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July 21, 2009


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Hi Terry,
I don't know how you should spend the $$ you saved, but I simply adore your sense of humor. I enjoyed the pictures and your by-lines of your experiences. I almost felt like I was there and could hear music playing in the background...??? lol But I digress. Suffice it to say I am enjoying your blog and will visit often.
~ Cheryl

Sue P

LOL I like your logic -- I, too, "save" the same way. I think you deserve to spend your savings on a diy retreat with a friend at a nice hotel. -- Sue


Hey, $500 would buy lots of fabric! I too love the humor. And, I've been buying your books and patterns (and making some) for years! some day I'll actually make the cheese and crackers (is that the name of it) that I've got all the fabric together and pattern... except I just raided the cream but that is easy to come by. thanks for sharing. wish you had taken close ups of the tiles. ah well! B.


I love your way of thinking. I might just have to borrow some of your lines.....LOL....take care and spend wisely!


Oh let me count the ways I could spend your savings Terry! Fabric, patterns, notions...need I say more??? Have fun spending!


Hi Terry,
What's up with the Wisconsin police? I just got a warning from them, too. I never thought about how much I had saved. I'd better go buy some fabric.



Thanks for the heads up about the Wisconsin police! I'll be sure to watch my speed while I'm driving to the retreat next week! It wouldn't do to start the week off with a speeding ticket! Looking forward to seeing you again.

Derek Atkinson

I think you should send the extra cash to me! ---Derek (in China)

Lynda Milligan

Hi Terry,
I like the way you think! Your retreat sounds fun and exciting. Wish I was there.

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