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April 15, 2010


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Linda P.

Love love love, You have been reading my mind??? I thought surely I could make some thing like that for my purse - so that's where the first one would go, and then.... I know it will be like eating m&m s, I won't be able to stop - great job!!

Patti H

It's no surprise -- another GREAT pattern. I love these little pockets. I can see them everywhere --- one next to my bed, in the bathroom, in my craft room, in my sewing room, gifts for friends and family, the list goes on! Can't wait til this one is available for purchase!!!

Jen Buettner

Where would they go? Where won't they go?? Quilt studio, next to the quilt frame. On the bathroom counter, maybe add some handles for a carry along notion tote. Next to the couch on the end table...the possibilities are endless!!

Trina Christenson

My purse need heavy duty organizing - the big one would make that happen. :) The little one next to my sewing machine. Big one also good for knitting, or in my car for all those things I seem to really NEED in my car. So many uses! Guess the pattern is next on my list to buy!


Mine would go on the end table next to the couch for my evening hand stitching. What a cute pattern. I can't wait for them to come back from the printers. Take care and God bless, Cory

Cherie Grabowski

I can't wait to get the patterns! I love the square one to put my tools in and it's too handy to pick up and go to quilting bees.

Heather M. in IA

Incredible! I never have enough pockets and I'm always misplacing my items as I try to keep them away from the children. I love these!

Leslie Schmidt

I would love to make one for my daughter to help her organize her jewelry-making supplies. And I think I need one in my sewing room to corral all my working tools. I never seem to be able to keep track of my marking pencils, snips, and sewing machine brush. Neat, neat pattern!

polly columbus

I would put it on my desk. My room is a mess and if I could just organize a couple of important things that would be a start!

Brenda Pigott

I love this pattern, I will use one in my bag, I'll have to make one for my daughter, she's 7 and learning to sew so she will get to help of course. I'll need one for the computer, one for by the sewing machine....when does this pattern come out?


Oh, these are just too cute. I would use the square one to take to quilting classes to keep all the little stuff from disappearing. And the longer would mean, I could change purses at a drop of a hat.

Cindy Viebke

Love the small one! I'd have it on my sewing table or near me when I'm sitting on the couch hand sewing. :)

Karen M

Way too cute! Would make adorable gifts for teachers filled with an apple, ruler, pencils, tissues, stickers, or any fun trinkets. Cute too for bridesmaids gifts, or a gift for my quilting friends or even for myself. Thanks for the chance to win. Karen M

Bonnie Nyquist

Oh Terry! This is another great idea! I can't think of a place I would not want one! But, mostly ,next to the sewing machine for the small tools that keep getting lost or dropped. Wonderful pattern!
Bonnie Nyquist


These are too cute with the pockets! Hope I can win a pattern!

Amy Hopkins

We just bought a new car that has a huge storage space between the seats, this would be the perfect thing to keep it organized.


oh...I need at least 5 of these:)...One would definitely go to sewing classes with me...One in the sewing room....One ready totake downstairs when I do a larger project at the dining room table....and they would make great Mother's Day put by the bedside....Or to take to the hospital when visiting a sick friend....fill with treats, magazines, diet coke, etc.....the list is endless!

Kris in TX

Oh Terry, these are so neat !! I can't wait to make some !
I would just HAVE to have one in the car, in my office, on my nightstand and several in my sewing room !
They will be perfect gifts for my quilt buddies !

Cindi P. next to my chair in the family room, one on the table where I scrap, one on my desk, one next to the sewing machine, one for the grandkids for the park, the list goes on and one


I'd love to have one for my mom who is ever-changing her purses and right off the top of my head, 3 for me - one for my sewing, another for scrapbooking and the third for my personal stuff in my desk at work

Evelyne Carlen

Wow those are so great! A few of those around my place and I would really be organized. I would love to win a pattern. If I don't get lucky where could I buy it.

Mary Ellen Boynton

One of those would be perfect by the computer!


Wow...I think I need to make about 20 of for the sewing room, office, cutting table, car, couch, and then I need one each for my purse, sewing bag, and knitting bag..then gifts..looks like I will be making more than a few! :)

Mary Durham

So cute pockets! I think I need one on my desk at school, one by the computer and definitely one in the car. And one in my daughter's bathroom, and one in my bathroom, and one by the sewing machine, one by the iron and one....What a great pattern!


After I make at least one of each for myself - square one to put by my comfy sewing chair and a rectangle one so I can easily change purses, I'll probably make some of these for gifts.

Cheryl Wacks

How adorable! I've been wanting to sew something very similar to these. I saw a pattern for "kangaroo pockets" for your purse "stuff". Can't wait to get one of your patterns!

