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November 11, 2009


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Kelly Ann

thanks for sharing a great gift idea...can't wait to make some up...


I'm going to give the cakes to my sons's teachers! And eat some myself too!


What fun!!!! I will make these for each of my quilty friends. I love it. I really appreciate the originality of the idea, the low cost, use stash, & so clever. Thank you

Lynn Osborne

This is a wonderful gift idea. I might have to make the mug cake for myself first, just to test it of course :) Thanks for sharing!

Mary Jane Carey

So is it okay to eat Molten Cake for breakfast? It's 7:14 AM here in NH and I think chocolate has to be one of the 4 food groups we're supposed to have daily, right?
Mary Jane


Thank you for the great idea. Quick and cute my kind of project.


Great gift idea! I will definitely make some up this holiday season!


Now here's something that is not only clever and cute, but something I think I'll actually make!! Thanks so much!!


Those are super-duper! I know what I will be giving out for our December visiting teaching gifts! Thanks so much, Terry!

Mary Flynn

Now I'll watch for some terribly cute mugs and I'm guessing the neighbors across the street for me would appreciate these little gifts at Christmas. They are older and making a large dessert is out of the question for them. I always take over whatever I've made in smaller portion. Perhaps this weekend a dry run on this one! Thanks for sharing!!


How cute! There are such adorable mugs today and it will be fun to find coordinating fabrics. I think this will make perfect gifts for my little quilt bee. Thanks so much

Brenda Veinotte

I will be making these for teacher gifts and for Sunday school teachers gifts. Thanks for sharing.

Sandy Rowe

What a great idea--so easy and so cute! I so love your patterns and have made several "Yellow Brick Road". Anyway, there is a small group of quilters at work and I think that these cups would make a great surprise gift for them. Thanks for sharing.

Quinta da Quilter

Yummy! Can't wait to try!


Great gift idea. Thanks for sharing the recipe and the pattern.

Will be good for my friends at work

Busy Little Quilter

Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

I love this idea! I like to give little gifts, too, and this is perfect.

Becky Gooch

What a cute idea. Perfect for a hostess gift. Thanks for sharing. Becky

Anne Heidi

Happy 20th birthday to your daughter! I love your cake project!! As s "chocoholic" this is right up my alley... I think I'll make a few of these for some special friends. Thank you so much :-)


Very yummy recipe! I think I need to taste test this first (yum yum)and I'm sure that my family will be glad to volunteer. Thanks for the great idea.

Susan Galasso

Love these! I'm off to the $$ store to find some cute mugs. These are the perfect gift for the other 11 nurses in my department. We all love chocolate!


I'll be making these up for everyone and have without looking & counting have 20 mugs all ready!! I've got to share with my daughter (room mother to 2 different girls) for teacher gifts, and her co workers. Thanks soooo very much!!


Great gift idea ~~~ mugs are always great gifts, and to add the chocolate cake makes a perfect gift! Thanks


Great idea!!! I will be making several for quick gifts. Thanks for the idea


Hola, Terry!!! MUCHAS GRACIAS!!! Molten Chocolate Cake Mug es una deliciosa receta y dos regalos (la taza y la bolsita rehusable)!!! Ud. ha hecho un gran tutorial, con fotos y explicaciones detalladas, ahora sólo me resta "poner manos en la masa" y probarla! Felicitaciones a su hija por su cumpleaños! Ella es muy bonita! Espero que tenga una bellísima semana! Un fuerte abrazo!


I have a feeling, I'll be making TONS of these! I know for sure that my kids' school & church teachers will be getting these. I'll probably make a couple for my partners as well. Oh, the ideas are still coming! Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us! I so enjoy your patterns.


what a great gift idea - this would make a great teacher's gift I will pass on to my daughter-in-law.

Becky Woods

I LOVE this! I'm hosting our quilt bee's Holiday party and I wanted to have a small gift for everyone without breaking the bank- this is perfect! Everyone loves chocolate, and I need to use up some of my stash in order to make room for new fabric! Thanks for this awesome gift idea!


It looks really simple. I'll try.


What a great gift idea!! I just love it. Thank you so much!!

Sarah Vee

This is a great teacher gift! Or a gift for a single elderly person, or a girlfriend luncheon. I might make some up for our daughter's figure skating bake sale. I love the lime green mug!

