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October 01, 2010


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Shelley dionne

Oh I can just see this in Christmas fabrics with Christmas candies!! LOve it and thanks you!


Love the Sweet Zips to make us all have sweet lips. I think I shall fill mine with sweet lip glosses. It keeps me on track with my diet. :-) They haven't made a candy corn flavor yet. When they get on that band wagon, you know I'm there!

Natalie Barron

What cute pattern! Thanks!!!


I've never visited before but will again. We have a lot in common. I too, love sweatshirt weather the very best....and one of my favorite candies is candy corn. I just bought a bag yesterday - Brachs of course (the best).

The little bag is very cute. I hate sewing in zippers but think I might give this one a try.


Yum, candy corn! Sounds even more enticing in that cute little bag:)


Thanks for the pattern, PS I love candycorn too...

Valerie Calvert

Thank you, Thank you for the pattern, I love all the great gift ideas you all are giving us. Know I just have to get at them.

Mrs. DillyDally

I'm one of those people that dislike making the same thing twice...but your designs are the exception. I've lost count of how many times I've made Yellow Brick Road! The Sweet Zip is it!


I can't wait to try this out this weekend. I have some Halloween fabric that will be perfect - if it goes well, I might make some for the grandkids!

Lynda M

Thanks so much for the darling sweet zip. I have always been afraid of zippers. Looks fun. Have a great hop day!

Katie S. :)

What a cute project! I've been having fun making your zipper projects and I can't wait to make my own treat bag.


Thanks for the Sweet Zip's the perfect size for my purse and I can't wait to make it!


The Sweet Zip is just the cutest bag. The pattern is printed and I'm ready when I'm finished in blogland. With all the blog hops and the Fall-into-fall Giveaway I just might get fanny fatigue.

I'm new in blogland and an enjoying the journey....I'm so new I'm actually a wee bit afraid....hope I can do this. I am a participant in the Fall-into-fall Giveaway and I'm not really sure what to expect. This is big for me. I'm so excited about all the great ideas, patterns, pictures and stories I'm reading. I think I'm in overdrive and feel I have to slow in calm down.
I absolutely love your patterns!!!!!!

Kare in OH

Thank you for the pattern. There is a LQS that even carries your new zippers too!


This is a cute bag and I can't wait to make it. Thank you for participating in the Fall-o-Ween Blog Hop. Take care and God bless, Cory


Sweet! I have a bad cold right now and have my little pkg of tissues in my back least until this afternoon when I make this bag and have someplace better to put them! I plan on adding a little loop and clip on the end so I can hang it from the side of my purse. Thank you!


Perfect!! I love the sweet zip and the instructions looks awesome (as in all of your patterns). Thanks! Lisa

Marge Allender

Love the zip bag. So cute, can't wait to make one.I just love all the fall colors you gals are using. Thanks!


Very cute! BTW I just love the 'Yellow Brick Road' pattern.

Sandi Andersen

I'm a chocolate lover so I think your little pouch would be filled with some Hershey's kisses. Very cute project. Thanks for sharing!

Patty V

Thanks for another cute bag pattern. I love making your patterns since they are so easy to follow.

Susan Ingram

How adorable. Your little bag is just too cute. It is the perfect project to make as a small gift for friends, when they come over for a day of sewing. Thanks for sharing your pattern.

Jayne S

I love your zipper bags. Just change up the fabric for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines, the list goes on. Don't forget to make one to match the totebag/purse. Thanks!!

Kyle Redente

Your pattern is so adorable. Thanks for sharing. I've really been enjoying the blog hop.


Love the bag, thanks for the pattern. Colours are awesome for it.
I made most of my childrens' clothes when they were growing up as well,I even made a 'memory' quilt that has pieces of everything I sewed for them in it. The kids love to reminisce when they come home.


I work at a shop that is a Groovy Girls shop, the customers are loving it, and we are LOVING your fun colored zippers. Thanks for this sweet pattern!

Sandra Cudd

Your sweet zip bag looks so simple & quick to stitch up. Thanks for the cute pattern. Enjoying the blog hop ~ thanks for doing this.

