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June 30, 2009


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Thanks for sharing the cute sock sack pattern....can't wait to try making one
happy quilting ~

Linda Groth Olsen

I am really excited to get this pattern--I actually do take my knitting out of the house to groups and this will be terrific to use...Thanks so much for sharing...I know I will make several....

Susan C

I love the sock sack and since I love to knit socks it would be perfect for me.


Really a fantastic idea with the zipper on the pouch.


I can't wait to make the sock sack...I want to make one to put in my tote and hold all the little things that always get lost in the bottom of my bag...gum, chapstick, Post-It notes, etc.!


Such a cute pattern. Thank you so much for sharing. I love to do one also for my youngest one (nearly 4). So he can fill it with his small cars as he takes always a few where ever he goes.


Just the thing I'm looking for! Thanks for the great pattern.

Rafael's mum

Thank you for the tutorial! A good idea. I keep things apart by putting them in little envelopes or bags, and have a couple of the hard plastic variety I throw into a big bag, so when I need something, I know which one to fish out rather than have a jumble.. It is time I replaced some of the plastic with lovely patchwork ones! (it was always on the cards.. but... no time and .. no pattern!) So very useful. Thank you very much


I plan on making the sock sack to carry my yarn in. I love the little pocket and it will come in handy. No more looking for things to go with me and then trying to find them later "stuffed" into my purse....

Thank YOU!


I would use the sock sack for my make up when I´m traveling to my boyfriend. Or in a bigger version I would use it for my knighting prjects.
Thank you so much.

Mary Carole

How will I use the Sock Sack? Let me count the ways:
Mainly, I think, for my brand new cell phone and it's charger. Don't want it to get all scratched up. Secondly, my applique stuff for my Dear Jane & Dear Hannah blocks.3,4,& 5,6,7 etc etc etc would be goody bags for grandkids, quilt guil friends, gift bag. If you more, just ask! Thank you very much.

Stina just solved my problems ... :o)) It will be perfect for my crochetprojects... just now all my hexagons is everywhere.. and the yarns are all tangled...and I always loose my hook... :o))
Soo thanks ... I love it...:o))) This is how I will use it!! :o))

Jill Neely

Hi Terry Ann,
What a great pattern. I would use the sock sack for take along english paper piecing. Put the fabric in the large part of the bag, and all the little paper pieces in the zip pocket. Thanks so much for the pattern!

Suzan Oxenreider

What a great little bag! I carry a piece of stitchery in my purse for those times when I am sitting in traffic or waiting for an appointment. I have it shoved into a zip top bag. This will look so much prettier! I love your designs and have gotten a lot of mileage out of your Happy Hours pattern book!


I love to make bags!!!!....I am known as the "Bag Lady". I always am making a bag to put something in. This is a new version and I am sure I will find many uses for such a bag.

Vickie E

I love that bag! you are so clever! Thanks so much.

Bobbie BentNeedle

Having toted my sock knitting around in much a larger bag than it needed, I look forward to creating one of these to keep the yarn all clean and neat, and put it inside the other bag! Thanks so much for sharing both the zipper instructions so clearly, and the casing tute... I've always had a really irrational fear of zipper installation but this makes it looks simple enough!


I love it! I'm going to make a buch for my Project Linus ladies for Christmas & start putting goodies in them.


Thanks for the tutorial - this sack will be perfect for holding my daughters' polly pockets!

Mary in MN

I think this would make a great gift bag --OR-- what about a bag for your sewing tools? Thanks for the tutorial!!!


Ok as much as I have avoided all these years from putting in a zipper this one looks easy. I will try this one. Thanks for the tutorial.


Thank you for the tutorial. For me, I would use it to put the notions I need for the project I am working on...what a great size. Now when I make one, I will have to make three. The true bag ladies in my family are my little girls. They love purses and bags and can often be seen stuffing them full of their treasures (anything from sunglasses to stuffed animals to doll clothes) and carrying them around! It is like christmas opening their bags to see what they have stashed in there.

