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November 11, 2009


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maureen w.

Way too cute. I'm making these for the teachers at school.

Kathryn Laposata

I don't think I have a single friend or relative that doesn't like chocolate, so I could make an unlimited number of these, and still have some left over for ME!!
Kathie L.

Kathy Kurits

Fun and delicious!

Kathy Kurtis
Roseville, MN


A perfect idea for my quilting bee friends. Thanks.
I had my first molten cake in Paris- not a bad association!

Kathy Kurits

Wonderful idea. Thanks.


Wonderfully cute! Who to give to....hum....

Carol Sc

This is going to be an "immediate" gift for my secret sister --- for Thanksgiving. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't love to receive one.


hmmmm...can think of several people that this would be good I have enough time?!?!?!?


Cute and perfect little gift to a friend.Thanks so much for sharing!


A friend and I alway try to come up with an idea to make and give others. This is perfect!


What a wonderful idea - to have 'little somethings' ready for an impromptu occasion.

Christie Brehm

Thank you so much for the pattern. I've made these "Mug Cakes" before, now I can give them as gifts. HUGS.... and stitches


I am on my way to get the mugs. Thanks

Alissa Slagle

Happy Birthday to your daughter!! I think my cousin, Kayla, would truly appreciate this gift. Thank you for the pattern:)
In Christ,


This is a really cute idea, but I am especially LOVING the Best Press Bag that you linked! I sent it to my mom, too :)


What a "sweet" idea. Thank you.


What an easy adorable idea! Thanks for the tutorial.


I am a HUGE fan of your patterns. You write them so well and they are so easy to understand. You are a good teacher! I always recommend your patterns to my friends who are just getting into quilting! Thanks for sharing this super cute gift idea. I will definately make these!

Michelle R

Great idea. Thanks for sharing.


I've tried a lot of different things with mugs but this one it new.
Sounds fun


Thanks Terry for the great gift idea....Everyone I know would love to get this..........I will make several of these mugs....

Katie B

This will be great for my son's teachers!!


Great Idea, no one can go wrong with Chocolate. Thanks for such fun patterns


What a great idea! I will be sure to try this one.


Cute idea, great for teacher gifts. Will definitely give this a whirl.

Kaye Mattson

thanks for the cute idea, the fabric bags really dress this up. It would be good for a Secret Santa gift.

Heather W.

I love this idea!!! It solves a gift dilemma... yea :) Happy birthday Megan!


Such a great tutorial and the recipe looks delicious. Thanks for sharing!


wow - a quick-to-make gift that might actually get used! i'm gonna have to try one of these for my sister-the-i-don't-do-carbs queen

megan z.

Wow! I love this idea! It's such a great idea to just have a "gift on hand"! Thanks so much!!!

Jean Etheridge

Happy Birthday to your Megan. I have a Meghan with an h, and she just turned 30. Talk about feeling old. Thanks for the great gift idea. Yum.


My "TWO" Molten Chocolate Cake Mugs will go to the two girls at our small post office. The reason is because they don't get to leave the post office and they're always there smiling, willing to offer "better prices" for mailing options.

I have no idea how they do it - but they each remember everyone's name - even if you're just there to purchase stamps.

This will be a quick, easy gift to give to each of them - and they make the Molten Chocolate Cake right there at work in their microwave -and then keep the mug there for future coffee/hot cocoa.

Thank you, Terry, for such quick, easy "fix" for Christmas.

And, Happy 20th birthday to your lovely daughter.

Ruth B

I love this is simple and so cute and perfect for the little extra gifts you like to give. My budget thanks you!

Judy Hamm

This is a great ideal ....... I could also see just putting hot chocolate in the gift bag. Thanks

Margie Crewse

A very quick gift to have ready for those "I need a gift moments" Thanks


OMG these are the perfect teacher gift!! I am also a Milwaukeean. I took my kids to WI for the first time to meet the relatives. We had great fun! My mom grew up on Logan Ave in Milwaukee and I grew up on Waterford Ave in ST.Francis. Seeing the cover of the old Cooke Cookbook was a blast from the past :) I now love your patterns even more ;) ;)


I've made the cake in a mug before, but never thought about packaging it as a gift. What a great idea! Thank you.

Leslie Schmidt

This is the kind of idea that shows you put your heart into it, and yet it won't break the bank.Thanks, Terry.
And happy birthday to your sweet daughter.

Mary Freeman

This is a great idea! Love it!
Thanks so much!


Super idea--I think this might work for my hairdresser this year. Thanks


So cute. Maybe teacher's gifts for my grandson's teachers or co-workers. I love this blog - can't wait to open up the files each day. Kind of like a present a day. Thanks to all of you.
Denny in PA


What a great idea! I love it:-)

Cindy in TN

The ladies who staff my LQS will be getting these. Great!


I absolutely love these. Just the type of thing I was hoping to see on the blog. My nine year old daughter is part of a trapeze troupe (think Cirque du Soleil)and I think these are the perfect gift for them this year. Thanks again for the perfect gift idea!

Patti Mattlin

I LOVE molten chocolate, this is a must to make on my list of gift giving this year. Thanks for sharing - and even providing us with a good looking tag to print off :-)


First time on your blog -- it's great! I have added it to my Favorites. I love your gift idea. My mother, who is 94, is now living in a senior care facility for Alzheimer patients. The gals who work there are definitely angels, and this will make the PERFECT gift for those lovely women. Thank you for this cute gift idea --I love your patterns!


Oh my gosh, what an adorable idea! thank you so much :) I haven't been to your blog before, I am so glad you are all doing this blog hop, it's so fun!