Shirley in Canada

I love, love, LOVE the little zip bag. (as well as many of your other patterns) I have patterns for bags coming out of my ...well let's not get into that :-) This is top of the list to make for sure! Thank you so much... totally enjoyed your blog too ;-)


Thanks so much for the pattern. I had a pattern a little like this and can't find it so this will be the one I make. Hopefully next week.


I agree, I really like candy corn, too!!!

Can't wait to get home from work to make some of your zip bags.

Thanks for the pattern.


I'm such a fan, and this is a great little addition to my AD collection. Thanks, Terry!

Brigitte Baierl

thank you for the clever zipper bag pattern! looks not to complicate.
Greetings from Germany Brigitte


Thanks for the fall blog hop! This project looks like it would be fun to make. :-)


Thanks for the zip bag pattern
Decent quality zips are hard to find in the UK too!!

Jacquie B

I have made dozens of the Cash & Carry as gifts for friends, teachers, etc....all filled with a little something inside....Thanks so much for Sweet Zip!! I looking forward to making & filling a few of these for 'stocking stuffers' this year. Your 'Yellow Brick Road' pattern has been a top favorite at the shop where I work & teach classes. We have taught it as a 'learn to quilt' class for years!!! Thanks you for all the great patterns & ideas.... Keep them coming!!!!

Lee Ann L.

Oh my! I have the Yellow Brick Road. I never dreamed y'all have a blog! LOL. (I'm new and I only discovered this blog via the hops).

Thank you for the zipper bag pattern. Too cute!


Cute little zipper bag. Thanks for all your great patterns over the years.


Oh I love your zip bags! Those are just too cute! What a great idea! And I"m so glad good colored zippers are coming out now. I need to find me some and stock up!


The little bags are so cute


This is so cute. Thanks for the pattern


Those bags are so cute! Great gift idea.

Bountiful Quilter

I have so many ideas for this little zipper bag. Thanks for such a great project.


Such a cute little bag!! I now have a project for the weekend.


Christmas is coming and I can see these little bags as stocking stuffers,love the pattern.


These zip bags are as cute as can be. Thank you! Candy corn is my favorite candy too!

What fun reading everyone's experience with clothing. I really had some laughs. And remembering those "fall hates" of school clothes shopping, but the warm memories of snuggly sweaters and sweatshirts in all the colors of the season.

Karin E

Cute bags. I don't do zippers but these I think I can handle. Love the new pattern to make the cube and the other will be perfect in a large purse.


I've loved and used your patterns for years!!! And today's project is so cute. I'm going to make way more than three.


Thanks for the pattern, it's darling. Your patterns are like potato chips, you can't make only one.......I made at least 25 of those Cash and Carry's this summer, and I can't tell you how many Yellow Brick Roads I've made over the years.

Cathy Eystad

Oh I will definately be making these at Sewing with Friends tomorrow at the new 4 Seasons Quilt Shop!


Thanks for the pattern. I'm thinking this will be a little Halloween gift from Gramdma to my favorite trick or treater.

Christine Rohloff

Cute!!! My LQS just ordered your zippers yesterday....can't wait for them to come in to make this!


The years go by so fast don't they! I loved the picture of your boys - I enjoy looking at pictures of the kids from years past. Thank you for sharing the patter with us :)


The pic of your kids is cute and thank for the zip bag. way cute.
Hope you have a great day.


Thanks for the cute pattern. I think my granddaughters would love to have one.

Katie Zenk

very clever, Terry! Perfect for Christmas too! I always try to have all my Christmas shopping done by halloween and think this may be the perfect little addition for some of those "gift card" people....Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

Elizabeth Miller

It has been a long time since I tried sewing a zipper in but this bag is so cute I just may give it a try. Love your patterns and have made your Yellow Brick Road Quilt pattern several times. Thanks for the hop.

Debbie  St.Germain

I used to eat a ton of candy corn, but can't eat it now, which is good for my waistline;) Love the little pouch, fun project to fill with gifts.



Thank you for another wonderful project! I've been making the art binders and the shopping totes from your site - everyone loves them! My 7 yo granddaughter is already designing quilts for me with her new art binder. I have a stash of your zippers from the last trip to my LQS - going to start on these bags NOW!!


What a wonderful little pouch. I will be making them today. Thank you for this pattern. I love your work.


Oh yes another I can spring up!!! I love these little bags- they are gorgeous!!! Thanks Terry!!!

