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May 09, 2010


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The first quilting class I went to, one of the ladies had hangers to hang her strips as she pieced.... I am completely opposite.
I can't wait to make your little purse insert... maybe it will help make me organized. :)


I like! The jellyroll and the chocolate cake. :)


I'd feel right at home next to the lady in the bottom picture:) That cake looks really good!

Terry Nixon

Where can I get that cake recipe?? Wow! Looks sooo good! Really...I'd love to have the recipe!


I love all the color combinations!!

Healthy Foods Blog

As Terry had mentioned, I'd like to have the recipe for the Chocolate cake too. It looks so delightful and delicious. Can't wait to taste it!


I too would like the cake recipe and I love the many ideas are going around in my mind...Thank you!!!


I'd choose the chocolate cake. But I bet my mom chose the Jelly Roll. She's in your pic of your test class wearing the bright pink. :) She said she had a blast!


Do you think that they would share the recipe for the cake----perfect for a day of sewing......

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Hmm... that chocolate cake looks so yummy! Wish I can also taste. Thanks for sharing.



I love your cake. Nice sewing too :-)


Wondering ---I saw the picture of the chocolate cake with oreo filling --is there a chance I could get the recipe. My sewing friends and I would love a chocolate break when we get together to sew. Thanks.

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