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November 10, 2009


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Sandy Rowe

I love making cookies at Christmas. I think that I was about 15 when I took over doing the baking in our house. One time I slightly burned the banana bread and my folks sent it to my grandparents anyway!! Thanks for the receipe!


I live in Michigan and some of my family favorite christmas cookies are from the electric company cookbook. Thanks for sharing. Brenda

Busy Little Quilter

I was always the cookie baker, too. I still am. Every Christmas, when I go back to Louisiana to visit my family, I have to bring cookies (or they won't let me in the door!).

Thanks for the recipe.

Kathryn Laposata

I worked for Pennsylvania Power & Light Company from 1973 to 2006, and I sure wish they had put out a cookie book!! My favorite cookie recipes come from the Betty Crocker Cookie Book that my Aunt Alice gave me for Christmas one year. I love having the excuse for making lots of cookies each Christmas. Best wishes, Kathie L. from Allentown, PA


Thanks for the cookie link.I love baking cookies etc. so it is a treasure to find out about this site. I have downloaded a year so I can read the recipes. Some of these recipes look familiar to me, crossing all borders I guess.
BTW I have boiled raisins for a favourite in our house called Jumbo Raisin Cookies. They are a good lunchbox cookie.

Ann D.

My favorite cookie is the Texas cookie, made with chopped cashews. So good.

Christmas cookies always bring some wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing yours!


oh oh oh, I think my Mom has some of those Christmas cookbooks from my Grams! I'll have to see if I can snag them!

Lynn R

I need some new ideas for my annual cookie baskets for the neighbors.. thanks for sharing the link for the Wisconsin cookbook


I love cookies too! Especially "snowballs"


Baking at Christmas is so great... now that I am not working I get to do that again... yippee!


Christmas cookies are always the best.


I love making cookies. Your chocolate kisses sound really good. Thank you.


Hacer galletitas en Navidad es lo mejor y mas rico gracias por su receta y el enlace a los libros.


I always look forward to new recipes for Christmas Cookies and making lots of different kinds ....thanks for a new idea.


Sounds yummy!


Thanks for contributing to these 12 days of Country Christmas Countdown. Love your patterns and ideas that I'm sure I'll love this recipe too. Thanks

Julie in WA

These look so good, but they would not look so good on my hips and thighs. I am sure I could not stop at eating two...


Yummy! They look easy too, thanks for sharing! :)

Mary Jo Baird

I just downloaded every single cookie cookbook! Thank you SO much for the links! These are some wonderful booklets!!!

Tammy L

Thank you for sharing your favorite cookie recipe! I love new cookie recipes.


This is wonderful! We also got recipes from different utilities as well as the Government...some worked, some didn't but they were ALWAYS fun to try. One year my sister and I worked on cream puffs for MONTHS. I believe we all gained 10lbs. trying to 'test' that recipe! Good times! Thanx!


I have my mother's 1939 Wisconsin Electric Christmas cookie cookbook. It was her favorite and she used it every year. I will pass it down to my daughters too.


Really like the stories!


How neat! And what a cool sounding recipe. we will try that at our cookie bake this year!


I remember "helping" my grandmother make cookies. We had so much fun.


Those cookies (and cookbooks) look fantastic. My favourite part of Christmas is the cookies!


Thank you for sharing


Thanks for the great memories! and recipes


I love the look and feel of those old images! I need to make some of those cookies!

Christine Thomas

I always wonder what it is about Christmas that brings out the baking need. All those yummy goodies...


Thank You for the Blog Hop.

Karen  M

Thank you so much for the link for the cookie recipes. Baking cookies with my mom are some of my most fondest memories of Christmas. Thanks
Karen M


Some of the best recipes come from unusual sources. I have some old recipe books that benefitted churches.....lots of family recipes in those.

This cookie of yours sounds wonderful - sort of like a baked chocolate meringue. Yummmmmmmmm

Sarah Vee

Thank you for the fantastic link! I collect cookbooks and love looking at the pictures of the old ones. Funny, the cookbook you showed today and Terri at Whimsicals both spelled "cooky" book. I haven't seen that before. You just doubled my baking efforts for the season:)

Beth Patrick

its so neat that you ladies are sharing a little bit of your lives with us - thank you for this hop!
boiling raisins - my mother used to do that to make a special cookie of hers - they have no name, just 'mother's raisin cookies' .... gee,, too many memories.
thanks again!
Beth in Dallas

Mary Flynn

I've marked the link...cookie season is just a few short weeks away!


I downloaded the cookie book, it's so cool. Thanks for that and for sharing.


Thank you for your cookie recipe and your memories...I would like to try that recipe for sure!

Maryann biesterveld

All these recipes are making me hungry and should I bake or quilt Hmmmm? Thanks for the great hop

Jayne Honnold

Thanks for the recipe and the links! Looking forward to trying all these great recipes! Jayne


I will try these cookies. I think my granddaughters will love them. (plus the adults as well)


Thank you for the recipe, I'll give some of them to Santa this year, lol

Wanda Sotkowy

Hey I think I made the same funny flowers when I was little! We also made plastic flowers that were made by shaping thin wire into petals and dipping them in a plastic solution that would harden. Thank you


Thanks for the cookie recipe. Several years ago my Grandma turned over her Sandbakelser tins to me along with her recipe. They are still a favorite.