Carol R

What a neat little bag! I am not a knitter, but I do crochet. This would be perfect for holding small crochet projects too. Thank you for participating in the blog hop and for such a great tutorial.

Nancy E

Great tutorial & way too cute! I would put my stitchery or quilting items in it.

Sue Bennett

Oh what a darling little bag. I am always knitting a pair of socks. This is going to be great. Thanks so much.


This is a great little bag! I do knit socks, but this would also be a nice little camera bag. I can't wait to make my own sock sack.


Great bag! Thanks for the tutorial. This blog hop has been great to go to blogs I have never seen. FUN!


I love all of your bag patterns. Thanks for the pattern!!


I look forward to making a sock bag and finding many uses for them ... great gift ideas with a couple of fat 1/4's tucked inside.


thats a great idea for a bag ... i would have never thought of that and since i love to knit i will be using it ... thanks ...

Lynn Osborne

Very cute. I could whip that up easily with such great instructions. Thanks!


Thanks for a great tutorial! You are my go-to designer. Every pattern I make of yours comes out so cute!


Oh Heavens... Thank You Terry Ann for saving me from the unexplored depths of my bag... now I shall be just Soooo... together & dare I say organised... Lol... Unheard of until your Sock Bag Tute ! First in will be My Scissors & Stitchery Floss... Will need to make another for My Knitting Too... Did I remember to say Thank You !!! Luv This...


I haven't done a zipper in a long time. I am inspired!


i'd use mine to hold my hand sewing projects. it looks like it is just big enough for some quilt patis and fabric and the outside for scissors and a needle book! thanks for the pattern!

Carol Radcliffe

Thank you for the Tutorial. I will definitely use it for the GPS. That is a great idea! Instead of just throwing it in my pocketbook all the time. It is a great pattern! I am just exporing the Bag world lately. I am having a bit of difficulty with the top finishing but learning a great deal. Hoping to win your book for some lessons!!! Thanks for your inspiration!


OmGosh I have just realised whilst browsing on your Website that I am actually using a pattern from your Book Happy Hour to make my Grandaughter's Quilt... "Between Friends" just blown away @ the very coincidence... How would you be !!!


I love this blog hop! I'm getting quite a collection of little projects to try and add them everytime to my pattern bookmarks. Now would someone give me the time to make all of these!! Love the little sock bag it will make some cute gifties! Thank you!

Lynda Green

So many possibilities with this little bag! Thank you. I may even overcome my zipper phobia.

Kelly O.

OOOOH lovely colour combo!
I think if I were to have a sock sack I'd have one for each of my kiddos to bring small toys like cars and my little pony's to the park for a play.


what a cute little bag! thank you so much for sharing. i can see all my girls getting one of these. i love your patterns and now that i've been here i'll come by often.


There's a bag for every purpose and a purpose for every bag! Thanks 8 yr old just learned to knit and this would be perfect for her!

Kelly Ann

What a great idea on putting a zipper on bag sideways...thanks for sharing...


What a cute little bag- can't wait to try it! I think it would fit nicely in my purse to carry all that little "junk" in!

Jean Burke

Thanks so much for sharing this great pattern - it's just a perfect size - can't wait to get started - love your website as well. Keep up the good work! Piece....


would be reat for holding necessities while at work in my locker. Think I might be making bunches for all my knitting friends though!


Great pattern! I'll use mine to hold a sock project. I love to knit socks!


Cute little bag pattern! Thanks for sharing. I'm impressed with the zippered pocket sideways on the bag. Do you have scads of zippers so you have the right color when you need it? This bag will be on my Make-4-Christmas-gifts list for sure...

Mary Ellen

Thanks for the cute little bag--I have fabric that I can use for this! :-)

Liz Boswell

great little bag! love the side zipper! that would be great to hexagon projects in. side zipper would keep needles and scissors safe! thanks for the tutorial. (mauh) Liz

Sue P

I always LOVE your patterns. I don't know which to try first -- the sock sack or yesterday's rhubarb recipe. Nice dilemma to have. Thanks!