Joanne Dorgan

I love the little zipper bags. They look easy and quick to make. Possible gifts for Christmas.


Love your little Sweet Zip... and have already purchased ALL your beautiful zippers so you know what I will be doing this weekend!! Love the ease of your patterns... in fact, I have just cut out Slide Show in a queen size!! I know with your great and easy to follow directions, it will be done in a Sweet Zip!!


Thanks for the pattern. You always have such great ideas of how to sew things together. I'd love to make these for stocking stuffers.

Gitte A.

Very cute Zip bag. Maybe I should give it a try even though I'm not very good with zippers


Isn't that cute! Bags of all sorts seem to be all the rage right now, so this would make a "sweet" gift. Thank you for posting this!

Sandy Rowe

Thanks so much for the cute pattern. And for sharing your creativity.

Michelle Browning

Thank you for the cute little bag pattern. I'm diabetic so I have a use in mind already! Carrying those hard candies around in my purse for those "just incase" times. Now to pick a fabric, the hard part LOL

Vickie W.

Thanks for the pattern-cute little bag that would be great for traveling. My granddaughter would love this.


This looks like a quick little project. I can see many uses and a cute stocking stuffer. Thanks for posting.


Those little bags are cute - neat fabrics, too!


I love sweatshirt weather too. Means the hot, hot days of summer are finally over. *S*

Very cute project.

Karen in Breezy Point

Very cute--thanks for the pattern!
Karen in Breezy Point

Moneik Stephens

Love the little zipper bags. So quick and easy.

Mama Spark

Neat bag thanks for sharing!!

Anne Walizer

i love the bag - i haven't sewn much with zippers but this pattern is definitely cute enough to attempt =)


I love candy corn too! This is a darling project, thanks for sharing, and thanks for the chance to win.

Joni M.

Cute Sweet Zip bag! Thanks for sharing. :)

Darlis Johns

Thanks for the cute zipper bag. Love it. I've made your large zippy strip and your pocket zip. Very happy with them.

Lovie Ball

Thanks for the pattern. Can you say stocking stuffers. I really enjoy your patterns, and yes "Yellow Brick Road" was the first one of your I ever did. Thanks for taking part of this blog hop I have enjoyed it very much.

Dana B.

What a cute idea! Could be perfect Christmas presents.

Mary Ann

Very cute and it looks doable! A big plus when zippers are involved. Thanks!

Denise Flanagan

Thanks for the fun little bag using for fun zippers! I have so many of your patterns and always enjoy them. Thanks!


Thanks for the pattern - I love small projects as a break from the large ones.

Julia P

Love the cute project and your story. Thanks for a great blog hop!!

Mary Ann Dove

I love little bags and have been seeing your zippers all over in those beautiful colors.

Miss Nancy

What a great little zipped bag, good for candies, tissues, or any other little treasures one might have. Thank you for sharing your talents on this blog hop. It has been great fun.

Have a super great sewing and quilting day.


Love the Sweet Zip pattern. What a cute idea.


I wondered how that type of zipper was installed, THANK YOU. Darling fabrics. I love chocolate ... actually I love all candies. LOL


This little bag is great, the perfect size for so many little things. Thank you


Cute bag for any season.

Ann in NC

How cute is that? Now to make a Sweet Zip for show and tell for the next Groovy Girl club meeting!


Perfect little treat bags! And I'll take equal parts chocolate and candy corn!

Koye Hendrix

Thank you for the cute zipper bag pattern. This will make a cute Christmas gift. Zippers have always intimidated me, but I'm going to give it a try. Koye (QuiltKorner)


Thanks for the cute little bag pattern. Fall colors and candy corn are the best! I love your patterns and have used many of them. They are the greatest -- so simple and the best is the list of supplies for a variety of sizes.

I love the bag! Can't wait to make it. Thanks Kim

Shelley C

Definately going to make a few of these..maybe the grandkids would like some sweet things from grammy humm! I like that I can make several in one sit down episode. THanks for sharing!


I think the zipper bag is very cute so thank you for sharing.

Tracy in SW WA

Oooh, candy corn! The only candy that I've eaten so much of that it's made me a bit green around the edges! And you know what? I'm sure I'll do it again!

Thanks so much for sharing the cute little bag - it has so much potential!


Thanks so much for the pattern, it's really cute.

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