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June 30, 2009


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Thanks for the great sock sack pattern. I'm currently loving making bags fo all types, especially the zipper pouches, so I'm excited to have another one to try. I'll probably put small stitching projects in it, or maybe toiletries when traveling. Thanks!


Thank you for the sock bag pattern. I seem to be on a bag stitching spree this Summer. I can't wait to make several of these for myself and my friends. I appreciate that the pattern uses fat quarters, making it so easy to shop for fabric, either at the stores or in my FQ basket.

Pamela Pokragac

What a terrific bag! I think it would be very useful to store any small items, sewing notions, makeup, etc. - I might even give up carrying my large purse and just carry the Sock Sack!


Thanks for sharing your craft with everyone on the blog hop. I know your ideas will go far and wide. Becky


Love this little bag. So versatile. I think I will use it to keep all my secrets in . Thank you.

Karen Runge

Zippers are not my favorite but you make it look so easy so will give it a whirl. Mine might be a scrubbie sack with crochet hook and netting. So many possibilities!! Karen.

Carolyn Hutchinson

Thanks for the pattern. I can't wait to try this one!


Thank you for the great tutorial. This will be great to take my applique along when we're in the car.Then I'll have to make another one for my knitting. I'm going to be a busy girl. Love you designs.

Ginny Worden

Love the pocket, even if I don't make the sock sack I am sure I will use the pocket idea. Thanks.

Cindy S

LOVE the bag pattern. I always enjoy your designs, but I must confess I do seem to have a thing for your bags!


What a great idea. I just love these tutorials! Hope to see more blog hops in the future. Great way to met designers. Your sock bag is on my to do list for sure, as I also knit.

Linda Thiltgen

What a great bag and thanks for the tutorial. This would be a very hard working bag...and on the next road trip would be used for taking my chargers, extra batteries and memory card. Thanks for the great directions. My heart also belongs to Elk River. I lived there for 27 years before moving to the country near Hanover. I miss being an Elk Riverarian. :( Great community. Cheers

Amy Roth

Great bag, Terry! I love the little side zippered pocket. My boys have been wanting a bag to carry around their Nintendo DS' . . . . this will be perfect! Your remark about designing for 20 years and still not out of ideas just blows me away. Where does it all come from? A complex question, I know, but designers continue to astound me with all the new ideas and projects you dream up. Lucky us, as it gives so many beautiful projects to make. Thank you for the bag pattern.


That looks like a fun and esy bag to make. I don't do knitting, but I do a little crocheting, so that would work perfect! :)

Thanks for the tutorial!


This blog hop has been so much fun. I'm going to make the bag to hold all my gizmos in the car: the gizmo to run my IPod and my Tom Tom.

Shelley C

I've got to bookmark this tute! I love making purses and totes for my college daughters...they are so appreciative of my work. I would probably use the sock sack to head to the beach with a paper back, lotion, sunglasses and change....a great size for the little stuff!


What a cute little bag. My daughter who is going to college in the fall should be able to use this for lots of things. Thanks


what a cute bag. i would take it everywhere from church to when i travel to keep all the little things that i need to keep with me


Adorable! I think I'll actually use it for socks--have some on the needles right now! But only if my 2 1/2 year old doesn't steal it to fill with his "stuff" first!


Great project! So many ways to use this. Thanks.


GRANDMA BAIT - that's what that cute little sack is! I'll put in treats, cars, kleenex, whatever will trip my little grandsons' triggers! Made w/ some cute little boy novelty fabric, the bag itself will entertain them! Always love your step-by-step pictoral directions. Cool.
And now for one other little story.
I follow your blog and when down in the Ft. Meyers area early March we were driving along when I realized I was seeing the very same mailboxes that you had posted just before I headed down there! I'm screamed, "Those are Terry Atkinson's mailboxes!" Small world indeed.

Ann Dent

A wonderful idea to make for grandkids. They have all kinds of treasures to fill the bags.

Kim Q

I'm a moonlight knitter...for socks of course! ;-)

Sharon Schmiedel

Wow... This is one of those "why didn't I think of that" things. My knitting goes everywhere with me. ( I knit hats for the shelters) This will make things easier.


Oh I just love this little bag--I am going to be making one today! I am going to use this bag to hold the special yarn/thread I use in embellishing for my quilting. Right nowthe cat sees the skein and thinks, "yeah, let's play." But if it is in the sock bag and I can pull it out as I sew--he won't see the skein and all will be good! Thanks so much! I luv the MN Blog hop!

