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November 13, 2008


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Fantastic! That looks like one that I have to have. Thanks for the link to her blog as well, it is really great!

Maria Peagler

Hi Terry -
Good luck on starting your color journal. You'll be amazed at the color discoveries you make. It's like having your own personal treasure trove of color inspiration. And congrats on starting your new blog. Hurray!

Busy Little Quilter

I think a color journal is a great idea. I get ideas from magazines and I look for color everywhere I go. Someone asked me the other day if I gravitate towards certain colors. I don't think I do. I love to try different color combinations. Sometimes I see color. My latest are purple,orange,and lime green or orange and gray.

This time of year it's red and green. I have a ton of Christmas quilts!

Hermes Outlet

A soldier also died in southern Afghanistan and the fourth died in eastern Afghanistan, according to a NATO statement.

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