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November 19, 2008


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Hi Terry! Other than fabric (don't we all "collect" it???), over the years I have collected a large amount of yellow, green, dark orange and beige Shawnee pottery! All of my dishes are Fiesta, but not antique - rather the first re-release that I think was back in the 80's. My husband and I also collect copper lustre pitchers, WWII food posters, lots of antique oak furniture and I love collecting vintage sewing tools. Oh, and also rintage Manhatten serving platters and bowls - whew! Cheers!


I love your fiesta collection. The colors are just like your new fabric line... hmmm just coincidence?? Of course I collect fabric, but I also collect crackle glass, bright and beautiful colors. I get them at antique shops or online at ebay. Really neat and not too expensive.

Karen In Breezy Point

Last night I was going over the instructions for Shoeboxes and was wondering if the beautiful pottery in the book was yours! I collect McCoy flower vases--I only have 5 so far, but I am always on the lookout for a good deal on them.


The real question is what don't I collect?? The answer.... Fiesta - I have admired it from the collections of most of my friends, and have picked them up pieces too. Believe me when you see something that you don't collect, it is much easier to give away. I had a huge collection of matchbooks, even tho I never smoked - everywhere used to just give them out. Well, any way - my husband is always afraid of having fires, so we gave them away to some friends sons who had started collecting. There were some really risque ones in there, and they got such a kick out of them. I love old kitchen gadgets also, and am the lucky recipient of several of my grandmother's - and they work better than the new ones today! Thanks for the memories, Linda


That's cool. I have a big old pickle jar that is full of matchbooks. It belonged to my Grandma & Grandpa. They would pick one up at restaurants, hotels, etc on their travels. My Grandma would make a note inside on most, who they were with & the date, a little about the trip. What a treasure. I was thrilled when I saw your post, never saw where anyone else had collected matchbooks. :)


I collect Fiesta too! And like you, any nice bright colorful pottery. I also have a collection of copper jello molds, and I love colored glass anything :) Loved seeing your pics - and I would love to go to the Homer Laughlin factory store, you lucky thing! Oh and your rubber duckies are adorable ;)

Becky Cochran

Terry Ann, I too collect pots (as well as Fiesta ware)....I not only display them.....I USE them. I keep my make up in one, my hairbrush, comb and curlling iron in another one, my toothbrush and tooth paste in yet another one. In my sewing room they hold literally everything! I simply adore them. I have a small collection of beige pig adorable those are, one was free to a good home! I love it with is little chipped ear and toes.....
Each time I get home to the states I have to go foraging for pots. I collect yellow ones for one room and beige ones for another. I'm running out of space!

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