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September 20, 2010


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Looking forward to the blog hop. Love the zippers!

Trina Christenson

I don't have a blog to spread the word - but I'll be emailing all my quilty friends! Looking forward to the blog hop. Went to my first Groovy Girls last Saturday. Great class. Love the zippers!!!!!


I'm posting it to my blog but where do I link it to!?!?!?


I put the picture up and have blogged about before but where should I link the picture to?


I don't have a blog but I sent out some emails about the blog hop to my quilt friends.


This is going to be so much fun. Blogged about it

Nancy H

Looking forward to next weeks Falloween blog hop.


No blog here, but I'll definitely spread the word! Looking forward to the blog hop.

Jackie E

Can't wait for the hop to start. The colors of your zippers are like the fall leaves, just so perfect to go with all of our lovely quilting fabrics. Thanks for the hop.

Jackie E

I don't have a blog, but do belong to two quilt groups. Did send an email to the groups to inform them about the hop. Thanks again.


Looking forward to the blog hop! And looking forward to fun projects for my favorite time of the year! I posted the button on my blog.


Yay! So excited you are doing another Blog Hop. I don't have a blog but have e-mailed my quilting friends and asked them to spread the word also. The zippers are wonderful!


No blog here either, but I have a big mouth and lots of email friends to spread the word. Love the zipper collection. Can't wait to hop, hop, hop .... shop, shop, shop!

Darlene B

I don't have a blog, but since I enjoyed the Christmas blog hop so much, I'm telling my friends about the fall hop!


Can't wait for the fun to begin! Great zippers!

Ann in NC

The blog hops you participate in are great! I can't wait for this one!

I don't have a blog, but will send a note to my quilting buddies to let them know!

An assortment of zippers would be great, especially after the Groovy Girls Club this month!

Leslie Schmidt

I'm another blogless quilter, but I have some friends to pass the word to and will do that. Looking forward to it!

Anne Heidi

Oh I love Fall and the changing of colors in Mother Nature! I will post the logo on my blog now, and I am so looking forward to bloghop with you guys!


Oh I'll be looking forward to this blog hop - I love this time of year and even more so this year as Oct 30th my brother gets married - posting a link on my blog now


Since I don't have a blog, I am emailing my quilting friends to tell them about Fall-o-ween. I am waiting for day one and hopefully a shipment of zippers!!!!

Shirley I.

I, too, do not have a blog, but I am passing the word to quilting friends about Fall-o-ween!! I loved your Christmas blog hop last year. Love your fall zipper colors!!


I am looking forward to this. I really enjoyed the Christmas one you did. I am telling the gals in my guild so they can play too.

Madame Samm

Absolutely..will do that in a jiffy...I can think of a few zippers that could zip a few mouths lately lol...blessings madame samm

Madame Samm

p.s zippy on over to my blog...for my invite to


Posted the icon on my blog! :) I'd love to win your zippers. I'll also let my quilting group know about it tomorrow night.

Debbie Gallett

Love the blog hop idea. I am e-mailing my quilting friends and letting them know. I love "zipping" around the internet and getting ideas.

Jolyn Olson

I wish I had a blog - need some help. Always enjoy yours and especially the pictures! Keep quilting alive!!

Jo's Country Junction

I blogged about it today.

Bonnie Nyquist

I love your past Blog Hops! Love getting to know the designers,but you are my favorite with the clever use of zippers! That Cash and Carry bag is the most I have used any one pattern,turns out perfectly every time. Love the zippers! Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline at aol dot com


Wish I had a blog...but sure love yours and can't wait for this Fall Hop!!!!!!! :)


This is going to be so much fun. I posted about the blog hop on my blog today :-)


Love the zippers!!! I sent emails about the hop.

Cindi P

I am telling everyone at lunch about it and we have a group that gets together for a weekend getaway...I'll let them know too. I love the zippers


I can't wait for the blog hop to start. I have the Fall-o-ween button in my right side bar of my blog.


Oh my, talk about zipper heaven!!! I have posted the logo on the sidebar of my blog so everyone can see it :)

Paula W.

I can't wait for the blog hop to begin. I don't have a blog but I am telling all of my quilting friends about it. Such fun.

Mary Meats

I've posted and I'm ready to go on the blog hop!!


Blogged about the Fall-0-Ween hop and your giveaway, and it's going in the shop's email newsletter today, too!

Glenda McCrary

I am new to blogging but I did figure out how to get the information on my latest post. I will also be telling all my quilting friends and the ladies at the local quilt shop.

Love your Pockets to go pattern. I will be making a lot of them for Chrismas this year so the zippers would come in handy.


Marcia Kosturock

I don't have a blog, but I am spreading the word :) Whooo hooo or should I say Whooot hoooot! :)


I added the FALL-O-WEEN logo on my blog. Looking forward to next week. Thanks for the chance to win.

Linda K

No blog, but will let my quilting buddies know at our get-together tomorrow night. Thanks for the chance to win. Melisa @ Sweet Home is where I heard all about it!


I emailed my friends and told them about the Fall=O=ween and I put you on my blog. Can't hardly wait to start.

Jen Ward

I'm spreading the word!


oh this sounds like fun. count me in.

I think I will start to plan zipper projects...LOL!


I thoroughly enjoyed last Christmas' blog hop, especially the molten chocolate cake!! I do not have a blog but will be emailing my quilting sisters. Thanks for the chance to win the zippers. Just made a Cash and Carry bag last weekend. Love it!!

Molly Miller

My sister emailed me about the Fall-O-Ween
I don't have a blog. I'm just a happy quilter and sewing Nana. Do lots for my little granddaughters and grandson.
Can't wait to follow the blogs. Just learning about blogs.
This sounds like fun.


I will remind our guild about the blog hop, as well as faceboo it.

Marcia Kosturock

Okay, I cannot believe how this Hop has inspired me to learn how to 1) Blog and 2) put a picture on my blog. hee hee I'm very excited! Thank you for making me expand my horizons.. I thought I was too old!


I emailed all of my fabulous customers! Wouldn't be here without them! Love the zippers and your patterns that use them are the best!


I've added you to my blog. CAn't wait to see all of the goodies you have in store for us.


HI I will "zip" off the news at quilt guild!

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