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July 02, 2009


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Jo Okita

Here I am in not yet daytime Honolulu appreciating pictures of Elk River! My dad was born and raised there. While he moved away, most of his 5 siblings stayed in the area. His sister-in-law Alverta Malmstrom drove the school bus AND cooked in the school cafeteria. My cousin Wally coached the M Zephyrs until retiring. Another cousin's grand daughter was the 500th heart transplant recipient at UM. Yet - I have never been there! Thanks for the tour. Aloha, Jo


Thanks for filling us in on the Elk River. What a lucky town have two such talented women running businesses there! But I missed not seeing a picture of food today!!!

Diane Cannon

Hi Terry --well it is day 9 and I have to say it has been an interesting ride--we have learned about each of you as designers, and we have learned how to make bread and now we have been on a tour of Elk land!!!! Thanks--see you tomorrow, hugs, just, Di

Jean Kehler

It seems to me we visited Elk River a long time ago - when the kids were small. I believed we liked it there. Thank you for joining in this blog hop. I have thouroughly enjoyed it.

Cheryl S.

Hi Terry, I just wanted to let you know I posted another bag photo for the MN Road Show event on my blog!

Nancy H

Your tutorial was very interesting! Your talent is unbelievable.Thanks!

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