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June 30, 2009


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Bonnie Nyquist

What a great tutorial! You design the most useful little bags! Love that zipper,so easy to make,I understand it totally. This Blog Hop is a great idea,hope you all do it again!


Hi Terry, I love your patterns and you designers have outdone yourselves on the bloghop. We are having so much fun and thank you for the pattern. What a great little bag to travel with and not have your yarn going all over the place.
Keep Stitchen'


Thank you so much for the Sock Sack directions. I think this might be perfect for carrying some of my English Paper Piecing pieces and squares. With the zipper pocket for extra needles and scissors, it should be very portable.

Carol Kietzman

I love your patterns. My first quilt was from your book "Dealer's Choice". I appreciate how easy your directions are to follow.
I think my 8 year old would love the Sock Sack to carry all her "treasures" to and from her aunt's house.

Jenny Moore

Thanks for letting me be part of your Blog Hop. Just love doing bags, and your pattern is great.
Have a good day


Great tutorial and love your blog.


Oh I love this wee baggie.. I have a zipper phobia but I think I could manage this one! thanks for sharing the pattern!



I love the fabric you used on the sock sack! I will definitely be making one for my sock knitting!


Cute little bag. Makes doing a zipper look easy! Thanks.


Great idea! I have a friend who knits and I'm always trying to find something special for her!

Jeannie Schlitt

What a cute little bag! I have fabric that has just been waiting for this project! I could put my GPS in it when it's not filled with knitting or crocheting! Thank you!

Carrie P.

Well seeing the zipper scared me at first but looking through the tutorial I think I can do this. Since I am going a trip soon I would use mine for "socks"


This is so cute. I'll have to go check my zipper stash then find some fabric to match. Thanks.


That is so cool! I just started making socks - so this is perfect!


Great tutorial!Love the bag. Can't wait to try it. I can see many uses for it. Thanks :)

Miss Nancy

What a great tutorial. I will definitely try this. Love the bag and the fabrics. Nice, bright and cheery. Great for a sunny day in the Midwest.


I just started knitting and this project is perfect! I love this blog hop


love the sock sack - i don't knit much anymore - but it looks like other stuff will fit in it!


Your sock sack is darling! I am a knitter and can't wait to make one, or two, or more for a multitude of projects. Thanks for your generousity.

arlene Hemmingson

The bag ws fun to make and will be a great addition to my knitting. Thanks

Jackie Hicks

Thanks for sharing!


What a great tutorial. A great idea for gifts--or gift bags! Thanks

Lynda L

Love your patterns!! Thanks for sharing, the Blog hop is fun!!


Thanks for the great tutorial and recipe :-)


First of all, I have loved your patterns for a long time. 2nd, I'm a huge bag person. 3rd, I have justed started knitting socks this year. I can't wait to make this sack so I don't loose my tiny needles and can keep the yarn clean. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Sarah in Houston

Kathy Wagner

FUN! I would like to try this bag. I was nervous at the photo of cutting the zipper! I haven't done much involving zippers, but I'm willing to try it!


Love this little bag! Would be great for carrying my hexagons as I work on my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt! Thanks!


The little bag is adorable - Thank you so much!


Cute little bag. What great patterns you have.


Thank you for the idea for the Sock Sack. My granddaughters, ages 4 & 7, love to have me make little purses for them. This will be great for all their "little stuff". I have so enjoyed the creative ideas from our "Minnesota Designers". Thank you

Mary Anne

It's a great little bag! The zipper is great for your DPNs.

Barb Hanson

Wow. Great pattern. I'm looking forward to making one and adding it to my collection of bags to give away at Christmas! Thanks for being part of the blog hop!



Thank you very much for the sock sacks. I will give it a try. I think i will fill in my embryderie to take it on tour.

Sorry for my bad englisch.
Greeting Guilitta from Germany


Thanks for the bag pattern. I really enjoy making bag, purses, totes etc. Thanks again!

Connie Thompson

I just love your patterns. Can't wait to make the Sock bag for my second passion knitting.


