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September 28, 2010


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You've really got my mouth watering, the recipe is wonderful. I suppose since it's thinner than an apple pie it has half the calories? :)


Your pie recipe is a keeper! I can smell it now! I have fiestaware (all colors) and everything tastes better on those dishes! Thanks for sharing!

Christina D

Thank you for the recipe! Our family prefers a crumble top on our pies, so this will be perfect.

Kelly Ann

if we bake the pie will Kirk end up in our kitchen looking for his piece?

Angie Wood

Oh boy I think an apple pie is in the near future! Be back tomorrow!

Debbie Gallett

I love the pizza apple pie idea. I am making it today.

Sue Bennett

Oh My. an apple pie to make. hubby will love that.


What a fabulous idea! I love it. I don't like apple pie (I know.. i'm a freak) but I love the crust with a bit of the apple pie flavor. This just might do it for me!

Bonnie Nyquist

You bake too!!!! And the recipe looks realy doable! Thank you for the best scent ever!!! My family thanks you too. Wonderful. Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline at aol dot com


YummmOh!!! Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe. HUGS...

Darlene B

Thanks for the recipe - I love apple pie!

Linda P

Thanks so much for the recipe... an apple pizza - fun fun fun!! Can't wait to try it!


OMG!!!!!!!! I think I smell that pie. It smells so good......Yummy. Thanks for the recipe, I'm going to try it.


I can smell it all the way over here!!!

Cindy Carlson

Oh Terry, thank you SO much. We have an abundance of Apple Pie lovers in this family so I am excited to try your recipe. I literally am printing it out as I type. I can imagine the arouma of it baking already.

Happy Fall.


Love the idea of apple pizza! Makes me want to play hooky and bake today! Maybe tonight...


Looks great! We don't get those delicious apples down south. I never knew there were so many varieties until I visited my friend in Ohio.


You ladies are killing me with all of these delicious recipes. Apple pizza pie or pumpkin bread, I don't know which one to make first! Thank you for sharing this recipe.

Rhonda Beam

Looks delicious. THanks for the recipe.


I love the smell of walking through an apple orchard. Such a crisp, fesh smell. And, the taste! Well, that’s for another post. oooh, a new recipe to try. I love Northern Spy apples. They are ready just after the first frost here in Canada.


Oh boy, I can "smell" that now. I've been wondering what to serve some friends who are coming over on Sunday ... that's it! Thank you!


What could be better than apple pie? Apple PIZZA pie, for sure! I'll be trying this soon, thanks for sharing!

Brenda Pigott

I'm going to buy some apples today I think, even if I should be on a diet. And I agree about the fiesta plate, mine are yellow and blue.


That apple pie looks absolutly wonderful. Thanks for the recipe. Enjoying the blog hop with all the wonderful pictures & recipes.


Inknow I'm going to love your apple pizza pie as much as I love your patterns.

madame samm

OHH yes your pie sounds downright appetizing..they say apple pie without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze...
I think I will have to give it a try with a slice of cheddar on the side..
blessings madame samm

Brenda Wiseman

I had a friend in college whose mother regularly sent boxes (big ones) of sugar cookies. He and I got into a discussion about apple pie and I told him that was my mother's specialty -- that I'd never tasted pie as good as hers. Of course he immediately said his mom's was better. The next time I went home, I had Mom bake me a pie to take back to school. John conceded the pie championship to my mom, but nothing has surpassed his mother's sugar cookies.

Fall is the time for getting back to baking, because I don't have to worry about heating the house up with the oven. It's also homemade soup time.



I printed your wonderful recipe. Just vowed this am not to bake for a while, but I think I'll sneak this one in anyway. Do you have any problem with it running over the pan? Thanks so much. I do love your patterns - use them all the time. Hugs, barb

Debbie  St.Germain

I love apples from the orchard and we used to pick them too.
I got mine from the store this time, saves gas and they are local.
I usually make apple crisp for me.



YUMMY! I can smell it too. Thanks for the recipe.

