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November 16, 2009


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Marty Mason

Hi, Terry Ann...just a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Blog Hop each day. It's been such a treat. And, I've added your links to my daily blog.


I so love Charlie Brown Christmas Trees, I'm thinking of getting 3 or 4 different size CB Trees and putting them in my Bay window this year.


You know, I used to have very pretty trees all the time, well - I thought they were. But in recent years past, I have preferred the Charlie Brown skimpy ones - they seem to have a lot more character, and someone has to love them!!! You have shared some great stories, and I have enjoyed them all!


It's funny how so many of us have the fondest memories of our Charlie Brown trees. Just goes to show that special doesn't have to be perfect.

Jayne Honnold

The Charlie Brown Christmas Special is still one of my most loved of all the Peanuts episodes. That tree is a classic, and so is the cartoon!


I too have enjoyed reading everyone's blogs every morning. I love meeting some new designers, and getting the know others better. What a fun week it has been!


Yes I agree, this Blog Hop has been so much fun!


Our granddaughter, 5 years old, is a puzzle nut. I can't believe she can do 100 piece puzzles already and have the patience to "keep at it" until it's done. I wonder what this means for her future........

Isn't it funny how so many of us had "Charlie Brown" trees? And with so many mentioning "Charlie Brown" because of their trees resembling the Christmas TV classic - I just wanted to say - this Halloween I made the grandkids "Charlie Brown and Lucy" costumes. Our grandson has a large head so he was PERFECT for the part. LOL

Linda P

Yep those miss-shaped tress are lots of fun, kinda hard to find now, but I remembeer the tall skinny ones my Grandmother guys are really bringing back lots of memories. Thans for the trip.
Linda P in IL


LOL... I had the strangest tree when I lived in germany... the only tinsel I could get at the PX was green... picture green tinsel on a long and short limbed tree... it looked like the creature from the black lagoon.


Gracias amiga, tambien es un placer conocer las historias de las dise├▒adoras y de quienes comentan.

My fovorite Christmas tree was the old silver one we had as children with the color wheel. Wish I still had it.

Julie in WA

We always had Charlie Brown trees when I was growing up...until my mom finally bought a fake tree. Why doesn't anyone make a fake Charlie Brown tree? I would buy one! (No live trees for me...too many allergies. Bummer.)

Quinta da Quilter

I know this is the wrong post - but it is the most current one. Thank you! We just made the Molton Cakes and both my boys LOVED them! a lot! I feel a new family tradition starting!

Krist Van Os

You have got to love the Charlie Brown trees - I think everyone has had to have at least one. I know I did!


Thank you for sharing your Charlie Brown tree.


Love the tree story. Thanks for sharing.


Such a cute story!


It's never how much we spend at Christmas that we recall with fondness! It's often the more simple things that give us the greatest pleasure.


I too am really enjoying getting to know everyone better!


I'm having a lot of fun, visiting all your blogs daily, I know I'm going to miss you terribly... but I won't talk about it... I'm not suew how the Charlie Brown's tree looks like, but it was a funny story!

Bonnie Nyquist

Loving this Blog Hop, getting to hear such great stories. They sell a Charlie Brown Christmas tree at Walgreens now,I bought one last week, about $8. Helps us all remember how things used to be,which were great times! So funny,you both realized no ornaments! I would love to hear more about how you developed your wonderful designing abilities. [email protected]

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