Awesome little bag, the side zipper is a great idea. Perfect for all that small stuff that ends up in the bottom of my purse.


Jan Murphy

Terry Ann, thanks for a great pattern - and I didn't know that zippers could be shortened!! I would have to give the sock sack to my mum who knits so much, but then make another for me to take along hand piecing/embroidery for those times you get stuck waiting. Jan

Birdie Cutair

great idea, that little sock sack. I don't knit but I have friends who do. Maybe I will make them a little sack to carry their current project in.

Mary Ellen

I'll be using your little bag to hold art supplies and little toys for my little nieces. It's always good to have interesting things on hand to keep little ones busy on the go. Thanks, again!


Thank you for the lovely pattern! I think I would give it to my daughter to keep her stitching in. She has a tiny hoop she uses and I think it would fit in the sock sack perfectly! Enjoy your day! :0)

Bonnie Nyquist

That little bag is great! Love all the things I can do with it,and that zipper is a real bonus! I have so may of your patterns,love them all,especailly Yellow Brick Road, my go to pattern always. Love this Blog Hop!

Pat B

This is a clever little bag to carry things in. I have made so many of your patterns and always recommend Yellow Brick Road to new quilters. Thanks for sharing.

Jeanne S

I am just learning to knit, so this is a perfect little sack to hold my project.


Thanks for the tutorial, it's a cute little bag. I know a few knitters this would be a great gift for. Love the blog hop, it was a great idea!!


Thankyou for the cute little bag pattern. First thing that came to my mind for how I would use it is to make one for each of my grandchildren, they would just love it! I like your patterns and am enjoying this blog hop!


Love the little sack. I'd load it with all my little tools when I head off on a quilt retreat!

Marlys D.

Thank you for sharing the sock sack pattern. Bags are my thing! Always a new bag pattern to try out there. I love your quilt patterns too. So easy to follow! Thanks for being a part of this fun blog hop.


Hi from Eden Prairie :-)

Thank you for the Sock Sack Pattern(what a cute gift idea)and tutorial. This Blog Hop is GREAT!!

Thank You again!


Thank you so much for the Sock Sack. A quilter can't have enough bags to hold little sewing tools so they don't get lost in bigger bags/totes. This pattten is great as I love to make bags. The Blog Hop has been so much fun. I hope you do it again!

Pat A

Love your blog. I'm going to the sewing room to make the Sack, when we travel I always take a pair of socks to knit. The hop is great and what a way to promote our Mn designers. Thanks


Thank you for the great pattern. The sock sack will be perfect for taking to retreats. I love your patterns and have made many of them. I just happen to have a couple of fats begging to be used.


I have no idea at the moment what I'd use the Sock Sack for, but it's so cute, I know I'd find some good uses for it.


Thank you for the pattern! The sock sack will make a GREAT gift bag! Two gifts in one -- whatever is tucked inside AND the bag.


Thank you. I love the little bag. And I'm always looking for new ways to put zippers in bags.... what a good idea.


What a nice little bag. And, as usual, your directions are crystal clear.

Robyn Brown

What a great bag with so many uses! Thanks.


I love bags!!!! I have made 4 bags this month for family and friends!! I think I will make some for Christmas gifts as the wrapping paper and put the "real gift" inside. They won't know which is the "real gift" because these are so cute!!! Susan

Carolyn Vogel

Great idea. With your great pictures, think I can even manage the zipper!


I have a friend that has her knitting coming out of her purse. I am going to make her one of these. Thanks

Lynn Vogel Turbes

I'm loving the diversity of these ideas offered by the different MN bloggers. Terry is and will remain one of my "go to" pattern designers. I can always count on the patterns to be what they were meant to be...I never have to be smarter than the patterns! The sock sack will definitely be used for gifts in the upcoming months!