Louise K.

I love apples in anything, and have a few Red Delicious on my tree that I get to look at everyday out my kitchen window. Thanks for the recipe!


Hi Terry,

The pie looks amazing! Can't wait to try it out. Your directions to the quilt store were perfect. I will never go the other way again!

Sew Create It - Jane

mmmm- you are making me hungry! That pie looks delicious


Thanks for the apple pie recipe. I can't wait to make it. My husband will thank you, also.


OMG!!!!! I'm cravin' that pie right now...but would add a dollop of vanilla ice cream!! YUM! Polly

Marcia W.

Your apple pie receipe sounds wonderful. This morning my mother made persimmon cakes and that is a fantastic fall fragrance! Thanks for a fun blog hop. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com


Well now you have me craving Apple Pie Pizza...apples ARE on my food list as I begin some healthy habits this week. I think I will make this for my fellas in celebration of fall finally arriving yesterday.

Katie S. :)

Yum! I never thought about making a pie into a pizza, very clever! It's almost a cross between an apple pie and apple crisp. Can't wait to try it! Thanks!! :D

Lovie Ball

Going to make this tonight - but will use puff-pastry for the crust. I can always go back on my diet once this hop is over. Love the recipes.


Good idea! Everyone knows the sugary top is the best part!

Wendy P

Stop! Y'all are making me hungry!

When my great grandmother was alive, she made the best ever apple pie. My dad was flying home after visiting with her and she gave him a pie to carry on the plane for us, fresh out of the oven. Dad said everyone on that plane offered him cash for the pie.

Robin Crittenden

great recipe. can't wait to try it


Thanks for the apple pizza recipe. I've been reading all about pumpkin bread and pie and almost forgot apple is my absolute favorite. May have to try your recipe this evening. The pumpkin bread can wait until the weekend. Happy blog hopping.


Thanks for the recipe! A great idea for another variation on my favorite dessert!

Cindy Keery

Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. It looks delicious! I like to make Apple Pie Squares, cuz like you say, you can cut it into smaller pieces! I use a jelly roll pan to make it in.


Thanks so much for sharing your recipe - I'll be over in 10 minutes with my tea haha.

Bonnie N

I'm smelling the pie already!! Great recipe!! Thank you

Pat Dillard

The pie sounds delicious!!! Thanks for sharing.


Dear Hubby and I just went apple picking this past weekend. What a way to use up some apples without the same recipe! Thanks for sharing!!

Leslie Schmidt

Thanks for the recipe, Terry. I am going to make this soon. One of the problems with pies is that they take so much work and you don't get many servings from them. I think this will be a good solution. Does it matter if the Fiesta plate is new, or does it have to be vintage? If it requires vintage, we'll have to take turns eating off it!


have to try your recipe it looks delish


I enjoy making apple jelly with our local MacIntosh apples...gorgeous pink color but truly lacking the delicious smell of an apple pie :)

Laura Hayward

I love making pear pie from the wild pear trees that grow on my grandparent's farm. MMMMMM

Beth Bush

LOVE LOVE LOVE apple pie!!!


Oh, I am going to be sorry when this is over, all these recipes are way too inviting! I love your patterns- they make me look like a more accomplished quilter than I am!! Sandy in MD


Just downloaded both the pizza applepie and the bean soup recipe. Going to be a great week ;~}


We just went to the NC mountains last weekend and I picked up a big bag of apples. Your recipe is just the thing I needed! Great timing. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

Laura Hayward

I can almost smell the bean soup and the apple pie. I need to go home and turn on my oven. lol.


Thanks for the recipes!! They look and sound YUMMY!!

Bobbi Delsing

Mmmmmmmmm....must try that Apple Pizza Pie..

Karen T  in ND

Hi, I love the little zippered bags, I bought a few zippers last week, and didn't know what I was going to do with them--now I know. Thanks or the pattern and also the recipies, this Fall-o-ween is such a great idea. Thanks again, Karen T in ND


Great site. I am anxious to try your project.

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