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November 15, 2009


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I love wreaths. I still put up the many wreaths I've made over the years using styrofoam - you probably remember - the ones with big ruffles all around.

And I remember Mom always hung one up over the kitchen sink - completely made from pieces of candy. Nope - we never ate even ONE piece of that candy because she packed it away to bring out next year to hand in the same place.


Thanks Terry for that clever wreath, you never know what you'll get on a quilt blog, what a bonus!! a great crocheted project!! She should have just hung it inside to enjoy.... Thanks bunches!!!


That is such a funny story, I guess she could have tried putting a note out on the door "not to pull". I love the retro style of the wreath, have a great week!

Mary Ellen

I guess she could have had you come over and teach a class on making a wreath!


Oh, that just made me smile! I guess you could have posted instructions but I doubt that would have worked. Thanks for the smile.


Me encantan las coronas, de hecho siempre hago alguna para cada Navidad. Gracias Historia Divertida.


Love the wreath story. If I could crochet, I might try making one of them.


What a sweet story Terry! I can just see those older ladies admiring the wreath and wanting to get one for themselves. My grandma (who's in a nursing home now) used to live in a senior apartment complex and I know what a big deal door decorations are. It seems like they are all trying to out-do each other. You could always tell when only a man lived in an apartment, cuz there would be very minimal or no decoration, compared to those where a woman lived!! I guess we all love our pretties, whether we are 5 or 85!!

Jayne Honnold

Thanks for sharing the sweet story of your grandmother. My own grandma is nearly 93, a quilter for life, and still puts out a few of the decorations I remember from 50 years ago!

Margi Borck

Now that is heartwarming and what a great and quick wreath.


ahh she was probably mortified that your lovely decoration had gotten ruined.

Kristi Van Os

I think that wreath looks alot like one that my grandmother made. My mom still has it. I pretty sure it was made with white yarn though. Thanks for sharing!

Sheila Carita

So did the other ladies end up with their own wreaths on the door too??

Too funny



Thank you so much for sharing the wreath story and including the instructions. Very generous!!!


I crochet, I'm going to try to make it, I love wreaths!


One of these days I'm going to learn to crochet.


I love the wreath and the memory of your Grandmothers door. Thanks for sharing. This hop is the bet. thanks


Thank you for the wreath directions. I'll have to try that. Thank you.


Your poor Grandma...did she decorate again? I have made little crocheted wreaths also...about 2 inches across to wear on your top!

Julie in WA

Cute wreath and sweet memory!


That is so mean, your poor Mother.


How sad that your grandmother never put up decorations again. It must have really discouraged her. It was a very cute wreath.


Your poor grandmother. Why didn't they just ask for the instructions?

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