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November 14, 2009


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What a bunch of cuties! PJs, now that is a unique tradition.....very nice!


When my children were little I always got them new Christmas pjs. They would get them on Christmas eve so that pictures on Christmas morning, they would look a bit more festive.


I guess I was never that organized! But it sure would be sweet to have matching pj's.


Even today, at age 30, our daughter gets new PJs or a new nightie for Christmas. And now that our son is married, I've made the tradition of doing the same for her.

I love making nightgowns - such fun flannels nowadays. And what girl - of any age - doesn't just love to get a new nightgown and cuddle up in it?

Gee - I think I need to make one for me now..LOL

Gale Lavers

Although our kids are now 24 and 25 they still get new pj's to open on Christmas Eve. Love your photos of the kids


We've always done the new pajamas on Christmas Eve too...Santa used to leave them under the tree while we were at church. This year, my son has moved to Vermont and we're all meeting at his little apartment for Christmas. I was going to let go of the jammies tradition, but I've already been informed of what kind of pajamas they want! I guess it will continue...and I'm glad!


New flannel nightgowns on Christmas Eve was my family's tradition too. They were from the neighbors who were the landlords. To this day I won't wear new clothes unless they were washed.


I always wanted the Chrismas Jammied tradition. So many of my friends did, but my parents always thought it was a waste to wear for one night (um hello, I wear jammies every night, doesnt matter what type they are as long as they are warm and comffy! I might start the tradition with mygirls, but have them get them Thanksgiving night, or the day after so they can get almost a month's wear out of them and be "in season"


Love the photos of them modeling their new pajamas, sew cute!


I've been thinking about those bears since yesterday. I think in Chicago, Marshall Fields had them; and were they actually Gund bears?


Cute pictures! Nice tradition.

Kim Hamilton

Great pictures! Love the blog!


Cute jammies... I love them all.


Linda tradicion familiar.Gracias por las fotos.

Jane McCarthy

love the mom always made nightgowns for me and my sister, and also matching nightgowns for our favorite dolls. I don't know where she found the time (of course, she wasn't spending her time quilting :)!


Awwww, that baby made me smile! And I know what you mean. I'm trying to find pictures for an album for our daughters Anniversary. Ummmm....yea. Maybe a card will have to do to ... sigh...

Julie in WA

Oh, I love that jammies, all matching! I was thinking of making funny matching boxer shorts for the men in the family this year.

Piecefully, Pam

LOVE the pajama tradition!!! THAT is SO fun!!! : )


The Santa bears were from Daytons - if you spent a certain amount you could get the besar for $10! They are soooo soft and plush!

margi borck

Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, I love Christmas pajamas! Too kute!

Mary Flynn

We got new PJs every Chrismas Eve but never homemade from mom and I think my guys at their ages would laugh at me now if I tried.

Sandra Davidson

hi I did the jammies tradition with my kids too and one year I thought it was time to stop,my son who was in his thirties had a fit so I keep on doing it but this year I have two grandsons who are 28 months and 32 months and so this year I have bought fabric to start them on that road. I love xmas traditions Sandra

Jayne Honnold

We did this too! Well, the girls did. Mom made we 3 sister new nighties each year. Flannel-ly goodness!!

Sue Goodin

PJs were a tradition at our house also.


We don't have that tradition, the kids look so cute with their jammies!


Nothing like new jammies Christmas eve!! No
matter how many you might get through the year the Christmas eve ones are the best. I love all the ideas and memories all of you have shared.


My kids also always got to open new jammies each Christmas eve. They used to complain as teens, as they had long since figured their one gift to open Christmas eve would be pjs. But last year, I did not do the pajama tradition for the first time (as they are all adults now), and was surprised that they were all disappointed not to get them.


Cute pj's. I just never could get that industrious.

Mary Lynn

My kids love to have new PJ's too!

Linda J

We did the pajama thing too. Good thing too as by then last years pair was shot---or we had grown so much that they no longer fit.

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