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September 29, 2009


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Cute pattern. Love the teal and black blocks.


Oh, I like it!!

Lynn Taylor

With all the fires in Southern and Central California, I wonder if green could be used to depict trees in a forest fire, instead of fire excape ladders.

Sue P

Love it -- will get my LQS to order it for me. :-)


I just love the pattern. Looking forward to seeing the next one!


Love it

Sue Hauser

Lucky Stars has always been my favorite Atkinson Designs pattern, but I think it's gonna have to move over for this one! I will definitely add this pattern to my website! Great design- very creative- LOVE IT!


Great design, Terry! So unlike anything I've seen recently - and I love how the different fabrics make it look!


Terry, I just love this pattern. I can see this quilt on a dorm bed! Quick, easy and BOLD! Thanks for the great pattern.

Julie Stewart

Hi Terry, FYI, my Fire Escape is quilted and bound! Yippee. I will hang it in the shop on Monday when I take the MN Road Show down. I posted it on my blog today. It's pretty cute!
Hope you had a great time at market. Julie

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