Susan M

Nice to meet you Terry. As I type this, I am printing out the instructions for the Sock Sack. Thanks ever so much for sharing this. So glad you and your blog are helping make the Minnesota Blog Hop happen.

I look forward to visiting your blog in the future.


Hi Terry

I've been reading your blog for ages - nice things to see! In fact that's how I heard about the Blog Hop.

You can never have too many bags, I always say. I love the little zip pocket on the sock sack, I've not seen a drawstring zip combo - nice idea. Thanks for the tute!

I'd like to get your Happy Hour book at some point, looks modern, striking, but easy to do! But I can't easily find it here in the UK. It'll turn up somewhere!



Thanks for the tutorial! I can't wait to make it. I am going to use it to carry my ipod in when I go to the beach.


I'd use the sock sack in my car to keep together all of those things that I sometimes 'need' - like tissues, sunglasses, lotion, sunscreen, travel size baby wipes, etc. Thanks for the pattern!


I really like that bag, I don't knit but my Mother does so I think I will to make one for her. Thank you for the tutorial.


What a great little bag. I can think of many uses for it. It will be a great travel bag for my Grandmother's flower garden paper piecing or stitchery. I may even have to get back to knitting or crochet. I'll have to make one to keep my digital camera in my handbag too. The camera case is too bulky.


Thanks for sharing!

I would use it to keep things like keys, chapstick, IBF amd change all in one place in my purse. :)

Amy Rochelle

The Sock Sac would be a great place to store my Zune, headphones and all the cords to go with it when I travel. Would also make a nice gift bag - making it two gifts in one!

Sharon  M.

Great pattern. My grandaughter just asked me to make grip bags for gymnastics and this will be perfect. Just in time!! Thanks!

lynne crowley

i seem to have a mental block when it comes to zippers....i always shy away from anything with a zipper in it....think it is from hearing that they are supposed to be icky to sew in.....even though i have never had a problem doing them the VERY few times i have done them....this little pattern is gonna conqueor my fear of the zipper!!! you make it look easy (as i am sure it is) and such a cute little bag with SO many uses. i have socks on the needle right now that could use this nice home :o)


What a darling little bag! I don't knit, but I'm sure I could find multiple uses for it~~sewing kit, thread bag, embroidery bag, cosmetics, etc. I've been a huge fan of yours for awhile...thanks!


What a great tutorial, thanks so much!!
Joy :o)

Jessica Christensen

Everyone has such great ideas for what to use this sack for. I was initially thinking my cross-stitch take-along projects, but I like the idea of making one for each of my little guys so their special toys don't get lost in my car. So many ideas. Great tutorial!


Am sure that everyone says this, but I really am your biggest Alaska anyway! Love your patterns and can't wait to make this bag. Here in Alaska we are always knitting socks or mittens! Thanks for all you do with your talent!


Thanks for the cute pattern. I love your patterns,


Thanks for the tutorial. I love your patterns. The sock bag would be great to carry embroidery projects, or as a gift bag for someone special :-) Thanks for participating in the MN blog hop.


I love this pattern and you make putting in a zipper seem so easy! I would use this as a gift bag for friends or a tote to keep things safe in the beach bag when we are at the pool!

Karen in Breezy Point

This is such a cute little bag....I may have to take up sock knitting! Thanks for the bloghop--it's a lot of fun.

Carol Yates

Love making purses and totes

sandi a.

Cute little "Sock Sack". I'll make one for sure as I always need "just one more bag"! :-) I've been quilting since I made my first quilt for my daughter (40 years ago) but never joined a quilt group until 1997 when I joined the Prior Lake Quilt Group. I learned a lot from friends in that group but one comment I heard often and I discovered it's true was "Terry Atkinson's patterns are the best because her instructions are so clear". Bet you've heard that before but thought it should be passed on. The blog hop is really fun and a great way to connect quilters and designers!


So far I liked your demo the best. Great pictures. You make it look so easy.


Thanks! I will carry my cell phone charger and camera battery charger when I travel. It would make a great little purse for my granddaughter too.

Debra Flom

I made your Yellow Brick Road pattern (queen size) in the Paisley Party fabric. Used mostly the yellows, oranges, and greens. LOVE IT! My "going into 7th grade" daughter wants to paint her room yellow, bright yellow! The quilt is currently out in Portland, Maine, with Patti getting more paisleys on it. I guess I had better get to painting! Love your patterns..... have made a Taco Salad. Very interested in your sock bag. I crochet baby booties and tat, oh, I see a LOT of possiblities for this one!

