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June 30, 2009


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I think that would be a great travel toiletries bag, and the zip pocket would be perfect for jewelry.

Thanks for the great pattern!

Lisa D.

That yo yo bag is certainly cute!


Super cute bags! Thanks for the tutorial!! The blog hop is a great idea!!

I don't knit (I don't know how), but I do have almost 4 small children, so I would use the sock sack to hold stuff of them. Tissues, nail clippers, band-aids, a hair band for a my little girl who's hair is always in her face, Tylenol, ect.

Sherry R

What a great idea! I knit socks and love bags! My husband just shakes his head whenever we get ready to go someplace because in addition to my purse, I have a bag...with books, hand piecing, and/or knitting. When we go on a trip...yep...I have several bags!

When I moved back 'home' in 2004, I was the only person carrying my own cloth bags to the local grocery store. I found out later that they called me the 'bag lady.' ;o)

Thank you for the directions to yet ANOTHER BAG!


Wow what a great pattern. I have never put a zipper on a pocket. I can't wait to try this. I have made some of your designs before and they are easy and always look great.

Val Pender

Thanks for the cute ideas, patterns and tutorial! I especially like the outside zippered pocket on the sock sack and the cute yo-yo's on the tote. Your projects and fabrics have such a fun,young look with great "feel good" projects!


Not only is the Sock Sack clever, but your fabric choices are adorable and the tutorial is very clear and easy to understand; I will be making several of them for my grandkids...,MP3 player, ipod, and the youngest..his markers and crayons...he can tie it onto his elastic super hero powers belt!


I love the sock sack! My friend Sara is always knitting socks - even when we go to the movies!! I think I will make her a sock sack and I will make one for myself to tote around my wallet and digital camera when I travel. Thanks for the tutorial!!


My daughter loves bags and knitting so I will be making this bag for my daughter. She takes her knitting with her where ever she goes. I think I will even put the wool inside for her, so she would be all set on making me another pair of socks like she made for me at Christmas. Thanks for sharing your pattern with us.


This would be great to put in your sewing basket to hold all the little things that roll around and get lost. Or keep one in the car with first aide items in it. Or on your nightstand where it would look so innocent,but when you open it- Chocolate!!!


I am goingn to make this sock sack, what a great little project. I think it would make a great gift for all my knitter friends. I will definitely use mine to carry a sock project!


Thanks for the tutorial on this great little bag! I think it would be fun to make a couple for beginning of the year teacher gifts for my girls' teachers. Fill it with crayons, pencils, tape, glue, etc.

Melissa C

Love the sock sack. I can see using it for my cross stitch stuff, or giving it as a gift filled with notions, cloth, or chocolate.

b timm

all the chargers that go on trips will have a great new home, if all zippers were so straight forward I might still be clothes sewing... love your patterns


Cute bag. And, many people have suggested great ideas to use for the bag --- since I don't knit. Thanks.


Thank you for the pattern. I do not knit, but I am always looking for gifts for a cousin and she knits, so this would be a perfect gift for her.

Carmen Thomas

Wow what a cute little bag! and I can see lots of possibilities for its use! Thanx!
Carmen in Alaska

b timm

love your patterns, and the sock sack will be great for all the chargers that come on trips these days


So cute! Unfortunately, I'll need to make about a dozen of them, because I'm pretty sure that's how many socks I have going right now.


Thanks for the wonderful pattern. Going further down I saw the recipe for the rhubarb dessert and can't wait to make both.


I think I might have to make a couple of these. One for sock knitting. One for other small portable projects. And one for my daughter (she's 4) she likes any and all bags and is continually taking mine.


thanks for being on the blog hop! i have several of your patterns et books-the directions are easy to follow! one of my favorite patterns is yellow brick road.

JoDee Karrmann

What a cute bag. It would be great for my daughters to back all there hair accessories when ew go on vacation as well as there makeup. Its been a great Blog Hop and I have learned a lot and gotten cute patterns for quick projects.


I think I'd fill it with little surprises for my 13 month old granddaughter. She loves taking things out of bags!


Thanks for the tutorial. I would use mine for carrying snacks for my grandson who I babysit frequently. With a 2 year old you never leave the house without snacks!

Becky W.

I love this tutorial and I'm definitely going to have to make one for myself. I love to knit while I sit in the car line at my granddaughter's school. This will be just the thing for that. Thanks!


what a clever bag! I'm going to have to make at least one!

Mary Hickey

Kool bag for me to use when we drive across from MO to NH in a week. I love your blog.


Great bag for all kinds of small things in my big purse......
Maybe even my socks............Thanks



I love the Tag Along Tote and the Sock Sac looks nice and simple to make. Great job!

Eileen Schmuker

This little sock bag will be perfect for carrying just the essentials - cell phone, license, inhaler, cash (?), when I don't want to carry my purse.

Sharon S

What a great bag! I have several friends that knit who would love it!


I like your little sock bag. I could find lots of ways to use it.


Thanks for the easy, detailed instructions! I've been a big fan of your patterns for a while and always look forward to your new designs. The blog hop has been fun!

Linda in AZ

Thanks for the cute pattern. I have always enjoyed your designs.