Have to try the snowball cookies. As close to Wisconsin as I can get. Cathy

Mary Ann Dove

Grew up in Wisconsin and went to school in Milwaukee. Waited for many buses on Wisconsin Ave in winter, very cold! Still have a friend in Racine and hope we can get a cookbook to share. Love those old recipes. Thanks for all the ides.
Mary Ann Dove

Sue Goodin

Oh the cookies look great. I'm sooo ready for holiday food

Penny Fraley

Your "cracker" cookies sound good.

Leslie Schmidt

I grew up in Wisconsin, too, and have quite a few of those cookie books.I just acquired some of my mother-in-law's books after we relocated her from Racine Co. to MN last year. What a treat!


Thank you for the cookie recipe and the link. I grew up in NY City our electric company (ConEdison) aldo gave out recipes. I still have a few.

Maria Isabel

Gracias por la i love recetas de las galletas de Navidad. Saludos desde Uruguay [email protected]


Baking Christmas cookies has been for my family one of the favorite "making memories" part of our traditions. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I'm sure I will enjoy it as I enjoy your quilt patterns and the fabulous sewing and pressing directions.


Our favorite cookie at Christmas is Pecan Tassies.....oooo I might have to make some for Thanksgiving!


I love making gift bags. I probably 300 that I use at Christmas. AND yes I collect them after Christmas.


Thanks for the clever gift idea! And I am going to try the cracker cookies!


I have access to the current cooky book from WEngeries. Would you like one?

Marilyn J Miller

I love your Christmas cake bag! And I have loved your quilt books and patterns through the years. Thanks for sharing.

Colette Rowberry

Great idea for an Hostess gift. Just add supplies for her favorite hot drink.
Will also try the cookies. Something new to give to our neighbors at Christmastime.


Boy the Chocolate Kisses sound really good.


Baking cookies and sewing, What could be better on a cold day. Thanks for sharing. Marion in BC

JoAnne Slobiski

CUTE!!! Fast and Easy!! This pattern and recipe will be just the thing to give my friends.


Thank you for your cookie recipe. I can't wait to try each of every one you gals are sharing.

Love that you shared a memory and the link to more cookie recipes.


What a great little gift idea....I will definitely be making some of these!


I was so excited to see the Wisconsin Electric Cookbooks on your site. I also remember those cookbooks growing up. I live in Appleton, Wisconsin and they give a cookbook out every year. My sister and me started the tradition 3 years ago going to Wis. Electric and waiting in line for the cookie books. The memories are priceless. Thanks for sharing.


I'm the baker in our family and enjoy making cookies during the holidays. That's about the only time I bake anymore.

Lana Ebeling

What a neat idea. I'm always looking for a new gift idea for friends at Holiday time. This will fit the bill. Thanks!


We used to make cookies every Christmas. They were M & M cookies. My children always looked forward to having them with hot chocolate on Christmas eve.

Jan in TN

Those cookbooks were so great. I still have a bunch after living in Milwaukee for almost 11 years. Most of our favorite Christmas cookes are found in those books!Thanks for the memory!

Peggy Clark

Baking and sewing are all such a big part of Christmas. New receipes are always welcome. Thank you for sharing.


Can't wait to make these up for my "Saturday Girls". There are six of us who try to meet every Saturday for coffee, shopping at our LQS and lunch. We always lift each others spirits and encourage each others fabric purchases - what are friends for, right?


Love the recipes


what a great gift idea, thanks!

call me crazy

Yum, love the choc cake in a mug! We make lots of cookies too. :-)


Yum! Cookies! It's fun to see what different "local" cookbooks exist. My kids love making, decorating and eating sugar cookies. The recipe we have is very good--but they're just so tedious to make!

Mary Grafe

What a neat idea for a gift. And I love the gooey chocolate cake. Yummy!


Cookies! Love cookies! Thanks for the recipes.

Barb C

thanks for the pattern and recipes. I can't wait to try some of the cookies. Merry Christmas Barb C

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i really like the star cookies with sugar powder and caramel milk this make them even more delicious because this two ingredients going to make them extra sweat for the kids.

Weaver Descendant

I came accross this site while looking for my Weaver/Baker/Meyers genealogy-Anne Weaver's 'Johnny Cake' recipe from "Sth Virginia" as it says on recipe card-I thought she'd made a cookbook so was looking for more recipes from her. Since I never met any Grandparets-aunts-uncles- cousins etc family is so important to me. I am so glad I spent time with my kids & grandkids making cookies, we have so many good memories too as I now see from all the comments here about making cookies w mom & grandma. My mom, Alice Weaver b WI had a favorite Christmas cookie recipe 'Sour Cream Christmas Cookies' w nutmeg-cookie cutter Christmas shapes. As a child I enjoyed decorating them w colored icings and sprinkles. We put a looped string under the icing and hung them on the Christmas tree after icing dried. Now my children carry on this tradition w their children too but do not hang them on the tree. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful site-it is wonderful to share good memories. I will be looking for more great old cookie recipes from here to share with my family.


This was wonderful to see. My father retired from WE after working for them for decades. Every year my mother and I would make cookies from our WE cookie books. One nice thing that WE does is to send retirees from the company the new book every year. It is always exciting when it arrives, we get together and decide what to bake.

carol kelsey

how can I get a copy of the 1958 xmas cookie book?Irecently moved and forgot my recipe books
all my christmas cookie recipes are at my old
house.can't celebrate christmas without these recipes please help


Go to to download recipes!


Very fab, but be careful not to overbake - makes the cookies too hard in the center.

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