This would make such a great gift bag or it could hold some hand stitching to take with you while traveling or... Well, there are just so many uses for it. Your tutorial was great as well. I LOVE the tote with the yoyos!


Thanks for the bag pattern. It is so fun getting to know you all and your great blogs.
Hugs from Norway

Robin (rsislandcrafts)

Great bag! I'm sure my kids could find many treasures to put in a sock sac :)


This is darling! I would put my ipod in it!

Kelly Stuart

Oh this bag is so sweet. I am a knitter and a hopeless 'bag' lady---I love making all kinds of bags--- I think this bag would also be great for bringing art supplies with me when I am on the go. I always like to have a few watercolor pencils, a teeny-tiny water bottle and some torn pieces of watercolor paper. Thank you for sharing your time and talents.


Thanks for sharing a new pattern, yours are always so much fun to make. I love the blog hop.


Thanks for the great tutorial. This is a really cute and functional bag.


Nice project! It's perfect for carrying around all kinds of things.


I love this and will make on for my sock knitting.


I do not knit socks. actually I don't knit at all! But there are so many uses for this bag. My first reaction was to make some for my daughter's toe shoes. (Of course, sized to her point shoe size.) In the zippered part she could put her tape, extra elastic, ribbon and needle and thread.

Karen aka Grammy Mac

Hi Terry Ann;) I love the whole idea of your sock bag. I love to knit socks and will be making several of these...good to travel with;) Thanks


Fun's a great way to use scraps.


I am an avid knitter and quilter so what more can a girl ask for...I am making one tonight. Thanks for all your great patterns...there are several of us in AK that are addicited to your style!

Unnur Ósk

This is a great idea, thanks for sharing.
Love all your bags.....:)

Michelle Kupreisis

Terry I just love your patterns. I think I've made 15 Yellow Brick road quilts. Thanks for sharing the Sock Sack with us.


I love the sock sack. Easy and functional. Thanks for sharing this idea. I am a big fan of yours.

Sandy Feldt

Thanks for sharing the sack pattern. I can't wait to make one...

Dana Doerfler

I love your patterns! The sock sack is awesome - I don't knit, but I'm sure I can come up with something to use it for!


Sweet idea.


A person can never have too many bags! I think I'll make one for my mother-in-law to hold her embroidery supplies. Thanks for all your great patterns!


Thanks for the tutorial. I will probably use mine for my GPS since I seem to lose it everytime I turn around. Maybe I'll make two, one for me and one for a sock knitting friend!


I love the sock sack! I love bags and boxes, so I would use it for any number of things! I was thinking I could also use one to pop some things in (like socks) to keep them together in my suitcase when I'm travelling.

Janet P.

Neat idea! Easy to do and very handy!


I'd use my sock sac for portable hand piecing. Thanks for the tutorial and showing how to put the zipper in!
~ Dawn


Great tutorial...a refresher on zipper installation makes this an easy pattern! Love your designs.

Bonnie Hampton

I love the sock sack. I think I would use it for our GPS. My granddaughters would love it too


I am going to use my bag for a mini drugstore for my handbag. Tylenol, aspirin, a few bandaids, dental floss, nail clippers, small hand sanitizer, SPF moisturizer, etc. What a super great gift to give to a summer traveler!

Bonnie Tucker

I am going to make several of the sock sacks this weekend. I am going on a road trip with other quilters and I have been looking for something to make as a small gift to them (4). Your use of color is as always wonderful


So many bag ideas, so little time.

Cindy in TN

I think I will use mine to transport the I-pod or camera.


I will use it for my quilting supplies that I can in my car for road trips. I actually would need 2 since I would leave one in each vehicle fully stocked with scissors, needles, thread and a project for the road.

Liz B

This is adorable! Thanks for the tutorial and the chance at the giveaway.


Thank you for the Sock Sack pattern and for being part of the Blog Hop. I love your patterns!


Such a cute bag- like your other patterns, love them!


Great project! I may have to make one of these to use for my English Paper Piecing ON-THE-RUN. Thank you for your time and effort in presenting these instructions!