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

I'm thinking co-workers! What a great idea. I need to get to Home Goods or Goodwill and get some cute mugs.


what a cute gift idea! thanks


I have heard about these Molten Little Cakes - what a cute way to give as a gift! I can't wait to try it. I think the women at work will be getting this for Christmas.Thanks Terry!

Kristin Stout

Very cute idea!

Beth Patrick

thank you! you have just solved my dilemma for our annual Christmas Retreat of my bee... what a great idea to make for everyone - and they can enjoy it while we are sewing!!! YIPEE!!
ok, 24 mugs, 24 bags, lots of cocoa, etc,,, I had better get busy!
Beth in Dallas


Your bag makes the gift more fun! I love sewing little things like this, I must try it! I will do this for my chocolate loving MIL and for my mom's bday after Christmas. TFS

Beth Patrick

and Happy Birthday Megan!
Beth in Dallas


I love the cute mugs you used. This will be a fun project and gift. Thanks for the pattern and being part of the blog hop!


REally cute! I think I may have to make that cake this eveing too! Love the bags--So simple and classy!


What a clever gift idea, thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Mrs. DillyDally

Cannot wait to share a cup of cake with my quilt buddies during our cold Alaskan winter! Thanks Terry for all the inspiration you've given to us over the years...and Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I think I will make these to give to all of my nieces who also crave chocolate!!

Pam Edblom

I can't wait to make this project. This is a great idea for co-workers! Thanks for sharing.


Love your gift idea, those cakes are so delicous. Your gift bag is simple and can be used for many items, it makes the gift look so homemade.


This is a great idea! Perfect for gifts for my sewing buddies. Thank you!


super cute! I think these would be great little gifts for all my friends at church :)

Sue H

I would give these mugs to my Saturday breakfast buddies. Please include me in your drawing!


Will have to do up some for sure. My UPS Fella will get one... yes I do adore him...after all he delivers such nice things...ha ha!
Also cute gifts for those you do not want to forget but not to go over board with either!
Thanks so much.
I am enjoying this hop!

Super gift idea, thanks so much for sharing the "how to" so we can spoil our friends! Hope the birthday girl has a great day too!


Geez, it's crowded here, lol, well first of all Happy Birthday Megan!!!!, if you read this of course, :) the cake idea sounds great, I'm going to try it on, and give it to my family, my teacher and my best friends, I know theyll love it, thank you for sharing the idea!!!!!!, and pssssst please count me in the giveaway!!!

Judy Knorr

Think the Mug Cake in a Bag will be a perfect fit for my hairdresser! She's a young girl who loves to cook. Thanks for the great suggestion. I can use up some of my Christmas fabrics!


My daughter turns 20 at the end of this month!
I'm loving the recipe/gift! This is one I may actually try!


Happy Birthday Megan! Thanks for the quick gift idea to make up and have on hand around the holidays!


That's definitely a great little gift to have on hand! I think I'll have to make up a few of these!

Deb G.

What a neat idea! I can't wait to try it! Thanks!

Jennifer C

What a great gift idea! I am going to spend the day with my Mother to help her whip these up for her rug hooking group!
Thank you!


What a wonderful (and easy!) gift. I forsee tucking these little goodies in gift bags with some buckeye candy. You can't go wrong with too much chocolate!

Jo Anna

Great idea!!!!! May have to do this today!
Jo Anna


Perfect gift for my sewing group! I love reading everyone else's ideas too! Thank you! Cathy


What a super idea! Thanks!


What a great idea. I think I will make one for each of my daughters roommates.


What a great and fun idea! I think I'll make these for my friends in my quilting group.

Lola in NW MN

Karen  M

This is a great idea for a fun gift to surprise someone with. I'm so happy you think of the mailman too, since I'm one or should I say mailwoman. I'll have to make a couple of these for my neighbor who always brings over plates cookies. Thanks for the fun and Happy Birthday to your daughter.
Karen M


What a great idea for a nice homemade Christmas gift. Thanks! I hope you'll leave this permantly on your blog. I thik I may be using it for years to come!


Thank you for this wonderful project. I know wht to give the teachers at my daughters preschool now.


What a cute idea. I think I'll make one (or two) for my bachelor son for sure, and it will be a great hostess gift. Almost everyone loves chocolate.

Donna Smith

What a great idea! A new mug, and chocolate - wow!


What a cute gift! Great for my granddaughter's teachers and also for my hairdresser. Thanks!


What a great idea. I've given cookies in a jar before, but this is soooo cool! I love that the bag is fabric! Too cute!



What a great idea--great for a teacher gift or just a little something extra! Thanks!

lorene holbrook

what a fun gift to make! thanks for sharing. thanks for putting my name in the hat!

Lorene H

What a perfect gift idea. Anything featuring chocolate is a winner.


What nice quick gift to make a nd give! Thanks!


What a great gift! I can't wait to whip up a few of these!


This is a great idea! Thank you. Happy Birthday to your daughter from one Scorpio to another.


This is going to be the perfect gift for my neighbors and some people at work! Thanks for the great idea!


Thank you for this pattern :)


I LOVE molten chocolate cakes!! What a wonderful goft idea. I will be giving one to each of the ladies in my Tuesday Morning Bible Study.


This looks like fun! I love all your patterns!

badlands quilts

Cute gift! thanks!


I think this is a perfect idea for co-workers! I am often looking for a simple idea with a big punch that is unique for those who work with me all year round. Thanks for the ideas and patterns that you continue to produce and share with us! Your patterns are my favorites!

Ann in NC

I think my sewing group buddies would enjoy this, along with a couple special college students I know! Keep up the good work with your patterns and books. Congrats on 15 years!

Vickie W.

What a great idea-sounds yummy too! My daughter and nieces-all away from home- would love this!

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