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June 16, 2009


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This reminds me of a "pac man" type symbol. I think the first picture is facing into the bathroom (right side up). But that is just me. It reminds me of a butterfly.


Oh, a quilter's Rorschach test!!!! I think the bottom one is right side up - looks like a flower. The top one made me think of Transformers - my son would be so proud! It's going to be interesting to read what others see!

When it comes to my quilts - if they are throws and can end up anywhere there is not an up or down. If they are for the bed, then I have them right side up on the bed. I see it more from that direction than in bed!


The top photo is a flying insect or bee, I can't decide which. The bottom one is a rose.

I think you see a bee when you are entering and a rose when you are leaving the bathroom. No particular reason except folks reference "making a bee line" for the bathroom, lol.

Cheryl S.

It definitely looks like a bee or other insect to me, too. I did a little research and unfortunately (for this purpose, at least) the bee is not the Minnesota state insect. Alas, it's the monarch butterfly.

But it still looks like an insect to me!


The state insect of Minnesota is a Monarch Butterfly. Do you think it might be a back rendition? It kind of looks like one, except for the weird thing hanging down between the legs!! LOL


I meant to say "BAD" rendition....

Gotta learn to type...


I think the first looks like a butterfly/bug of some sort, and the second looks like a flower. Very interesting!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I think it is a bee and the first photo is with it's head up and with it's stinger down.


I think it looks like a bee in the 1st picture....and and upside down bee...or about a tulip?


A fly...and an upside down fly!


I think the top one could be an alien riding a bicycle, and the bottom one is a fly singing YMCA!

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