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September 29, 2010


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Sue Bennett

Oh I love bean soup. Thanks for the new recipe.

Angie Wood

Soup and the fall.....Love it! Be back tomorrow!


Warm soup on a cold day is the perfecto combo. If only the weather would turn cold!

Darlene B

I know what you mean about bean soup. I was at a quilting retreat recently and someone made soup with two different kinds of beans. I was hesitant to try it but had to be polite. It was absolutely delicious!


Nothing better than warm steaming soup on a chilly day! Thanks for sharing!

Cindy Carlson

Are kids too funny? Our grandson cannot stand the school pizza. But come to Mimi's house - the first question is: "Have any pizza". Kids are such fun.

Happy Fall.


I love the apples at this time of year, especially the macintoshs, they are so tangy, one bite and your mouth is puckering in anticipation of the next bite. What a great recipe to try, you are right, you never know until you try it.


Ben soup is something I haven't try, I will definitely try this recipe

Sandy (Strlady)

So funny. When you said that Picky Eaters know.. I had to laugh because I just KNOW that I'm not going to like something without even seeing it.

Lee Ann L.

I never had bean soup. I am curious about it. I took a look at the recipe and I never heard of "calico beans". This sounds mighty interesting! I'll have to see if I can find some. Thanks for sharing this recipe!


Thank you so much for the recipe!! Polly

Robin Crittenden

great looking recipe. Where do you find Calico beans? I don't think I've seen them in VA


I'm going to take your word for a child, my mom made Navy bean soup because my dad just loved it, but when I walked in after school & smelled that smell, I started looking for somewhere else to have dinner! Unfortunately, I still feel the same way: can't understand what people see in any kind of beans. sigh


I have some great wheat rolls in the freezer that were just calling out for a soup companion. Thanks!


Hmmm...not a bean soup fan...but maybe I should give it another try. :) Thanks!

~Teresa ;)


I love soup! Thanks so much!

Loris Mills

Thank you for the recipe :-)
I've checked out Kari's blog but can't seem to leave a comment there. It won't pull up a screen for it. Please send my regards.


It's raining today and this soup will be fantastic. Thanks!


My MIL did something similar with pea soup, which I always knew I would never like. She didn't say anything about it, but looked at my FIL, who did say "you'll try this" - he was 6'7", I'm 5'3" - I didn't argue ... and I'm glad I didn't! I really wish I had asked her for that recipe!

Mary Grace McNamara

Mmmm mmmmm good! Bean soup was my favorite as a kid!



yum homemade soup. just in time for dinner...

Kelly Jackson

I really enjoy soup. Thanks for the recipe :)


Lovie Ball

I enjoy soup and sandwich during the fall and winter. And can relate to being a picky eater - still won't eat beets. LOL


Sounds good and I am looking for some delicious soup recipes.


I love soup. I miss it in the summer. It just doesn't taste as good unless its cool outside.

Bonnie Nyquist

I love ht soup on a cold day! Loving the Blog Hop!! Thank you for all the recipes and inspiration! Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline at aol dot com

Louise K.

Thank you for the recipe. It looks really good!


Thank you so much for the soup recipe!!

Mary Jo

Thank you for the special bean soup recipe and story! I will always cherish it!


Never question the MIL. :) One of my favorite childhood memories is my mother cooking navy bean soup on cold rainy days. Cozy! Thanks for sharing :)


I looked for Calico beans today - found "15 bean soup" beans. They are colorful - so maybe that's what Calico Beans are. Thanks for the recipe. Kitty

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