blog hopping.

Kathy J

Love the orange fabrics!

Deb A

Love fall, favorite time of the year. Beautiful colors and cooler weather.


I love your orange pictures today. Fall is the best time for decorating. It really brings a warm glow to the house.

Paula W.

I love the look of the candy corn with the little pumpkins. Very cute.

Pam Potter

LOVE mr. owl! how cute! and I like the look of the pumpkins on candy corns.


I hadn't really thought about orange much before, it's not a colour I often use, but seeing on your blog made me realise it is really beautiful.

Sew Create It - Jane

What pretty orange fabric...look forward to seeing what becomes of them on Friday ;o)


Halloween is thx only time I think of orange. I do love the fall color palette from the turning leaves and from my harden that's almost ready to go to bed got the winter


I just love the pumpkins on the window with the candy corn. If only I didn't live on a ant hill

Janet Howse

Love the candy corn used in the display! Why didn't I think of that.

Marcia Kosturock

I love the fall colors too, but red is my favorite!

katie paxton

Loving the idea of a blog hop.
Love that I am finding new blogs to visit.
We are at 47 degrees this morning and I love it. Fall is truly here.


Darlene B

Great pictures, Terry! I love all the oranges/rusts/golds of the fall season. Looking forward to the hop! [email protected]

Linda P

I am sooo stealing the idea of the candy corn and those adorable tiny pumpkins - even have the perfect tray!! Thanks!!
congrats to the winners

Kelly Ann

knock knock...who's you glad you know me...

pat sloan

The candy corn in the tray is WONDERFUL!


Love the candycorn on the tray with pumpkins!

Angie Wood

My goodness! Love all that orange fabric and totally love the candy corn and mini pumpkins! I wonder if Sam's sells a really big bag of candy corn? Now I really feel the need to get out my fall decorations today! We homeschool so maybe today we might just do a long art class! :o)

madame samm

ps...hopped over and back..YOU have the best collection of FALL photos..YOU WIN lol
blessings msamm

Kathleen B

Gorgeous fall colors on your did I miss the zippers give away? Can't wait to see all the fun ahead in the Fall-O-Ween blog hop! Thankful~Threads ~Kathleen

Cindy Carlson

I "HEART" pumpkins - I call my kids "pumpkin", I call our grandkids "pumpkin" and I have a "pumpkin" patch.

Cannot say how much I LOVE PUMPKINS.

I "DO" pumpkins!!!

Thank you for the pics of PUMPKINS !!!


My first blog hop. I'm so excited.

Freda Henderson

I love all those gorgeous orange fabrics.


What a great idea for a tray. Candy corn and pumpkins. Fall in all its glorious colours, my favourite time of the year.

Wendy P

oh how I am missing fall in the Northeast right about now! I think everyone has orange on their blog today.

Lavender Dreams

Amazing photos! I am enjoying the colors of autumn this morning! ♥


Orange is one of my favorite colors!


I love Fall colors and so enjoy doing up our home with the all the shades of it this time of year.
Those fabrics look falluscious!!


Love the fall colors.....oranges, browns, rusts, greens wonderful quilt colors. I would have to pick fall as my favorite season because of the color. Love your pictures.

Lynda M

I love your site and all the orange! Thanks for being part in the blog hop.


I love fall colors, too! I love orange and lime and purple... Those fabrics are wonderful! Can't wait to see what your project is! Polly

Sandra Cudd

Beautiful oranges..such a warm color. Fall, my absolutely favorite time of the year. Am going to enjoy this blog hop (my first!) Thanks.

Barb Colvin

Those heirloom pumpkins may look blah next to the big red-orange dude, but I bet they make the best pumpkin pie :D Hooray for orange!


I love orange too! Love to use it in quilts and love to wear it! My favorite months are September and October!


I love the pumkins, especially the owl - how cute is that? Lovely mums too, autumn is here.


Oh, two of my favorites together...candy corn and pumpkins. I'm stealing that idea as I get my fall decor going today. Can't wait to see which oranges show up in Friday's project.


