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March 22, 2010


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Way too much cuteness! Congrats!


He is so cute! Sometimes a puppy can be much like having a baby in the house. Hope you are all getting plenty of rest and that the cats are accepting him. Love the name Sawyer.

Darlene B

Adorable face! What kind of dog is he? Hope he takes to potty training


Is that a collie? What a cutie!!

It's like having a baby in the house, but at least it's spring, a big help when it comes to potty training!

Take pictures everyday, those pups grow right before your eyes!!

Kelly Ann

puppy breath...I love puppy breath...he is so stinkin' cute...


Well maybe he's named after Sawyer on "Lost". Yum, yum!


Adorable! Puppies add so much to the house.


So precious, is he a Sheltie. I had a Sheltie, "Dinkum" for 16 1/2 years. I had to put him down at Thanksgiving, he had gotten so bad. I still miss him looking at me with those sweet eyes. Enjoy Sawyer, give him a hug from me...


Yes, he's named after Sawyer from Lost - and he's a Sheltie!




Oh my gosh, he is just adorable!! Perfect name for an extra cute puppy. Congratulations on your new family member! And good luck with the kitties :)


Awwww, there's just nothing sweeter than a brand new puppy. Have fun!


What a cutie.Enjoy.

Penelope Globe

Too cute for words.

Liz A.

Awwwwww -- there's nothing quite like puppy breath!


He's so sweet. There is nothing like a Sheltie! They are the best...congrats!

Debbie  St.Germain

He is so cute, puppies are such fun.



Oh my, what a little love! Congrats on your little sweetie!!


Puppies are just the cutiest and your Sawyer is the #1 cutie right now.

Kris in TX

Little Sawyer is SO adorable !! Now I want a new puppy too ... bu our 2 cats would NOT be happy campers

Hope you all have many many happy days together !


my pockets will go between the two seats of our van. one pocket for for my stitching and one for my cd's

Martha Bean

Congratulations on your Sheltie! We have a three year old and he's the best... Smart and oh, so sweet. And gets along and has a blast with the cats! You'll enjoy him immensely!

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That Doggy is looking talented I like its name his mother "Tom Sawyer".

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