Terry, I love this! I'm an avid sock knitter, and I can certainly see myself using one of these bags for that purpose. But I can also see myself using one to keep sewing and quilting notions together when at a sew-in, where you take your machine and project for 4-6 hours. I always try to take as little stuff as possible to those, so a way to corral all the tools is great! There are several of these in my future, I think.


I'm a day or more late but the bag is just too adorable. thanks.

Erica K

I do knit, and socks are my favorite! My cat is constantly trying to grab the yarn, so that bag would really come in handy! Love the fabrics you used...very fresh!

I checked out your store. You have some very nice patterns. I think I own a few already!


I love all your patterns and have many of your books. Thanks for the Sock Sack pattern. I love it!

Donna Gober

I love the Sock Sack, but it can be used so many other ways.

Paula Ross

Just too cute! and easy! Thank you

Barbara York

What a cute little bag, I think I could use it to hold embroidery or even a book when on the go. It was a very good tutorial. Love your patterns and I know I have at least 3 of them.

Crystal Day

I love your patterns. This looks like another fun one to try out. Thank you!

Lynn Osborne

I would use the sock sack to store my GPS and cord which currently lives in the original box which is very bulky! Thanks for the chance to win!


love all your patterns and the sock bag will be great for toting around my camera and extra batteries.. thanks for the pattern

Rebecca Clarke

that's so cute, I will probably use several of them in my kids bags that i made, they are just 1 big section so I need some smaller bags to keep all their little things organised.


this is my 1st day, just discovered the blog hop, I'll use this bag to tote around snacks for the kiddies-- wipes will probably fit in the pocket, and little ziplocks in the tote

Ankie Karlsson

You can´t have to many bags.
This one I think i use for all my different chargers.


Hi Terry
I love this little bag. Thank you for sharing the instructions. My friend and I were recently talking about how much we like your patterns, especially "Lucky Stars". I have made 3 of these, and I bought fabric yesterday for a fourth. They are so easy to do, and are great gifts!


What a cute idea. Thank you for the tutorial; can't wait to start a little bag or two... or three.


What a cute bag, I'm going to use it as a gift bag for a little gift.

Ruth B

I hope I'm not too late to comment but I've been out of town for my son's wedding and then had hand surgery when I got home! Oh I just love bags and these are adorable. I think I need them!


You can never have too many neat little bags!

Lisa Franklin

Hi Terry -

You know, of course, that you're an enabler, right??? Giggle!

I've gotta go buy more zippers and cute fabric!!!

The Sock Bag pattern is just wonderful!


Lisa in Louisiana

mary shoop

thanks for the pattern


I've been a huge fan of Atkinson Design patterns for a while now, nice to "meet" you and get to peek behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing all your talent with us.

Bonnie Nyquist

You can never have enough of these little bags!! A great gift idea and fast to make too! Thanks Terry,for all your great patterns, if it has your name on it,you can't go wrong.


I wonder if it would be the right size to hold my Kindle (electronic book). Thanks for the pattern and tutorial.


I love this bag. Thankyou for sharing!!

Cindy Horan

Hi Terry,
I love the sock bag!! I knit socks and this will be a great bag to carry all the "stuff" and knit from with the yarn inside. Thank you!
I have a number of your patterns and love them all. Your patterns are easy to understand and the results are great!
Have a great 4th!
Cindy in MN

Cindy Horan

Hi Terry,
I forgot to say I love the pic of you and your lovely cat. I'm a cat lover too! We live in the country and have rescued cats so now have three inside and three outside. The outside ones are lucky because each night they have access to a heated garage in the winter and a safe place at night with food and water.
They all receive lots of love and give us joy in return.
Keep creating!
Cindy in MN

jan richards

Thanks for the neat bag pattern. Plan to make several for myself and family & friends. Also thank you for the chance to win your newest book and pattern


LOVE the fabrics you chose for the little bag! so fun!

Janelle Cole

I love your site & your ideas!! Love the sock sac - I would use it for school supplies as a homeschool mom - for little pieces of manipulatives or pencils, or anything. I may have to make a couple!
Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Linda Peterson

I love the Tag Along Tote Pattern. I have several of your books. They are great.

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