I love fall colors too -- especially a beautiful pumpkin orange. I LOVE those fabrics!


Fall! My favorite season, especially this year - my second grandson was born on the first day of fall. Orange is my favorite color also. Fall has so many comfort foods and smells and colors - that's why I like it so much HUGS... and stitches

Robin Crittenden

love the candy corn and pumpkins together, great idea!

Anne Walizer

I love the colors of fall, but sadly, orange is not one of my go-to colors in my fabric stash. I've been making more of an effort to build up more though! I esp. love the red-orange in your dahlia photo. just gorgeous.


Autumn is my favourite time of year and orange is my favourite colour. Autumn feeds my creative side. Mother Nature is so inspiring at this time of year. Love your decroation, especially the pumpkins and candy corn.

Krist Van Os

I'm really enjoying stopping by all your blogs today - But, now I really want some candy corn - Thanks


Orange is my favorite color, fall makes me happy!

Sharon Vrooman

I love your display photos of orange. And your selection of fabrics make me drool over the pending project - can't wait.


I am enjoying day 1 already! Can't wait for day2!

Bonnie Nyquist

Beautiful pictures and that candy corn with the pumpkins,love that one too!! I have my fabric all lined like yours so I am totally ready,being you are my fav designer, wondering if it will have a zipper!! Love the Blog Hops, so much talent and anticipation!! Bonnie Nyquist bonnieslineat aol dot com


I am enjoying day 1 already! Can't wait for day2!


I love all the orange! I don't have any pumpkins yet :( but I'm hoping to get some this week...or make some paper ones or SOMETHING!! We need some Fall-oween at our house!



You are the orangiest blogger so far!, love it!


My sister loves orange and fills her home with great pumpkin themes.


Those orange fabrics are great!! :)

Thanks for the fun blog hop!



Love orange too.


Happy Fall-o-ween!

Lee Ann Lenfest

Happy Fall-o-ween :-)

Debbie  St.Germain

I do love using orange, and love the fabric selection you choose.


Lovie Ball

I like to mix orange and blue together. Glad I found your blog via the Fall-O-Ween blog hop. Look forward to the daily post.


Love, love, love the orange fabrics! How happy they look!

lorene holbrook

can't wait to see what you do with all those oranges! this is going to be Fun!


Laura Hayward

I am so excited to view the sites of all the designers on the blog hop. It is so much fun!


Love those oranges! --they glow. You've collected a nice variety.

Leslie Schmidt

Love the colors of the fabrics you're auditioning. I didn't even know there are heirloom pumpkins!

Barbara Jones

Love the oranges! And your apple pie pizza sounds terrific!

Brenda Wiseman

I've seen the wonderful colors of your zippers and would love to get some. Right now I have too many other projects on my plate to start anything new, but I hope thing will clear up before Christmas so that everyone on my list gets a bag for Christmas!

About orange -- I love the color in the fall, but don't think I've ever made an orange quilt or project. My sister gave me a set of index card drawers and I decided to sort FQs by color. Sometime later, I went back to it and realized I didn't even have a drawer for red. So I've been collecting fabrics in the red (in fact the whole warm spectrum) lately.


Kathy H

I love all the orange colors in the pictures. And working with the fall colors in quilts is great.


I love all the colours of autumn, and am enjoying this blog hop so much.


xx My college colors are orange and blue. My first car was orange and the house door was too. You have a great spectrum of oranges in your fabric for your project. Thanks for the blog hop. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com


After looking at all the pictures I'm going to have to go to the fabric store and buy some orange fabric.


Love the mini pumpkins on candy corn ... though I'd have to put the candy under glass at my house with my two daughters ... I would blame them, anyway ;)

Trina Christenson

I'm so excited to be the zipper winner. My sister called me from PA (she's on vacation) to ask me if it was me that won. I'd been so busy this past week I totally forgot to check! Wow! Now I really have to get busy sewing with my new zippers! Thanks Terry!

Now to check out the blog hop!

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