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June 14, 2010


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Cheryl S.

Terry Ann, I cannot wait for your zippers to arrive. I'm teaching the Minnesota Road Show again this year for our shop and am itching to make samples of the bags!


Hi Terry,

That display makes me want one of every single color!! Such fun pictures to see the process you go through :)


I'm closing my eyes on this one.....LOL...I already have tons of projects and UFOs to finish but those zippers are so tempting!

Ann in NC

Great! More than 3 colors to chose from! I hope the progarm is a huge success. I thought the days of being able to buy a zipper that closely matched the project were over... no more!

Sheila Galindo

Hi Terry, I love the zippers! The Shop I teach at in California, Homespun Harbor, just got theirs and I will be demoing all three of your new patterns for the Shop Hop by the Bay next week.

I have made so many little bags and using your zippers really makes it fun with all the colors. Thanks for a great addition to any Quilt Shop.

Vickie Streich

They had an interesting feature on the Sunday CBS Morning show this morning about the father & son of YKK Zippers. Their workspace looks a lot like yours with the boxes!

Auntie pami

Mine are in there somewhere...


I was so excited to read my LQS Little Quilts had gotten in your zippers. I drove over and bought one of every color. The price is right, eco friendly non-packaging and the colors are wonderful. I just finished one of your sock bags (but for tennis bag stuff) and plan on making one for everyone on the team. So happy someone finally made zippers lovely.

Peggy D

I do lots of bags of all size's and Terry I LOVE YOUR ZIPPERS! I purchase them at my favorite shop in WI, The Calico Shoppe and they are always as excited about them as I am.


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