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December 01, 2008


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Congrats to the winners!!


WOW Amanda and Cheryl you are both so so lucky - enjoy making the runner

Amanda in KY

Wow! Thanks, Terry! I've visited your blog since then, and didn't notice that I was the winner.

Thank you so much! I've seen the book, and it's great. I can't wait to make my runner!

I'll e-mail you my address. Thanks, again.

Rose Compton

Terry Ann, I would like to make a quilt using
Segram 7 purple bags, I have many but have never make a quilt - don't know how to start cutting them also. Could you help me. And advice will be greatly appreciated.

I also would like to purchase your Popover ATK-166 pattern,can I purchase it directly from you?


Hi Rose,
If you go to our website and click on "Where to Buy" in the upper right corner you will find retail sources for our patterns (we just sell wholesale).

I have never made a quilt from Seagrams bags - but that sounds like fun! If you cut your bags apart at the seams you will know how much fabric you have to work with and you can decide what to make after you see how much fabric you have.

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