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November 13, 2009


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I do all I can to promote Christmas magic - that's what childhood is all about at Christmas time.
Thanks for doing the blog hop - I'm loving this so much!


ahhhhhhhhhhh when the 2 + 2 = 4 lightbulb comes on! I remember when my older sibs told me there was no Santa. I was sooooooo mad at them for not believing and just would not go along with them. To this day I still believe!


Vicious rumor that Santa and the Easter Bunny are not real - Big Sigh! They are very real - just ask me, I know. :-)

Busy Little Quilter

My kids have lots of Christmas teddy bears, too!


I am admitting to being a virgin blogger- this is my first time. I am overwhelmed with the idea of visiting everyone's blogs. Is this how this really works? Speaking of work I wonder if I'll get there on time?
We have a singing Mouse that my Sarah brings out every year and annoys her twin with. It was a freebie from Fields many years ago. I know that mouse has turned into a family tradition. I just hope it holds out until Sarah has kids of her own. jmc


Another big Santa believer here too! I hated when my kids stopped believing. To be honest I think they did too. Just play Santa to someone else when your children stop believing and all the magic comes back.

Rachel D.

If I was the only person on earth ;-) I would celebrate Christmas all year long. I find it a magical time of the year and the only thing I regret is a white Christmas (snow has been very rare during Xmas for the last 20 years).
As for my boys, well the biggest (Renaud, almost 9) discovered last year the real story about Xmas but kept it for himself, giving his little brother (Hugues, almost 6) the chance to believe in the Big Man with a white beard ! ;-)


WHAT? No Easter bunny? Are you kidding?

Jayne Honnold

Thank you for sharing the story!


Thanks for sharing your story! Our oldest was very careful not to spoil Santa for her sister. We still love Santa!


Cute story! Thanks.

Liz Dyer

I was having a chocolate craving yesterday and tried your Molten Chocolate cake. Yummy!
I have been enjoying everyone's Christmas stories. Makes me wish I wasn't so far away from family at the holidays.


Santa (my Mom) left me a note one year to clean my room before I could play with my toys. I always thought the handwriting looked familiar; it was written on the piece of cardboard from a package of pantyhose. Why would Santa have that?? It was years later beore I realized that it was my Mom's handwriting. My room still needs to be cleaned!


Trying to keep the kids' believing longer is harder and harder these days.

We were based in Cairo, Egypt in the early 90's. It was VERY easy to keep our son "believing" 2nd through 4th grade there - because there were NO commercials on TV for the latest and greatest toys and you never knew what NEW THINGS came out that you THOUGHT you wanted or needed. Infact, our son thought "Hoss" from the TV show, Bonanza, was in the "here and now"....LOL

To this day, we tease him about Hoss - and he's 24 now.


The Easter Bunny isn't real????????? What??

I will be making your Mug Cake today--I guess the diet starts tomorrow...thanks for the wonderful blog Hop...

Marg McCulloch

I've printed out the tags for the Molten Chocolate Cake and jotted down the instructions. They sound like a fun and easy gift to make. We'll see how many I actually get done.


I am sooo looking forward to this Christmas! My first grandchild's first. He won't remember, but the pictures will be wonderful, and maybe he'll get a Christmas bear to commemorate.

Thanks for the stories. Now I want to read the Polar Express with my grown kids!

Julie in WA

Wow! Those bears are in great condition! We always told my daughter that Santa was not real, and that it was fun to pretend. Well, she told her friend Santa was not real, and when her friend protested, DD replied, "Well, MY parents wouldn't LIE to ME!" Oh, I had some quick thinking to do, told the friend that it was something she needed to talk with her parents about.


Mi hijo mayor se dio cuenta enseguida pero siempre se cuidaba de no arruinar sorpresas de sus hermanos menores, Así CADA UNO DE ELLOS. Gracias por la historia.


I still's the magic of Christmas and a reason for the season. Think of what we would miss if we did not have this celebration!

Kennette Blotzer

Love the gift idea. You could do it for almost any event. Great idea. K.


Oh wow, does this all sound so familiar. I remember when my daughter told her grandmother that Santa was not real! Oh boy, oh boy was that a bomb. Grandma wanted to know who told her that..... anyway, it's sort of funny now, but it sure was walking on ice for a few days.

Katie :)

When I was just 4 years old, I recieved that same exact Santa bear your son recieved. I still have that Teddy bear. I can't believe you are seeing him in Antique stores, now that makes me feel old...


Say it aint' soooooooooooo!!!!
- my sister and I figured out pretty much at the same time!! Rats - but we love the magic and seeing the the expressions on the little ones faces now!!


LMAO @ the easter bunny!, I'm having fun reading your blogs, thank you very much for sharing!

Sue Goodin

Hey I hate to disagree but SANTA IS REAL! At least in my heart. I think I took it worse than my girls when they all found out.

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