Vivian L

Appreciate the pattern. It looks like a fun project for the future. I've enjoyed your patterns, books, and ideas for years. Nobody writes a clearer set of instructions than you do. Your projects are a joy to make, and I could devote a lovely little area in my room to just my Terry Atkinson books and patterns. Thank you for adding joy to my quilting experiences.


hello, looking at your website, i just realized the bag i just made and love is your design. i made the tag along bag, it is my fave, i use it every day!! I sure would love to win your book!! have a good day!


Love the sock sack! I would use it for my Ipod! The zipper side pocket would be perfect to put my earplugs in. Thanks!


My new sock sack will be perfect for carrying around my unfinished yo yo's. It will be perfect for them! I take them everywhere with me in my purse so this bag will keep them handy and within reach whenever I want to work on them! Thank you so much I've had a great time on this blog hop.


We are always looking for great ideas to use, just to dive into our fabric stash. I know exactly what colors I want to use to make this cute tote!!
Love the zipper part, it looks so easy.
You are such an inspiration to others!

Thank you!

Jennifer R.

Very cute bag!!!!

Julie in WA

This is waaaay cuter than the old pantyhose yarn keeper I use! I can think of so many things to put in this little sack. Scrabble letters or other game pieces that fall out of the box is the first thing that comes to mind.


Yellow Brick Road was my first pieced quilt! Nice to "meet" you!




(Cont.) Ooops computer crashed while I was editing my comment. I am always looking for my glasses and it's case, now I can carry them and know where they are located.

Family members are always asking me if I have a plastic bag and now I can give them a small Sock Sack to carry their small items. Thank you Terry!

Sarah Vee

Great tutorial! I would make several of these as gifts, but keep one here for my toddler who loves to put anything IN something right now:) The zipper pocket would keep him busy for hours!! I might even keep one for me for trips to the park, with snacks and a debit card. Thanks again for the chance to win.


What fun. My daughter is a knitter and her birthday is Friday. Can you guess what I will be making her today!


I just love your Sock Sack! The first one I make will be for exactly what the name implies - my current sock that I am knitting. As to the next one...I am sure there won't be a problem figuring out a use for it. Thanks!


Holy Cow! I can't believe that bags and the sock bag is for today! My husband just told me that I needed to make some sort of a bag thing and hang it in the basement. I send him down there for canned goods so that I can make dinner and he said he needs bags to carry all the stuff back up! Perfect it's just what I need. I think I will make one today!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Linda O

Thank you for the directions to the sock sack. I will use it as a Christmas present for a friend that knits her owns socks.

Robin C

What a nice pattern for a very much usable bag. Socks knitted would be what I'd put inside or any little craft project.

today's my birthday, maybe It will be the lucky post.

Linda M

Thank you for the great pattern. I love the little bag for my knitting. I am really a novice at sock knitting but have made many sweaters and afghans. I love it almost as much as quilting. Linda

Kristy Z

This bag is cute and so useful! I've seen these bags before, but the zipper is a simple yet ingenius idea for this bag. I will use my littke sock bag for my digital camera. The zippered pocket is perfect for extra memory sticks.

Thanks for this tutorial. I am having so much fun meeting all you talented designers!

Linda T

I hope you're enjoying the hop - count me in on your drawing. Thanks for the pattern.

Beth Reilly

Hi Terry. It's me again. I was explaining to my dear son Andy, age 22, about the fun blog hop and your cute pattern and that we had to say what we would use the bag for. So when he heard me say that I told you my daughter would love it, he said he wants one also to put GOOSE EGGS in! Um, I don't know how practical that is, but I guess I'll have to make him one! :) I'm sure Derek might like one too?!


Hello from Esko, Minnesota! Thanks for participating in the Designers Blog Hop ~ your bag tutorial will come in handy. I like the GPS bag idea!

Darlis Johns

Love your purse ideas. I knit baby hats for the hospital and the sock sack would be perfect for that.


How can you NOT use the sock bag for should be the question! You can put stuff in that you need to take to work (in my case clean aprons), lunch, an extra bag in your normal shopping bag for extra things you pick up while shopping, a patchwork project to take with you on holiday (I go on holiday on the motorcycle and this would fit perfectly in my tankbag!) etc etc etc!!
I think I AM going to make one for my holiday sewing project!


Thank you for the tutorial it is a great bag I love the instruction for the zipper it is always a challenge


How cute is that??? Thanks for the great tutorial!

Lana H.

Hi, I love to make bags and I am new to knitting, so I am excited to make a few "Sock Sacks." I plan on using them for numerous things and will list what is in each bag with hand embroidered lettering. Thank you for sharing. Lana H.

Carolyn Shank

Thanks for a great tutorial. I carry around my cotton yarn for crocheting dishcloths--believe that would fit the sock bag!


Judy Knorr

As a Quilter, Knitter and Retired Home Ec Teacher I will probably use my Sock Sack for my knitted socks. I always have a pair in progress.