Bonnie Nyquist

You have solved my problem of small, really nice gifts!!! This is just wonderful, you truly are a fountain of ideas!!!!I have so many people to give this to!!!! Thank you once again Terry,for a great ideas!!


What an awesome project. Not time consuming or expensive but just right to say "I care". Homemade plus chocolate- a winning combination! Might have to test the cake first - just for quality control, you understand...

Paula in NH

I can think of about a dozen people I could give this gift to for the holidays. Thanks for a great idea!

Pat from FL and MI

Great idea for a quick gift, and who doesn't love chocolate cake!


Terrific! Great quick gift!


Thanks for the darling gift project..I'm on it for sure! Congrats to the lovely daughter on her birthday.



What a great gift idea. Can't wait to make these.


This is adorable, thanks for the great tutorial! I'm loving this blog hop!

Darlene B

Terry, this is a GREAT gift idea! My co-workers usually go in together to get me a gift certificate for Christmas and Administrative Assistant day. There are too many of them and only one of me! These would be perfect to make as a special thanks to all of them for treating me so well. (Happy birthday to Megan!)


This is a great idea for an extra Christmas gift to have handy!! Way to go!

Robin Laino

These are the type of gifts we all need to have on hand for the "uh oh" I

Amy C

What a cute idea! I am going to make these for my co-workers. This will be fun.


Wonderful idea and will be making those as gifts for sure.

Dawn Brewer

Thanks for the great gift idea. It will come in very handy.

Karen Sikes

What a great idea and so cute.....


I can see why you'd have a collection of these on hand! What a great idea!

tammy bowser

What a great idea for those quick last minute gifts! Thanks for sharing your gifts and stories, it is really fun coming to see memories of all of you, brings back lots of good memories to me.


Oh Terry, I made the Best Press Bags last year as hostess gifts! All my quilting friends just loved them. I'm sure the Molten Chocolate Cake mug idea will be a hit too! After all, who doesn't like Chocolate?


I love this...and it's making me hungry. mmm!


what a terrific gift idea - who doesn't like Chocolate Cake?

jane from Minot ND

I love this idea. This will be my gift for my condo neighbors.


I absolutely love this gift! Thank you so much. I am making one for each of the girls I work with (4) and each in my "Girls Night Out" group (5); oh well, I guess I better make it an even 10,,,,1 for me! WOOO HOOO!


I'm going to use these for teachers' gifts for Christmas! Thanks for the great idea! :0)


Thanks! What a great gift and what a GREAT way to use up those last bits of holiday fabric! Love this!

Kathy J

This little bag and gift idea are so much fun! Thanks for a wonderful idea! It could be used for so many occasions, too!


What a great tutorial! AND you have my favorite Fiestaware mug in that last photo! Happy Birthday to Megan and congrats on 15 years of sharing wonderful patterns and books with us all! I think I'll celebrate with some cake...


What a cute idea. I was looking for an easy gift to donate for a holiday shopping day for children. This just may be it. Thank you.

Mary Ellen Boynton

Thanks, looks like fun to make!

Sue Munn

I'll be making a bunch of these!! I love gifts in a mug, but I'm tired of the "Snowman Soup" ones--been giving them for a long time. This one will be REALLY popular, thanks!!

therese bell

First off, Happy birthday Megan. Oh what a wonderful gift, I will be making several of these for family, and I have to do a gift share for my work crew and these are great. Thank you for the great project.


What a wonderful and inexpensive way to remember those special persons at Christmas time(especially this year)!!

Thank you for sharing!!! :-)

Kim Hausladen

What a great Teacher, coach, piano, and me gift idea!! My son is 10 and this would also be a great Favorite Food show idea.
Thank You for so much fun!!


Thanks for the cute pattern and recipe.

Audrey Bretz

These are great teacher gifts (of course) and co- worker gifts. Now I can give something to everyone I work with!


I love this idea and it is so darn cute also!

Erin Earl

What a cute idea!! These will make nice little stocking stuffers and who doesn't like chocolate cake!! YUMMY!!!


Think I'll make one for myself!

Mary Ann/Ca

What a wonderful idea and so quick and easy to make and have ready for those last minute gifts! And happy 20th birthday to Megan!

Jody in Marion IA

Neat present idea! I think I'll have my kids who are 9 and 5 help me make some for their teachers at school, some of the school staff, and teachers @ church. As I'm typing this I can think of more people who may receive this gift.


