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April 15, 2010


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Kelly Pettijohn

Your new Pockets to Go are great! I would have loved to have had the either one to take to my retreat this last weekend. It would be perfect to be able to have all of the notions organized we all seem to "have" to take to a retreat.


Those are so cool. I really like the square one so I could have all my longarm supplies in a very organized place. Keep up the great patterns I love them all.

Sue Hecker

There are adorable, and so useful! Well, besides by my sewing machine and in my tote bag, I could see one on my kitchen counter. I'm always looking for scissors or needle and thread upstairs, away from my sewing room. I'm looking forward to this pattern's coming-out party!


Oh, LOVE the patterns! I'd use mine as a travel kit for when I so my bindings on the couch or go to classes/retreats. So cute!


These are wonderful! I would use a large one in the bottom of my travel tote and the small would be perfect next to my sewing machine.


I'd put that longer one in the car. :)


Ahhhh... they are just perfect for keeping my crochet yarn from falling on the floor and keeping hooks in place...and even space for the project too.... andperfect storage for us quilters too.. all the things we need handy for those gizmos... PERFECT..


Your Pockets To Go are very cool. I can see many uses for me. I am a quilter and paper crafter and would use the larger one to hold different types of adhesives on my workspace. Then I could just fit it into my tote when crafting elsewhere and wouldn't have to unload and reload. Awesome.

annie would be a great car organizer and my husband says MY car needs major organization!!!!


I'd definitely use them near my sewing machine and on my night table beside my bed. Great idea from Andrea - the car would be perfect!


oooohhh... my pockets would go on the side of my quilting frame. I would have a diet coke rather than the Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew.


LOVE the purse organizer idea and the small one would be a good remote control holder as well as using it for beside my machine!!!! GREAT ideas!!!!!

Moneik Stephens

I would put one on my ironing board to hold all the bottles of starch. I love the little zipper pocket. What a great way to hide things!

Cheryl S.

I'd have to have at least one pocket for a Coke Zero. And a seam ripper.

Linda Sutherland

The square one looks perfect to keep by my reading and sewing chair. It will hold my notepad, pen, calculator, small scissors and all the other small items that currently clutter the top of the nearby table. I think I will make the long one to organize diaper changing items for my grandson, due in late May. Hurry up with pattern, I need it now!


Oh...I absolutely love both of these...I NEED both...the square one like you to have near my sewing machine...and the purse organizer as well! Actually, I can imagine all of my little supplies living in these...I could make some of both to line the top of my cutting table so that everything would not only be within reach...but in a stylish way!


This is going to be a great pattern! So many, I would use my first one for my sewing supplies on my cutting table, but might need another for the ironing table and then could use another for...the list goes on and on. I'll be in line for this pattern!


What a great and beautiful way to organize.


Wow it's going to be a great summer with sewing all of your new patterns!!! I think I may have to treat my friends to a coming out party for these patterns and we can sew a few together. I'd like to make them the pockets to go for our sewing nights, but I think I'll just buy them the pattern and we can make them together.


love the new pattern! congrats! can't wait to get my hands on one....

i'd keep a pocket next to the couch for my sewing stuff, and yes, it would also hold a bottole of diet mt dew...

*fingers crossed*


I'd make one for my current knitting project and it would go everywhere with me! I'd put my yarn in the center, and all my knitting doodads around the sides!


I love these, what a great new pattern! My purse is a mess so I would put the long one in there!

Tracy Alexander

I need pockets! I love the one with handles. I have one similar in a purse, but I love the square pockets! They'll be by my sewing machine and my stitching chair.


These are fantastic! I was just thinking that I needed something like this for the road trip we're taking this summer.

Mary Ellen Boynton

When I visit my nephew's little girls, I would bring the small one filled with little toys and dolls. What fun, thanks!

Carol Campbell

Wonderful organization tools. The square one would go to retreat with me and the long one would go in the new selvage tote I just made! Perfect for shop hops and quilt shows!

Christie Wilhite

What great ideas! I am so excited about new patterns--your's are always fantastic and easy to follow for the quilting challenged, like me.

The square one will go with me to Girls' Night Out at my favorite quilt shop, Sisters' Scraps and the long one will go on my quilting table to hold my supplies.

