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June 30, 2009


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I love the Sock Sack but I haven't found any of the Atkinson Design patterns that I don't love :)

I will make the Sock Sack for my 12 year old daughter to carry personal items in her backpack at school. The nice slim style won't take up much room and the nice pocket up front will allow her to put her lunch money and school ID in a safe place.

Sølvi in Norway

Great tutorial. Thos blog hop idea is really good


I made a sock sack today and it turned out GREAT! Everybody at our 4th of July celebration was impressed :) Thanks for the pattern.

Mary Ann Dove

I have nearly all your books and love each of them. They are easy to make, but the end product always looks great. Now I can add this to your file. But this I plan on making this week, as I start my sock class on Saturday and want to show it off! Bet my granddaughter will make one too.


What a great tutorial! It'd be a great way to carry smaller items when traveling that you don't want to lose.

Jackie Hicks

So cute! Thanks for sharing

Mak Teh

hye there,I couldn't find your book in Malaysia.I am just learning to sew..I love your goodies.ou give great inspirations to many.thanks

Mak Teh

Oh,thank you for a great tut.I think I'LL get by.will try soon


Thanks for the great pattern...I'll use it to keep some of my rug hooks in...then make another for little scissors...


This really is a terrific tutorial. I must say your pictures and instructions go a long way to allay fears of putting in a zipper... ..Phew!!! Love the Fat Sack and this little sock sack is too cute to pass up. I'm always needing some sort of bag to put a variety of things in and I want them cute AND functional. Thanks for the good tutes and ya gotta love our Minnesota gals. Looks like I just missed all the action but I'm happy to have found a bunch of you MN gals and look forward to keepin up with you as much as I can
~ Cheryl

Joanna Perry

I love your choice of fabric. I take along projects when I have a lengthy bus ride or waiting room appointment, so It will come in handy. I may also use the pattern for a nicer kind of gift bag with Christmas coming up. I hope I win the books.

lori jones

thanks so much for the tutoial!
I have been thinking of doing this and now I have the some instruction to go by. Thanks!
I do love the Atkinson designs!!!! they are easy to follow.
I love the colors you picked for the bag.

Thank you so very much for sharing... I'm definitely making this one.
I misplaced my project bag so I need a new one... LOVE IT!


I love the tutorial, great simple directions, I think I can handle a zipper now! I'm not a knitter but this sack would hold a cell phone, keys and an ipod! Love it, heading to the fabric store today.


Great bag to give as a gift to a knitter! The directions look very comprehensive. Thanks!

Sandra D

What a fun and easy bag - I'll definitely be making more of these little guys - thanks so much for the great tutorial!

Patricia Harper

Terry, thanks for the cute sock sack pattern! I've made three of them so far! They're perfect for sock projects, and the pocket will hold a pattern, credit card and a cell phone when visiting a LYS.

Once question though. Once I show mine off, no doubt someone else will want one. Is it okay to make them to sell?

Beverly Garrett

Terri, I love the sock bag. I crochet hats for cancer patients and am always carrying an extra bag with my yarn and hook and scissors. Everywhere I go, I am crocheting on a hat, dr office, lunch at work, etc. even at football and baseball games. Thanks for the pattern. Beverly in Arkansas

Nancy Rudy

what a great project to use up all those "too cute to pass up" quarters... I am also an avid sock knitter as are most of my friends... guess what they are getting for christmas? Thanks so much for sharing this with everyone.

Nancy Rudy

Thanks for posting this pattern, what a quick easy way to use up those "too pretty/cute to pass up" fat quarters we all seem to collect. Guess what my sock knitting friends are getting for Christmas?


Although I'm number 521 in line I want to say thanks for this tutorial. It's a cute sock-sack and I've the absolute intention of making it tomorrow afternoon. Thanks!!


Winter Fetty

I want to make one for my mom, sis, and myself. I am teaching them how to knit some small things and want them to have a nice place to keep their knitting accouterments. Thank you so much for the pattern. I am going to use vintage fabric from my Great-Grandmother to make them even more special.

Judy LeVang

This is such a great idea!! Thanks so much for sharing your pattern! Judy

Sharon Kendall

I'm going to make one of these for my sock knitting. Really cute and useful too.

Debbie J

I was just thinking that it would be so good to have something like this, and then the very next day, someone sent me this link! Thank you so much for doing this and sharing it with the rest of us! Much appreciation to you!
Debbie J

Bean bags for kids

wow, I love the end result of it, very lovely bag.

Bonnie Thiem

I love this little bag. It is just the right size for my hair brush, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and things like that when I travel. I just love making bags of every size.

Thanks for the free pattern.



Terry - I love your patterns. A suggestion for the zippered side of this sock sack would be to use clear plastic. Not as cute as yours, but easy to see the tools.

Helen Van Bentum

I just finished making this, it's super easy and it's my first ever sewing project. It's the perfect size for my sock yarn, needles and ALL notions. Thank you so much for this pattern, I will be making it a lot more.


Oh wow! I just made three drawstring bags yesterday for someone's knitting but this, this one will be perfect for MY knitting. (Ok, in my defense, if I had known about your bag, I would have made it for her too.) Thank you for the wonderful idea and tutorial.

Gjeneve Hopkinson

We are heading to FL for a fast visit and my small knitting projects will work great in that bag. I lived in MN for many years and am familiar with your great patterns. Thanks for sharing this one. Gjeneve now from Grand Junction, CO.

Andee in AZ

I am knitting my very first sock right now and am planning to make a bag like this shortly! Thanks for the chance!

Kathleen B

Terry, your Sock Sack looks like it might be just the right size to hold a camera zoom lens. Which would be a perfect idea for me and my storage needs!

Perri Graham

This will be a perfect Christmas gift for everyone in my knitting group. Thanks for such a great pattern!

Karen Hagstrom

definately will be able to use this one for all the small accessories I carry around with my knit & crochet projects - also would be great for all the small stuff that seems to accumulate in my purse!

Leonora Holmes

I see that the comments go back to 2009 so I'm guessing that even though I would love to be picked to receive the book and pattern it may be too late. Nevertheless, I love the pattern even now. I looked up your website because I attended a sewing class where we learned to do the "Classmate". Your directions are outstanding even for a beginner like me. So, I had to see if you had more. I made the Sock Sack for my daughter who just took up knitting. THANKS !! I'll be back!

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