Mary Ellen Honan

The first sack will be for my crochet yarn. The second one I'm going to enlarge, add an inside pocket, and a strap for a hipster. I already have your "Let's do Lunch" and your classic 'Yellow Brick Road'. Your new book looks so attractive. One can never have too many bags.

Sue H

I AM a sock knitter, and I love your sock sack idea!!! Gotta make me one! Count me in on your drawing, and thank you for doing this fun blog hop.


Wow--this sack has so much potential. Not quite sure just how I am going to use it. It would be good for make-up, sewing tools, even in my gym bag when I go to swim exercise class. Lots of uses. Thank you for a great bag. Now have to look into getting your new book.


What a stylish, useful little bag! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I think I'm going to make one to put pearl cotton in for on-the-go wool applique.


I'm not sure what I'll be using the sock sack for when I make it. I just know you can't have too many bags....thanks for the pattern.


Adorable! And you had to go and use Wildwood in my favorite colorway, plus that orange. I love it!

Mary Jo L

I have a daughter who always knits socks on the airplane. She has a July birthday too, so I really must have the bag or make it soon. Thanks for your great patterns and inspiration. Mary Jo


You make it look so easy! Thanks for the instructions.

Moneik Stephens

I would use it for my hand sewing supplies, so I'd always have them ready to do bindings with.

lorene holbrook

love, love love bags! thanks for sharing! hmmm, I have been looking for a drawstring bag to organize my grands toys. I think this might be it! I also like the idea traveling - for make up. or taking it to a sewing class full of whatever I need. I think this bag will have a about a gazillion uses! thank you for putting my name in the hat! please pick me! lol....

lorene h


I could hold snacks in my sock sack. I'm not very good at knitting socks yet! I can knit baby booties, so maybe those count as socks. But I can crochet up a storm!!!
thanks for the blog hop. I learn something new every day. It's like being in summer school...and I love it.


I am going to use my little sack for my sock knitting to go since I think that is a great idea.....but I am also going to make up some extras and in October when I go to Mexico to build a house with Homes For Hope, I can tuck goodies inside to give to the kind people I come across----I may need lots of them! We will be giving things to the kids, but these little treasures would definetly go to the ladies. :)

Jill S.

Thank you for the tutorial. I knit socks too and the sock sack is perfect to take my knitting project with me! Thank you.


So cute! I am a new sock knitter, so this is perfect. I can think of a few other uses for the bag as well. I know my little girl will want one. I love your designs and the blog hop has been great.

Bonnie Lundorff

Great project! I don't do zippers, but with your tutorial, I just may try! Thanks! Bonnie

Susan Melgaard

I don't knit but it's still a cute idea. I liked the way you cut both ends off the zipper too. Such an easy idea but I never thought of doing both ends. Gosh, that was like finding out I could cut the label off the pillow and mattess. Thanks.


What a darling little sack! I love it! I would use it to make up as gifts to give to friends and family and tuck a little something into it that applies to each person--maybe knitting, quilting, makeup, a small toy the ideas are endless. Oh soooo cute! Thank you!

Cathy ♥


This is such a cute bag....My mom is a knitter so I think I will whip one up for her birthday next month. Thank you so much for sharing.

Robin in AZ


I love the Sock Sack pattern. I am going to use mine for a overnight travel bathroom bag!


Thanks for the Sock bag pattern. I love all of your bag patterns!

Michelle F.

Love the sock sack pattern. I think I would give mine to my 7 year old daughter and she would put all her odds and ends in there. Love your patterns and books..I have oodles of them.


What a cool pattern! I'll make one and use it for the little balls of perle cotton I use for embroidery and the needle packets can go in the pocket along with my scissors (teeny ones) that always seem to be at the bottom of my bag. Now everything will be nicely corralled for me to carry in my bigger tote which goes everywhere with me just in case I have time to stitch.
Hey! I might even make some of these as gifts!


I love to make wool penny rugs. The bag will be great to take with me to put all the pennies in and work on them at work, appointments, in the car etc. Love it!


I would make a sock sack for my daughter who knits and they go camping a lot. Thanks for the tutorial on the sack.


I am an avid knitter and I would use the Sock Sacks for... well... socks! I'm always knitting a pair of socks and I drag them around with me everywhere I go. Looks like the perfect on the go sock bag!

Ann in NC

Cute sock sack! I always enjoy reading your blog. One of my other favorite projects on your blog was the one where you showed how to make the Airplane Art Binder. You do a great job writing AND testing your patterns...that's part of the reason I have a big collection of your patterns and books! Keep up the good work!

