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November 17, 2009


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What a creative mind you have! One more memory they'll never forget. Afterall, it's all about making memories.

Darlene B

I love this idea! I've always put names on all the gifts - but I may have to try your code idea this year. My grown daughters will not know what is wrong with me! [email protected]


Well, being as I only had one daughter, I never had to resort to "codes" but that would have been a lot of homework, and I would have been the one to forget who got what code!! haha!! But... just shows how you come up with so many wonderful patterns, and how your mind works, very clever and creative!!!

Penny Fraley

How clever! And challenging! Our gifts never showed up until Christmas morning; but at my husband's family, gifts were always under the tree. It was fun both ways.

Margi Borck

oh how fun! That would be so kewl if I had more than one kid but everything under the tree is for her every year! LOL

Linda H

Good job with marking the gifts. We can always stay a step ahead. lol


How very creative!


Oh my -- that's just wonderful! I would never have thought of such a clever way to make figuring out presents so fun!


That is so fun and creative!

Cindy C.

Have to admit - this is a new one by me. Never heard of "coded presents" - love the idea...LOL

Okay, what happened when the number was 15 - dividible by both 3 and 5?

I'll go to my corner now...LOL

Pat B

I have numbered presents too-each year it is a different system.


Such a creative and clever idea, coding presents! The things parents succumb to to outwit their kids, LOL!

Debbie  St.Germain

I love having presents under the tree as added decoration, but with two obnoxious cats and a dog who loves to open presents, I don't dare.



That is a very creative way to keep them guessing.


Que divertido lo que cuentas, veras aun hoy intento averiguar Que puede haber en mis regalos, como no entender una Los hijos!


OH my goodness, my Mother DID THIS SAME THING TO US!!! She used numbers the first year that she stopped putting our names on it - and that was all to easy to figure out "birth order" so the next year she put animal names.. cow, dog, cat, sheep... we still handled and rattled the packages quite a bit though ;) which drove her crazy. LOL

My mom passed years before I became a mom, but now that I have a 5 year old and twin 2 year olds I can understand why she'd do such a thing ;) I wish she were still around so I could tell her just how smart she was...

thanks for sharing your story - as it brought back a lot of memories for me!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

call me crazy

Another great idea! I am sure enjoying this blog hop! :)


I have been doing this for years about 10 years now and my kids still can't crack my original code!!! Every year they think they have it figured out - but no one ever has. So if you make up a good one that no one can figure out - just use it again. You can even re-use the same tags!

Christine Thomas

What a great idea. There were 7 kids in our family. My Mom and Dad would have had to spend the whole season just creating a code! LOL.
My son-in-law's family will address the tags like this: To Emily from Mickey if it was a Disney present.


This is such an awesome idea. When we were younger we tried everything to get a peek at what was in our packages. What a fun, creative tradition!


Love this story! Very creative and you sure have smart kids!!!

Jean Burke

Hey...I love the code idea - very cool!!! This is my first year with both of my girls not believing - I'll have to remember that going forward. You are so creative! Thanks again....piece.

Julie in WA

Codes: you are a genious! Now, how can I get that to work for an only child??!!!


Neat idea! Thank you.


that's a terrific story - thanks for sharing!


Kids always think all the gifts are for them, no more people, just them. But, christmases are for kids and the ones who have a child inside, like we!


Cute ideas. I still put a tiny little initial on a piece of scotch tape on the back of the package and they still haven't figure that out. Silly kids. Maybe when they are all over thirty they will! ha!

Kelly Wenhold

You're so clever!

deanna gipson

LOVE the creative way you make packages special and oh so much fun!! i will have to remember that one!

deanna gipson


I do the same things for the kids. They each get their own wrapping paper design or color.

Also, I buy gifts throughout the year, wrap them and put a number on them. Then I list them in a book so I know what is in each package. I do have to hide the book from the kids, especially my daughter (18).


You are one clever mama!! What fun that must have been! And then recalling it all again makes the fun multiplied!!


You remind me of those years of kids at home shaking the presents under the tree before Christmas. It was fun to disguise the boxes and make them noisy etc.


My dad does the same thing to me and my siblings! Everything went great until the one year he used the number of the letters in our middle name squared (homeschoolers are cool :) ) and gave us the wrong number. That was the only year we didn't get it right!


Not only do I like your story, I LOVE the idea.... CODE..... makes Christmas wait just alittle bit merry.


That's a great idea. One year when I was a kid I wanted a Kodak camera. I guessed my gift and my mom thought that I peeked but I could tell by the shape of the box lid.


My mother in law used to torture her kids by writing out a list for each of them. She would write each child's name in beautiful calligraphy at the top of the page. The list was written in short hand and they never could figure it out. If it were me, I would have taken short hand in school!

Leslie Schmidt

Wow, you're creative in so many ways. Great story.


coded presents, evidence being creative is your talent. thanks for sharing.

Nancy B

Not only is gift-buying a creative outlet, but so is wrapping and marking - so much fun!

Jayne Honnold

Sure wish I'd thought of coding the gifts when my kids were all little. Would've been a lot of fun! Oh, well, maybe someday I will have a pack of grandkids to try it on!


ha ha! We use codes too! I'm thinking would should use some of the seven dwarves names (though I do not have SEVEN kids!)


Great idea!


I love your idea about using a code for Christmas packages. One year I thought I could remember who got what...guess what...I had to open the packages first to see who they went to and then rewrap! NOT FUN! Thanks for being a part of the blog hop!


Gingerbread Houses bring back so many Christmas memories for me.

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