Erin Earl

Cute bag! I do knit so I would put my knitting in it. I think it also would be cute for doggie treats when taking a road trip with the dogs. Wouldn't it be cute in some fun doggie print fabric? CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

Doris Carbone

Thanks Terry for a cute pattern and instructions for just exactly what I need.
I have quite a collection of project totes,
from paper to plastic. Umm, I also have a
collection of fabrics that my time frame will not allow that they all make into quilts. So, I constantly am alerted for
patterns to use my lucious stash, thank you.


This looks like it would be a perfect little bag to use as a gift bag. The bag itself is a gift and what is inside is a second gift! I love your patterns--I am on my way to collecting all of your patterns and books and making each quilt and bag! Your instrucitons in your patterns have never let me down! Keep up the great work!


Thanks Terry for the great little Sock Sack Bag pattern. These little bags will be great gifts for all my sock knitting friends. The women that taught me to knit socks is in her 70's and I can't wait to make one of these bags for her!

Mary Meats

Love the sock sack. I think I will just be boring and use it for it's intended purpose. I have been wanting to get out and knit a pair of socks, so this just might spur me on. Thanks for the tutorial.

Leslie in Maine

What a great little bag. It will be perfect for me to carry along my hand piecing. They will also make great gifts for my knitting friends.


This is such a cute bag! Thanks so much. I really love the zipper.


Thanks for the sock sack tutorial. I think it would be good to carry my digital camera and ipod.

Betty in Ky

Great little bag with very clear instructions. I don't knit, but several of these would be great organizers in my luggage when we travel. Thanks.


Wow! This is an awesome tutorial, thanks so much. I'm thinking that a Sock Sack is in the future for all 3 of my nieces, they love to gather their special things to take along, and what better place for special things than a special bag?


OMGoodness - the possibilities are endless! Into the beach bag for phones, camera; one for the car for stitchery projects; of course one for the occasional knitting project (really want to learn to how knit socks!); what about for small blocks and notions; or even scraps that you want to save at a class.... Now to go take a look at that book - Lovin' that yo-yo bag :) Thanks for the great tutorial.

Loretta in SE TX

What a neat little bag! This is a perfect gift too. Thanks so much.

Nancy H

I think I'm a collector of your patterns and books. They are great! Thanks for the pattern for the litle bag. I think it will hold my cell phone- maybe our new camera? Thanks!


I needed another small bag for my socks. Love the zippered pocket...

Deb G.

Great tutorial! I love all of your patterns. I think I will use the bag to carry my camera, with extra batteries and flash cards in the pocket.


This is a darling little bag. I am thinking of making one for each of my knitting buddies for Christmas this year. I will make the pocket long enough to hold a short ruler and a small pair of scissiors.

I see lots of possibilities for this.

Debbie Cameron

what a cute portable project bag. Thanks for the idea.

Sandy Rowe

Thanks for the tutorial. I love the little bag and can't wait to start it!

Linda W.

This Sock Sack is one of the cutest little bags I have seen! I would use it to carry my needles, thread, scissors, and binding clips to the quilt shop for sit-n-stitch when I am working on hand sewing the binding onto a quilt. Thank you for sharing this pattern.


I have really enjoyed all the of the blog hop so far. The most fun is getting to know all of the designers. You should do this at least once a year! Thanks for the clever pattern- I know I will use it!


What a great little sock sack. I think I will use mine for my redwork embroidery. I can put my project into the bag and my needles, scissors etc into the zipper.. I might even try to make it larger...

Thanks for this great tute...


What a perfect bag to try. I would make for my younger nieces and fill with their favorite things and for the new mothers baby items or relaxation items.
Also, I couldn't go wrong with chocolate filled bags for girlfriends.

Kimber Mitchell

Love the sock bag--I would use it as a gift bag when giving sewing-related items to friends.

Pat F.

what a cute bag; it would be a great way to carry tools to a quilt class.

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