C :)


Wow! What great organized pockets! I really like these. I think the small square one would best fit in my sewing machine case to hold all those tools that you need to have when quilting with friends. The long pocket would be used in my sewing room to organize the clutter that is currently all over the table next to my machine.
Thanks for all your great patterns Terry. They are always so easy to execute; and
thanks for the opportunity to win one of your patterns in this giveaway.


so many places to go, so many pockets. I do know I'd give them to DD#2 to use in her nursery for baby girl arriving this summer.


I would put one of these long ones in my purse to keep it more organized! Very nice design!

Chelley Black

I'd put a long one in my diaper bag to keep spoons, snacks, and bottles upright and clean. Very cute design! Thanks for the giveaway!

Darlene B

I just popped open my can of Diet Mt. Dew when I started reading your entry today - I knew you were a wonderful person already, but a fellow Dew drinker? You must be extraordinary!!

I actually purchased a pattern for a purse organizer, but I keep putting it off because it looks so complicated to put together. I love the look of your pattern. It will defnitely keep all of my purse "stuff" more accessible. Love it!


This is just what I need... with Diet Dr Pepper

I would make one in really fun fabrics to hold all my stuff next to the sewing machine...

fingers crossed I win..


My pocket would be filled with my stitching stuff and it would go everywhere with track meets to watch my son and to John's therapy. But the best place it would go would be out onto my deck to the porch swing where I like to sit and stitch and listen to the waterfall and the birds! :0)

Jennifer Rice

Love these! I'd make one for my sewing table and two more for my kid's desks.


These are adorable. As a quilter, knitter, and rubber stamper I could make a bunch of these to put to good use. I also just bought a messenger bag and the square one might just be perfect for my camera in my new bag.

badlands quilts

Oh, I so love the square one... I will used it for sewing supplies. I still do all by cutting & some pinning at my kitchen table though my machine is in the basement, I am always hauling supplies back and forth. Thanks for the giveaway!


In my car to hold of my daughter's little trinkets that she insists on bring with her everywhere. In my sewing room to hold all my rotary cutters....

These are just great! Thanks for the chance!


Brilliant! I would have one beside my sofa where I do a lot of handwork, or by my machine. Or both! If I don't win a pattern I'll definitely be buying one!

Pat Abfalter

I guess I can't name one place it would go, but I can tell you that little thing would be by my side where ever I GO! It would have my hand stitching items in it and it would be at the, at the lake, at the sports events, when I babysit the grandkids you name it and that's where it would be! Thanks Terry for another good one!!


Like the idea of the square one next to my sewing machine. The one for the tote or purse is a neat idea too. Would be able to change it around from one to another without having to move everything one by one. Love the zipper features too. Need organization around here. Great pattern.


I really like those pockets! I would definitley have one by my sewing machine. And probably one in the kitchen for those pens and scissors the kid are spreading all over. And one in the bedroom for my watch an jewelry and... I could come up with dozens of ideas. Hugs ullis in Sweden


I adore project totes and would make several up. One to keep by the table where I drink coffee in the morning and stitch. One for the sewing room One to tote to bee with me. So many possibilities. Cute pattern!

Colette Rowberry

Where will the pockets go? The square one in my sewing room for sure and the other one as gifts for mother's day.

Lynn Osborne

Hmm, the square one by the couch for hand stitching while watching TV and the big one in my sewing room for all sorts of this and that! Thanks for the chance to win!

Gale Lavers

I think this book will have some awesome winning patterns. Can't wait to get one. I would love to have the square one to put next to my sewing machine so I could organize and not be searching all the time for my things poked in different drawers. The purse organizer would be great as well since most purses don't have any organization inside. Please Pick ME!!!

Barbara Bennett

I would put it on the table next to my couch to hold all the stuff that ends up there despite my best intentions.

Kim Hausladen

They are so Cute!! My "Pockets to Go" when they get made, will go by our family computer to help with organizational issues & the other by my sewing machine. I'll have to make more for friends and family, too!!!!!


Since I am fairly homebound, I don't need pockets for my purse. However, I *can* really use them near both my sewing machines and one near my computer. Would save a lot of space on my tables.


In my car.... and the kids have asked for one and now I can buy a pattern....

Cathy McMann

You are a genius! The purse organizer is a fabulous idea, makes it so easy to change purses. I want one!


How wonderful. I was just looking for something like this.

