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April 07, 2010


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Nancy H

Pixy Sticks?

Freda Henderson

Straw Maze


Roamin' Stripes :D

It's similar to the classic, but with just enough difference.


Crazy Rails?


Sawyer's Logs ?


Out of the Fence


let's seehere...

*puts on thinking cap*

sawyer's logs....sawyer's fence...sawyer's song....pick'em ups....jelly stroll (cause it could be made with jellyroll strips)

i like jelly stroll

good luck!


What about Crossroads? Which Way is Up? Horizons? Rails to Trails?


Kaleidoscope Rails? Jelly Beans?
These are from my husband - he's naming this quilt during commercial breaks : )


Twist and Shout

Woven Path



I think you got it with Sawyer's Strips Immortalize the puppy.

Sue H

How about Don't Fence Me In, Riding the Rails, Gridlock, Traffic Jam & the quilt!


Saw'd Logs
Sawin' Logs
Log Rolling

(P.S. cute quilt!)

Mary Grace McNamara

I love the quilt, and I love the reference to the dog...very cute name. I was going to say 'Pick Up Sticks' until I saw the previous comment that says Pixy Sticks and I like that even better.



Grid Lock.


Flume Frenzy? Log Jam reminds me of those log rides at the amusement parks, also called flumes. Just my silly 2 cents.

Carol Campbell

Rail Roads

Kim West

How about A-Maze-ing Sawyer

Caryl Wilson

It has to have Sawyer in the name of the quilt...he is just darling. How about Sawyer's path?

Leslie Schmidt

How about something with a St.Paul flavor like Spaghetti Junction?

badlands quilts

How about...

City Grid
Highway Interchange
Patchwork Weave (reminds me of those woven potholders)
or 2 Way Weave (can be done 2 ways, with strips or FQ)

Good lucK!

call me crazy

CuTe quilt! Strippy Stripes or SSS (Sawyer's strippy stripes) :-)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

More retro - remember "Pick Up Sticks"?




Log Weave or Twisting twigs?

a peppermint penguin

Every Which Way.


Zippy Strips?

Fruit leather? (I've got small kids)

Very cute no matter what you call it.


wow, such great names...
I like
Pick up sticks
Sawyers Strips....

Can't come up with anything's all been used..

oh oh Two Way Street...cause it looks like streets with lanes and you can use FQ or strips...hence two ways to make it...


How about Sawyer's Rail Fence or Sawyer's Strip Fence?
Not only would it be named after your cute puppy, but people would also think of Tom Sawyer painting the fence in the classic novel....I guess that what it reminds me of too!!!


Garden Paths. The colors remind me of a stroll in a Spring Garden.

Deb G.

Love your new pattern! My first thought was parfait ... parfait parquet, parfait strips, parfait logs, parfait rails, etc.
Then I thought it looked like Necco Wafers ... Necco parfait, Necco strips, etc. Good Luck!


Hmmmmm...what about fruit stripe or candy logs. It looks to much like the pastel skittles...but they are round...hmmmmm...skittle

Darlene B

Since it's somewhat like a Rail Fence, but some pieces are shorter, the thought that came to my mind was Broken Fences.


My very first thought was pixie stix, but in reading your comments, I see someone else had the same idea. The other names that come to mind are from the black licorice world .... Snaps or All Sorts? (I'm not well versed in black licorice but I think All Sorts are stacked colors) Good luck!!

Cindy S

How about Parquet Pavers? They make me think of a cross between a parquet floor and the pavers on my patio. Of course this looks more like a candyland version. I love the fabrics!




the first thing I thought of was "the Fences are Down."...

-love-love your quilts.........

Lynn W.

Candy Sticks?
Sawyer's Sticks?
Flip It? -- because the strip sets flip flop


How about Sunset Strips?

Looking forward to making this quilt!


What about Pillar and Post?


what a fun pattern
how about...rectangle explosion or jenga(from my daughter)
pick up sticks
brocken rails

Nancy Aydlett

Very Pretty! How about Mix and Mingle


How about Popsicle Sticks?


Streets and Alleys?


How about "Stick It"
or maybe "Stack It" ;-)


I like Rectangle Mangle. Or Pick Up Sticks.

Mary Ellen Boynton

Blocked Bars, Handy Hurdles, Linked Logs, Screening Strips, Woven Wands, Basket Weave

Vicki Rathbun

Sawyer's Biscuits- I've seen Sawyer out for his walks in the neighborhood. What a cutie! Can't wait to try the new pattern- looks like lots of fun!

Cindi P.

Fruit Roll Ups

Denise K

When I first saw it, I also thought of logs so that led me to "Lumberjack".


I would name it after the puppy.. He's so cute!


How about "Up and down and sideways, too"


Jelly Jam
logger jellies
strip jams
jelly logs
stick pile
jelly stix or sticks
pile up weaves


I haven't read all the names but wonder if Jamming with Sawyer would work. Love the pattern and the colors you chose.

Jeanne H

mixed up railroad
tutti fruiti
woven wonder
over and under
chop suey RR

Looks like a fun way to use up your stash!

Deana Klein

Ridin' the rails
Weaving 101
Raspberry (or Strawberry) Jam

Barbara Colvin

Garden Pathwork -- the colors remind me of a flower garden and the cream strips remind me of the path throughout


How about cross-cut fries.


Three-by-Five because you use groups of 3 strips and 5 strips. mlwright29 at hotmail dot com


Turnabout, jelly roll jenga, jagged, zigzags

bernadette n.

*short side of the fence
*shortie cakes


Bob'n Weave or Bobbin Weave


Jelly Jam
Jelly Logs


Rockin' Rails


How about Crossed paths?

Jolyn Olson

lickety splits?

Cassandra Lancaster

I suggest Don't Fence Me In
Cassandra Lancaster

Michele Ross

Hello, this is a differnt slant maybe on what to name your quilt, but how about
Mother Board or something along that line.
It makes me think of the brain of a creative quilter (smile)
Your blog site is very fun and upbeat and inspires creativity

Kris in TX

Well I'm too late here for the naming but really like the new pattern ...

I really like your patterns ... haven't met one yet I didn't like !
You're so creative, and the best part is, your projects are achievable for busy quilters like me !

Diane Grieb

How about This Way and That.

lyn lindsay

I think a cool name would be 'fiddle sticks'


Sue Bennett

Just Go Straight.


Ravishing Ribbons
Patio Pavers
Sawyer's Puppy Strips

How fun. . . some of these names sound like future quilts, too!

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