Diane Koenig

Love the new pattern, so many great uses. Please enter me in your giveaway.


Where wouldn't these go...On my night side table, definitely in my sewing room, square one in my car and one for my office desk.. so many ideas!! Can't wait for this pattern to come out.

Kathy C.

on my desk, on my cutting table, on my sewing table, in the kitchen, in my purse.... I LOVE these pockets and I love your other patterns too!

Mary Ellen Boynton

I'd use mine in the car. Cute idea!

Annette Haslem

I love your patterns! This is a fabulous idea. I will have to make one for my sewing machine, purse and the car!!


Great, great idea!!! I need many pockets at my house. I would especially like on to put by my chair in the family room for all the little items I'm always searcing for. Hope I win!

Dee M

Oh, I love-love-love these! Thinking how great it would be to line the smaller one with clear vinyl and tote it to class (or even by sewing machine at home/studio) to use for scraps. Foldable...toteable -- How great is that?!!!

Beverly Atkins

WOW - I love those pockets. I really, seriously need one in my car! But I really, seriously want one by my sewing machine, and my sofa, and ..... I love them!


These are wonderful!! I need one on the desk by my computer, next to my sewing machine, and probably on the nightstand by my bed!!



Nancy H

I plan to make them in brights and kid prints for their craft supplies and whatever teens need for their stuff! When will this pattern be available?

Paula Geddes

Hi What a great pattern. I could have one beside my lounge chair where I do my stitching each evening and have everything in one place. Plus one beside my sewing machine. Would make lovely gifts. So many possiblities. Paula New Zealand


Can't wait to make these for teacher gifts. I'm not sure I can get them done in time for this year, but I know that my kids' teachers will love these for their desks!


Love them! I would need several. One for the space between the seats in the car, for all my 'treasures', one for the motor home, one by my stitchin' chair, one by the sewing machine, one by the ...., I guess you get the idea. LOL

Janelle Nelson

I love all the ideas! I would make one for the purse and tote bag and great idea for teacher gifts! My sisters will love them too for organizing the make up drawer in the bathroom.


How organized I would look with one of these cuties sitting on my desk, by my computer! Love them!

Barbara K

What a great pattern. I would have one in my car and on my craft desk. They would make wonderful presents and would also be good for nappy bags.


WOW--In the suitcase when I travel and in my bag for sewing on the go..................


What a great design...the possiblities are could have all different sizes..put one in the car, one next to the phone for pens and notepaper, in the bathroom for makeup,next to the sewing machine for all the bit and bobs you need to keep handy, one to take to sewing goups with the lastest project in...would love to win a pattern..thanks LindaB

Sue Bennett

Wow what a great pattern. If I dont win I sure hope that I can buy the pattern. LOVE it and all of your patterns. You make them so easy.

Kathy Parks

If I don't win I can't wait to buy the patterns. These would be great Christmas present for my quilting buddies. I just love your patterns. Keep them coming!


When will this pattern be available for purchase? I am a teacher and have approximately 20 graduation invites and this would be a perfect gift but will need to get hopping in order to get it done. Thanks in advance!

Sandy Eddy

My SQuare Pockets to go will be filled with silverware and napkins for the picnic table.
OR I could make one to sit on the floorboard of the car for sunglasses, gum, kleenex.
my desk at work. It will be envied by all.

LUV it!!


One for my purse and several for every room in the house! Very cute:)

Ann in NC

This, and several other of your new patterns, are on the Fat Quarter Website! Think I might do some shopping...


I think will be great to keep next to my fav recliner w/ my hand quilting & embroidery stuff w/i easy reach! Great project! Can't wait to make a couple of these.


What a great pattern!! I would have one on my sewing desk!

Kathleen B

Pockets, pockets, and more pockets! Can you ever have enough? I don't think so. I would have one on my nightstand with glasses, tissues, and a book in it for before bedtime. Then I'd probably also take one to work with the makings of a quick lunchhour project. There's so many possibilities and such fun! ~ Kathleen


very cute! both of them ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie


I would put one next to my sewing machine and where ever I am working at the moment...My pockets would be filled with a chocolate bliss pieces, my ipod so I could listen to Harry Potter books on tape, my seasoned seam ripper, my notepad and pencil( to take notes and write my ideas down as I go), my camera to take pictures of my finished projects and a small package of keelnix. I would love a pattern!!

Jo Anna

Just awesome! Would make a great gift for a diaper bag or the car for my adopted adult daughter's first baby due on Valentine's Day. I could sure use something like this to put in my space-deficient VW Bug for sunglasses, snacks, wipes, tissues, pen/paper, phone charger, etc..

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