Oh I love the little bag! I never thought of that! Such a cute idea and pattern. I actually have a little group of friends who are in assisting living facilities (always with a microwave) and I'm thinking these would be fabulous gifts for them. AND I have some fabric that will work perfectly! This is adorable! Thank you!


Well, I wouldn't give anyone I know the molten chocolate mug without testing it first myself. After that maybe I would give one to my sister. And sister-in-law Hester because she loves chocolate. Hmmm. I could see how the list could keep growing, especially once others have tasted it.


Such a great little gift idea! Thanks!


What a great idea for co-workers! I can see a few of these in my not too distant future. :)

Linda H

so clever. It will be fun to do together with a grandchild for their friends or teachers. Thanks so much.

Debra in Ohio

What a great idea. I've been making the individual molten chocolate cakes for myself for a while now, so I know one person the gift would fit---me!!!
Thanks for the pdf file with tags! I might even have to send this to my mom in Florida.


Thanks for the tutorial! I think I will make one (or two) to add to my secret pal gifts this year! and for any gift exchanges I am in!


I love these kind of gifts... and happy birthday to your daughter!


What a great idea!! Thank you for sharing your memories, recipes, and designs. K

Tabitha O.

Great gifts for swim coaches and chocolate lovers and everyone in my daughters community band except for the diabetic have to find a substitute for his gift.

Thanks for the idea!


Great idea to keep on hand for when you need a quick gift for someone.


This is a must do - I need some favors for an ornament exchange party - PERFECT!

Mary Hillstrom

Nice gift idea. Thank you.


Thank you for the great holiday craft.

My husband's family visits us during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. I always like to have a small fun item to put next to their place setting at the dining room table. This would be a perfect "little something" for each of our chocoholic relatives. The pdf makes it so much easier.


That looks great. I love me some good chocolate.


What a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration! Congratulations to you and your daughter, too!

Chris G

I'm going to a retreat this weekend. These will be the perfect quick projects to make. I love making your patterns. Thanks.


I've seen these before, but the super cute fabric bag is way better than a plain old zip-lock! Thanks!


My daughter turned 20 2 months ago, Happy Birthday to yours! Your gift idea is so clever, thank you for sharing. I can think of loads of people I can give this to.

Lynda Green

I have been playing with quilted mug muffs - bits and pieces from various tutorials - and your project just completed the look. Today's task is to try the recipe just to test!!! Many thanks.


Thank you for sharing! This is the perfect gift for teachers, I will definitely be making up a couple for my daughters teachers and helpers this Christmas!


our family is scaling back this year but these little sweet things will make great placecards at our christmas dinner table. you're the best, terry! now i gotta get back to laying the blocks out for a christmas version of my favourite quilt pattern - yellow brick road! :)


Happy Birthday to your daughter. I love the cute photo you fun. I love this gift idea you are sharing!!! Perfect for gift giving and love the idea of having a stash on hand for last minute gift giving. There is always some extra gift needed. There are several friends and teachers I plan to make these for. Thank you for the instructions. I have to say I love your patterns. Right before I heard of this blog hop, I found your blog and when browsing through and saw the pictures at the quilt show of the quilts made from Confetti in the Corner, I immediately had to order that book along with the Fonts one. They are great!!! Love them!!!


I can think of lots of people to give this too, but for sure my daughter's teacher, and a couple of DH's buddies.

Mary Ellen Honan

What a perfect gift to have on hand, and I thought the sock bag was perfect. The bag itself makes a cute gift bag and it's lined.

Gale Lavers

This will be a perfect gift to give to four of the girls I am teaching to sew, I know they all love Chocolate and really who doesn't!!! I think I will have to make a few extra for myself so I can use up a six tags :^))))

Thank You Terry and Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.

Linda K

CHOCOLATE CAKE in a few minutes-WOW! I think that quite a few of these will be made, for sure. Thanks for a great idea! Love the blog hop!

Covered Porches

Cute Idea -- Great Hostess gift....

Phyllis Paul

What a fun idea to share especially with children. They like to cook too!


Oh such a cute idea! The crossing guard at school, she is out there, rain, snow, cold, hot!! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Ann D.

A perfect little gift for members of our mini-group. Thanks so much.

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