Ginny Worden

Well, my pockets would probably go in my sewing room, since that is the room that needs the most help. Then again maybe the, my mind is spinning at the possibilities.

Paula in NH

I would put one pocket in my grandson's diaper bag, one in my hand work project bag and at least one in my studio.

Ellen in Texas

I'd put one in the car. And one next to my sewing machine. And one for makeup, and another for manicure tools...Thanks for having a giveaway!


Your Pockets to Go are really neat. So many ways they could be used. We crafters can always use more pockets for our supplies.

Sheila Galindo

My pockets would go in the new tote bag I just made myself, along with the little zippered bag from the Big Bags, Little Bags, book. the square pocket would be made about 5 times and I would have one for the car, sewing room, bedroom, kitchen and the family room. I'm not too well organized at the present.


Sitting here in front of my computer, I can see at least 5 places that could be vastly improved with such pockets. Then I could move into my sewing room, bathroom and on through this house, into my car, onto my desk at work...I hope they are quick!

diane L.

I have a new large bag that I use to go back and forth to work - the rectangular one would be perfect for the inside.


I love the idea of the sewing items being organized in the pocket. It would be great for my kids to put their small toys in. They could pack it up and take it with them. Super cute!


What a great idea these are! I need several-- one next to my chair, one next to my sewing machine, one next to my desk, and another in the car.


The square one would be excellent next to "my chair" to hold the sewing necessities. The long one would be perfect to have on the cutting table at the lqs where I work! Nothing like a working sample to help encourage the customers!

Waiting for Checker to get the pattern......after Spring Market?

Ila K.

The larger one would fit on the end table between my chair and my husband's, and would hold the phone/iPod cables, and I think remotes might even fit in there, if I can wrestle it away from DH!


Love this pattern! I'd put mine in my tote and use it so can swap out my stuff into a different tote everyday! I could also use it next to my bed. I've heard there is a table there but I don't believe it. :)


These are really cute! I would love to have one in my purse... My purse is a mess. :)

Busy Little Quilter

I know exactly where mine would go! I have a sewing table that I take with me to retreats. My sewin machine sits flush with the top of it. I keep a table next to me to hold my sewing stuff. I can't seem to keep everything in one place! My pocket would be perfect to sit next to me on my table. Then I wouldn't have to look around for my scizzors and seam ripper!


Those containers are wonderful! Would be great to win the pattern, thank you for sharing!

Denise Edwards

Well, My pocket will go with me from Sydney to Singapore & Malaysia to give a Birthday Hug to Hamish(2) and Georgia 3 and back to Sydney, then on to Johannesburg,South Africa to welcome a new Grandchild. From there on to Francis Town, Botswana to visit 4 year old Carmen. Whew! I need to take a breath! Once again on the move, this time to visit No 1 son and his wife in Ghent, Belgium. Then maybe on the Holland to visit family and a good internet friend. Finally back home on my sewing table in Toongabbie, Sydney. (Maybe to stay put for a while and catch up with all my sewing groups & friends. Cheers Denise.........

Linda W.

I just love these! The square one would be great at my sewing table for the tools I always keep at hand, and the rectangular shaped one would be great in my purse (also an Atkinson Design). If I am not one of the lucky winners, I WILL be buying one once it is available at my local shop.


My pocket will sit next to my soft comfy chair in the living room - just waiting for me to work on the next hand project. The center of that square looks like the perfect place for me to put the stray threads I end up with as I work on handwork projects!

Joanne Smisko

What a great idea. I could use one by my sewing machine and one by my chair near the TV. I am someone who always needs to be working on something with my hands even when I relax or watch TV.
Joanne Smisko


I think I will put some chocolate in my pocket right next to my seam ripper, they seem to go hand in hand.


This tops any plastic organizer out there! So pretty and fun. Can't wait to make more than one - another great pattern!


No contest! The smaller one would be by my machine replacing the plastic one there now and the larger in one of my many, many homemade purses..............


Well, the small one would definitely be in motion-beside my sewing machine, on the side table by the couch, in the car, at the cabin. As for the big one, it's an answer to a problem. I made my sister the Breadbox Bag and she loves it, but won't use it because "it needs more pockets inside!" It must be an unwritten quilters rule, because I'm a "Dt Dew" girl all the way!! Thanks for the chance!!

