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December 09, 2008


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Amy @ parkcitygirl

You're so fast! Love the colors he choose :)

Shelley Rodgers

OMG .. that is a *seriously* big quilt. Like, REALLY big. wow.


WOW what a lovely quilt - I LOVE the batik fabrics and such an effective block pattern - great
I look forward to seeing it completed and how you quilt it


It looks fantastic! You are right it is big and as with anything this size you have to stay on task. I love it and so will Derek!


That is one great quilt!

Jane Weston

WOW - That is stunning! Such a lot of work!


I love it! The colors are wonderful!! I truly love your tip--staying in my chair can be a challenge some days!

Jodi E

Beautiful quilt and in some of my favorite colors too.

I also like that huge felt wall you have to put it on.
Do you purchase that somewhere or make it yourself?

I have committed to a king size quilt (120x120), I think I
could use one of those felt walls and some glue for my chair!!!

Terry Atkinson

I made my design wall from two 4' x 8' sheets of 1" insulation from Menards. I cut them down so they would fit in the height of the room. I can slide them wherever I want them, and I can even take them to retreats in my minivan!

I thinned out a jug of Elmer's white glue with water so was like paint and put it on the insulation with a paint roller. I glued a strip of muslin across both top and bottom edges so the board can slide across the carpet. I glued Warm and Natural batting on the whole front side, stopping about an inch from the top and bottom edges.

I used to have a design wall with flannel on it, but I think the blocks stick better to batting.

Carrie P.

I love this quilt. Beautiful!!!


Star Sprinkles! I loved this quilt before but it's amazing made in green and blue batiks!


I just LOVE this quilt. Is the pattern one of your own? If so, where would I find it? Thanks,

Terry Atkinson

Derek's quilt is our "Star Sprinkles" pattern - click on the "Let's do Lunch" book under Atkinson Designs (upper left corner of the blog) and that will take you to our website and you can find it under patterns.


I love this pattern. I just finished it myself. In fact, it is secret quilt between my sister and me. But my biggest question is what kind of quilting pattern should I use? I made the queen size and it is gorgeous!! I'd love to hear your recommendations on quilting this thing!!

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