Diane Cannon

Hi Terry Ann--oh how cute--the sock sack--and your book looks like fun too. What would I use the sock sack for--I will probably make one to go in my purse for a small air machine that I have to carry at all times--it just rattles around in bottom right now--then I will make one for the paper piecing project that I plan on learning how to do this week--there is always the knitting of socks--and there is always an applique/embroidery project in the works--oh and I can make one for a snack sock sack for my small bottle of water that I always have to carry and my slice of cheese/crackers would go in the pocket--oh my--the list goes on and on--SO--thanks--see ya tomorrow--hugs, just, Di

Dandelion Quilts

What a cute bag. I would use it for carrying all of sewing tools to class!


Thanks for the cute little sock sack pattern. I think my camera will find a new home in it. Love your patterns Terry


Since I have a sock in process on needles right now, I think I will use the sock sack for it's intended purposes. I have a few grandchildren that would find many other uses.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the zipper! I knit as well as quilt, so this would indeed hold socks or mittens! Thank you!


What a great project! Thanks for the tutorial.

Kriss Cook

The sock bag is really neat. I would use it to keep Berta, my gps in so that she would be ready to help me locate all the quilt shops when we are traveling.

Anne V.

I will have to make one for my mom, who takes her yarn everywhere. She might forget her purse, but she never forgets her yarn!


Thank you so much for the tutorial! This has been fun hopping from one designer to another.


Fun bag! Thanks!

Karen Rosewarne

Great idea and great pattern with very easily understood instructions. As to what I put into this little dinky bag has now become "a wait and see" as my 2 daughters have both claimed it before I've even started to stitch! Thanks Karen

Kimberly Mason

Very lovely indeed! Thank you.


Great pattern - thanks. I have made several quilts from your patterns (yellow brick road being one) and love your easy directions and fun patterns.


Love the bag but as I'm not a knitter I will use it as a camera bag. I'll put the spare battery and SD card in the zipper pocket. The camera bags they sell as so bad...BLACK and boring. Thanks for a great idea.


Thank you for this cute bag. I'm looking forward to putting one of these together, or two, or three. I would carry some of my hand stitching in one, maybe a cute little camera bag? I'll have to see how big it is when I finish.


that little bag is cute, but the big one very cool, have to make one

Connie Haack

I love making bags, totes, and purses. The Big bag, Little bag book is something I've got to have. The sock sack will be great for gifts but I will be making my own to take to the casino. It's the perfect size to carry my comp card, id, $$, phone and glasses. I am enjoying the blog hop more than any other "hop" I have every done. I've found some great new websites and the greatest tutorials. Thanks for all the great information!!


I would use the Sock Sac foe my satellite radio. I would love to be selected to win your giveaway

Patti Pitzer

what a cute pattern and good tutorial; I haven't done a zipper in years but this looks doable and I think its a great gift idea.

Helene C.

Great bag for socks, cell phones, tools, or whatever, too many uses that I can submit here. Thanks a bunch !!!!!


wonderful.....simply wonderful.
thank you :O)


Wow, there can be so many uses for these bags. Carrying little Matchbox cars or Polly Pockets, Nintendos and the games to go with them, crayons and a small notebook, camera or GPS, makeup, as well as craft supplies or projects. I could see making one for every member of my family, and each person coming up with a completely different way to put them to use. Thank you for a fun pattern!

Gail McHardy

I have a friend who knits socks and she would love one of these!! So handy!


What a different style bag. I can think of lots of uses. Love that it has a zipper. Thank you.

Mary Durham

Thanks for the pattern. I've been a fan and collector of your patterns and books for a long time.
Cute bag. Wouldn't it hold a nice assortment of chocolate!


Thank you for sharing the sock sack pattern. It is so cute. I have several of your patterns and I love them. Keep them coming please. Thank you also for being in this blog has been so much fun.

Kelly Jackson

Ok....I just have to have this book. I love the tutorial. Your work is lovely.

Kelly Jackson


Next to quilting, sock knitting is my next this bag will get put to good use! Thanks so much for the pattern!!


What a cute bag, and love the idea of keeping the GPS in it! We bought GPS for all of the kids and myself, now I will have to find some cute fabric and make us all a bag for them! Move it up on the to-do list!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the fun blog hop, I will be sad to see it end!


Thanks for the very clear tutorial! I am a visual person and it really helps when I try to make something. Looking forward to trying this bag!


Liz Tamiso

well, for socks, of course !! And my ipod touch and it's cords....then there's all my little notions that sit by my place on the sofa - they would look SO much nicer if they were actually in something pretty instead of in a heap, probably easier to pick up and make room for a guest too, LOL.

I love this pattern already !!


OMG...I love it. Your instructions are super!


Thank you so much for the bag pattern. I'm going to make one to carry my medication bottles in when I travel to Houston for my hospital check ups. Should be the perfect size. Evelyn


Thanks for the pattern--I can't wait to make some!

Nancy Anne

I'd use mine to hold the small camera I keep in my tote. I need a small bag for it but just haven't gotten around to making one yet...

Mary Short

The sock sack looks fun. I plan to make it. Thanks for putting in the pattern.

Linda S

The Sock Bag looks like the perfect sock knitting bag. Much better than a plastic bag. Love the zipper pocket

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