Judy Rowan

Love the pockets! I couldn't just have one ... I would need one beside each sewing machine; one on my cutting table; one that was portable when I hand sew and one large one for the tote bag that does not have a firm bottom.


I would have the small one close to me whether at the sewing machine or doing hand work. The larger one would find a home in my car to keep all my little necessities in. I look forward to always seeing your new patterns.


wow -- one would definitely have to go in the tote bag I take to quilt group get-togethers, because having everything in a jumble at the bottom of the bag isn't working so well for me! and next to the sewing machine sounds good, too, so I could tidy up more easily when I need to move off the dining room table.

Robin C

Like the new Pockets to go. Many times I find a purse I like and it's just a big empty hole. I like a little bit of organization so I'd definitely make a purse pocket and I knit so a square one would be perfect for knitting stuff!


SUPER COOL! I love the long one!


I'm always looking for more ways to get organized...of course, I'm never getting there! Your pockets are adorable and I'll make several......


Very cute! I would use the long one for my purses. I love to change out my purses every now and then. The problem is emptying one purse and getting it all neatly in the next. An organizer to take out would make swapping purses much easier. The square one would go next to my seat on the couch for hand sewing and embroidery :)


I will put the long pocket bag in my car. Please tell me that it will keep me organized!

Mary Ellen Honan

Great idea. I would definitely need several. The long ones for my purse, the bottom of a tote bag for quilting/sewing classes and also next to a serger and sewing machine that are on a small table. The square one is ideal for my cutting table, next to chairs where I do finish work, and for coasters or napkins, and for..., and for.

Barbara Colvin

I love to make totes from fun fabrics, but hate digging around the bottom for lotion or keys. With the 4" X 12" I'll be transferring stuff from one tote to another on the fly. I need one of the square ones for my thread crochet projects. Everything I need for my current project right there on my coffee table for TV time--Perfect :) I think I'll make one for my son's GF who crochets, too!


Love the pattern and cannot wait to buy the pattern! I would need a long one in my car and a long and square one on my desk at work!


my new pocket will sit right next to my fav
orite armchair, filled with the current project supplies :)

Dawana Cemer

I think this would be a great addition to my knitting bag. I belong to a knitting group and this would be perfect for carrying my supplies.

Ann in NC

Cute, cute, cute! Mine would go to sewing day with the girls or quilt camp! Heck, they might even live by my sewing machine to show off!

Andrea Harris

these are really great! The smaller pocket I would make for my night table - I'd put my notebook, pencil, and markers in there so when I'm brainstorming at night (best time to think!) it will be all organized there. The slimmer one will go in my purse - the one giganitic pocket of doom will be organized finally! What a great pattern!

Kathy in BC

OH! I have been waiting for a pattern just like this for so long. Thank you so much for making it! I would make the small one for my mother, who is forever missing her glasses, and her kleenex, and pen, etc. So now she can just move the little basket from her chair in the livingroom to her bed at night. It would make the PERFECT gift for her. ANd, of course I would make them for myself for retreats, as I like to sew "neat", love everything to have it's place.

Kim West

These are awesome! I would have to make at least two! one for my purse as it is in desperite need of taming - I can't find anything in there. One for my sewing desk to take with me to my bee that I have once a month - I am always leaving stuff behind.


I would love these for my sewing table and my purse what a great pattern.


I would use the long one in my knitting basket and the square one on my sewing table. They are WONDERFUL!

Judy D

I would keep one square one by my machine, one in my to go bag, another by my chair, the rectangle one by hubs chair for his remote collection, another in the bathroom and one for my purse. :-) These are so cute!!!


I need one to ride in my car right next to me to hold my water bottle, phone (for easy access) and other assorted items that I MUST have close at hand.
Love the pattern.

Mary Winegar

These new pockets are wonderful. What a great way to organize. I would Love one of the patterns to make one for my sewing room. How cute they are!!

Pat Dearth

Oh these are wonderful, I can think of so many uses for them. What a great gift for my quilty friends. What a great storage for my sewing table, and the car!!!!
You have such wonderful ideas , don't know how you come up all these great things.

Mary Meats

What a fabulous pattern. I would love to put miscellaneous sewing items in these pockets. Love the pattern to pieces...

Sharon Mastbrook

I love the little square one. I think it would make a great little quilter's gift for Christmas in some kind of "sewing/notions" fabric.

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