Lola Underdahl

Thank you for the wonderful Sock Sack pattern. This is one that I will make good use of. I know I will use one for my knitting and the possibilities are endless for other uses. I have several of your patterns and books and appreciate the great instructions. Thanks again from another Minnesotan!

Susan Ellis

Yes! The sock sack would be my, well, sock sack...I really enjoy knitting socks for my short feet and have not dared to carry my project around for fear of loosing one of my DPN's which are expensive to replace. How wonderful that you thought of everything--a zippered closure to ensure that little things don't go missing. I also like to quilt and your design/directions are inspiring me to make a sock sack right away! Thank you so very much!


I'm not a knitter, but I'm going to make the bag to give as gifts. Thanks so much for the pattern!


Thanks for the cute bag pattern. I'm sure I will find all kinds of uses for it besides knitting.

Thanks for being part of the blog hop.

Bonnie in Iowa

I have a friend who knits and always just stuffs her sock in progress in her purse. Usually takes up half of her lunch hour to get it straightened out to start knitting. She is going to love it. Thanks so much.


Wow, looks like exactly what I need: just started knitting socks this year and desparately need a nice bag to carry them around. Ziplock bags be gone... Thank you for another great tutorial!


I am into bags too and really LOVE this one! Thanks for sharing!

Sew Cal Gal

Great Design. This bag would be handy for many, many things. But at this point I'm thinking of making a bunch of them for gift bags for the upcoming holiday season, as well as some for birthday gifts.

Sew Cute.

Thanks for sharing.

Whom ever wins will surely enjoy making bags with your designs. I know I would.


Sandy R

Love your sock sack. I think I will make one to carry by GPS also. Love your designs.

Cindi D

Very cute bag, like the zipper pocket on the side.

Caryl W

Thank you so much for the sock sack looks like it will be fun to make. I am loving this MN blog hop and hope you all will do this again.


This is adorable, Terry! I can think of a lot of ways to use it. It's more stylish than my boring camera case. Makes a great gift bag. Can be used for cosmetics or for traveling (to quilt retreats perhaps?!) I know my daughter would love it, too, so I'll have to make more than one! This blog has been great, and once again, your directions look easy!

Kathie L.

This will work great for carrying cotton balls and QTips on our many travels. So much prettier than a Ziplock plastic bag. Thanks for the pattern.


Thanks for the great Sock Sack pattern. I haven't knitted in years but I know I can find uses for that cute little sack - how about for my lunch?
I just made a real cute banner with the baby's name on it for a baby shower out of Fat Quarter Fonts - the mother of the baby loved it.
I also made the large tote out of Big Bags Little Bags - got the oil cloth at Treadle Yard Goods -
keep the great patterns coming - your instructions are great.


A perfect place for the tiny fold-up scissors and reel-up measuring tape floating somewhere in the bottom of my purse.


I love your patterns, and the bag pattern is great!

Diane Fink

I don't knit, but I am sure to find some good uses for the sock sack. Now I wish I had a computer in my sewing room so I could refer back to the directions when I make this project.

Kathy R

What a great pattern! Thank you. When visiting Vegas this year, I bought your table runner book. Love it!
from Kathy, north of the border


I am loving the Blog Hop. Really nice to get to know you a little, I have admired your quilt patterns for years. The Sock Bag would be ideal to carry my iPod with me on my daily commute to work. Thank you!

Pam Matttingley

What a cute sock sack! I'm going to make one for my granddaughter to keep her Light Bright extra pegs in. Thanks for the pattern.


Darling bag -- great instructions. I definitely plan to give this a try. I love mini projects - they are a nice reward to do after bigger ones. And a zipper in this one. Uh oh.. I must spruce up my skills.

Shelley Dionne

My first sock sack will be going to my Aunt, who's 80, who just learned to knit socks and dishcloths. Right now she's using a baggy so I think she deserves a sock sack!! Of course, I will have to make one for all the rest of my knitty friends! Hope I win as I LOVE making bags!

quilter going bananas

Thanks Terry for this cute bag pattern! I have a fear of zippers but I'm willing to try it cos I love this little bag. This blog hop is just so much fun :^)

Dawn DeMulling

I love it! Perfect for small wool projects.


I love your sock sack. I would use it as a purse to go on the train into the city with when I don't want to carry the huge bag I use as a purse when I'm driving from place to place. I really like the zipper compartment for metro card, credit card, money, etc.

Thanks so much


Love your little sock sack, I think I would use it for just that purpose, one more layer my puppy would have to go through to get to my knitting. Your tutorial is great too, been a long time since I put in a zipper, looks doable for me. :))

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